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1-4 About Magic


I sat next to Lize, looking at the campfire.
When I asked her to tell me more about magic, Lize seemed a little hesitant.

「Magic, huh… I have to tell you about it, huh… I know, I know, I’ll tell you」

After hesitating for a moment, this evasive girl had finally started to talk.
And here’s the summary of what she told me:

The power that was only imagination in my original world, existed in this world.
The power that can make the water sprung up out of nowhere, make the wind blow, conduct electricity from the body, heal injuries and illness or even hurt and kill enemies.
Or just simply to make a campfire just like earlier.
When it comes to large-scale magic, it was possible to predict the future of the world or even control the weather.
But it seemed that no great magician could perform such magic yet.

‘Magic’ was the general term for such mysterious powers.
And the human who could use this power was called ‘Magician’.
If the magician was a woman, they were called ‘Witch’, and ‘Wizard’ if a man.

Magic wasn’t a power anyone could use.
The people who could use magic were a minority in this world.
Therefore the magicians were respected by people because they were often needed by people.

Magic power was passed down from parents to childrens.
That meant children who had magician parents also had the power as a magician like their parents.
So, if the family that the ancestor was a great magician, naturally, the descendants were also excellent magicians.
In other words, a prestigious family.

「Like my family!」

Said Lize proudly while stretching her flat chest.

It seemed she was very proud that her family was the prestigious one.
Even though she said she had no house…

「So you were born in a prestigious family, huh? But… how should I put it… from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like you sucー I mean, you’re not so good at magic」

「Ughh……… I, I’m just still inexperienced. BUT, I’ll be a great witch someday! What!? You don’t believe me!? I was able to get into the magic school, you know!?」

「Yes, yes, I know, I understand. Well then, can you tell me more about that? Also I wanna hear about your family」

Lize’s full name was Lizelotte Kunzendorf.
Kunzendorf family was a famous family since ancient times.
The current head family was Lize’s grandfather.
Lize’s father was the eldest son of him, in other words, he was the next family head.
Thanks to the harmonious relationship between the father and his wife, they were blessed with five children including Lize.
From the top, Lize’s older brother, older sister, Lize herself, younger sister, and younger brother.
Both parents were outstanding magicians, that meant ‘all’ of their children were the eggs of skilled magicians who inherited their talents.

「All of them? Really?」

「What do you mean!? I should also be a skilled magician, you know! My brother was the top graduate and currently working at the King’s castle! My older sister will graduate next year and she will definitely become the top graduate as well! And my little sister…….. Ugghh………」

「What’s wrong?」

「M, My little sister was extremely talented. She skipped grades. Even though she was younger than the age required to enter the magic school, she was allowed to attend the class. She’s in second grade right now……….. My little brother seems to be even more amazing, I’m sure he will also skip grades soon………. Uuhhhh………」

「Hoo, so your siblings were all talented, huh. And? What about you, Lize?」

「I… I wasn’t able to skip grades….. I could enter the school after my age was old enough to pass the age requirement…….just a few days ago」

「That means, Lize, you’re your little sister’s junior, huh」

「Huwaaaaaaaaー! You don’t have to say itー!」

That must be painful.

By the way, the age requirement to enter the magic school was 16 years old or older.
In this world, there were several magic schools, but they seemed to be in mutual connection.
Sometimes, exceptions occurred for the students with incredible talent who had connections with prestigious houses.

So, Lize was 16 years old, huh.
I had guessed that her age must be close to mine, but actually we were at the same age.

Since she was a child, only Lize who wasn’t blessed with magic talent among the siblings.
She had been studying so she had knowledge, but the practice didn’t go well for her.
Her magical power was really weak, it was almost zero.
The problem was probably in her physical condition.
She put her effort into making up for this disadvantage, but she was on her limit.
Lize had been facing the reality that there was nothing she could do about it.

Not everyone could enter a magic school even if they were old enough.
They had to pass the test first.
Some of them failed to enter the school of their choice.
Some of them spent an extra year on studying and training.
This kind of school system was similar to my original world.

In Lize’s case, obviously she didn’t have the ability to pass the test at a magic school.
Moreover, it was impossible for her to get into Jaegan Royal Magic Academy, the top prestigious school in the country where Lize lived.

「Well, I was able to get into that school tho」

「How??….. Don’t joke around by saying “Actually, I’m a very talented witch, ha ha ha”, I’m full of it already」

「Guhhh………….. I was confident in the written test, you know? It’s no exaggeration if I say that I might get the perfect score!……… Well, a perfect score may be overstated, but I believe that I did it quite well. Un, I think the score wasn’t too bad. It should be above the average score. Even if it was below average, I can make up with the practical test…..」

「Oi, your score is going down as you speak… But, the written test will have no meaning if you can’t use magic right? And you said there’s a practical test, so how did you pass it?」

「Actually, there’s a particular magic I can do. Wanna see it?」

Looking confident, Lize took something out of her bag.
That was a thick bundle of paper that looked like cards.
She put one of them on her palm and showed it to me.

「Kouta, you don’t know it, right? It’s called Lucasna Card. There are 29 different cards, and are usually used for fortune-telling」

「Hoo. There’s something similar in my world. It was called Tarot Card. So, are you using it for fortune-telling?」

「No, no. Look closer at this “General” card」

*/General here means Taishougun / Shogun/ Commander in Chief

Lize held a card depicting a man riding an armored horse, and sandwiched it in her palm.
She then began to chant while being illuminated by the campfire light.

「O General… disappear from my hand… Vanishー!」

She swayed her hand as she said that.
And then she opened her hand.
The card had disappeared from her hand.

「See? This is my true ability!」

「Huh? That’s it? It’s just a sleight of hand!」

「Sleight of… what?」

「You don’t know it? It’s a deception. A trick. An act to show the audience the impossible using gimmicks and tricks…… I bet you’re hiding the card on your sleeve, aren’t you?」

「W, W, W, W, What are y, you talking about?….. It’s not a trick. It’s a magic, you know!」

「Suspicious….. Hahh, I know how it works, you don’t need to hide it」

「Muuuー It can’t be helped….」

Lize took out the General card from her robe sleeve.
As I thought, it was a trick.
Well, I should praise her dexterous hands tho.


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