I used to play guitar a lot, but now I rarely play it… but after reading this chap, I feel like I want a new guitar

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Chapter 55 : Mallow-chan Wants a Guitar


Aoi was a pretty quiet type of a girl.
She was very laid-back and calm.
She did change her emotion sometimes, but didn’t react exaggeratedly.
Always keep her cool and full of confidence.
Like a big towering tree that stays firm even if hit by shocks.
She was a mature lady who didn’t immediately show her emotions like a child.

And right now, that cool girl Aoi wasー


Mallow went to Buncho’s weapon shop,『Buncho’s Store』, as soon as she was able to log in to the game after the update maintenance.
The goal was, of course, to buy a guitar.
She lost her calm when it came to guitar.

「Y, Yo. Mallow-chan, what’s up? It’s been a while, but… I don’t remember if you’re such an energetic girl」

「I’m always full of energy, y’ know? So, do you have it? Guitarー!?」

「Somehow I understand why you’re so excited… But, unfortunately I also just login. I’ve just begun to verify whether I can make musical instrument weapons from materials I have now」

「Ah…. I see…..」

「B, Blatantly disappointed!? If you really want a guitar, for now, why don’t you check the weapon shop NPCs? Maybe they have it」

「Um… You’re right… Okay, I’ll go check it」

Then she ploddingly walked while looking down, and got out of Buncho’s Store.

Looking at that undependable back from behind, Buncho murmured to herself.

「Really… Just how much she wants a guitar…」

Several minutes later, Mallow returned to Buncho’s Store.

「Oh, Mallow-chan. How was it? You got the guitar?」

「Ye, Yeah… I bought it」

「That’s good… but… what’s with that long face? Was there a problem?」

「Umm… how should I put it…」

Mallow slowly scratched her cheek and saidー

「It’s better if you look at it yourself」

She then opened the menu screen and took the guitar out of inventory.
A cheap looking acoustic guitar appeared.
The color was faded, the strings were kinda rusty, it didn’t seem like it would produce a good sound.

「This musical instrument weapon’s name is… 『Cheap Guitar』…」

「Umm… yeah, it literally IS a ‘cheap guitar’…」

「This was the only guitar sold at NPC’s store for now. Well, the only instruments sold there were like ‘Cheap Drum Set’ and ‘Cheap Bass’, all of them were ‘cheap’ series. So, of course the guitar was also ‘cheap’」

「I see. Maybe the main method to get it is whether from monsters drop or made by craftsman class players. It’s possible to become some kind of event reward, but there’s no event going on right now」

「So… Buncho-san, do you know how to make a guitar?」

「Well, yeah. Because you came and cried for a guitar, I immediately did some research after you left」

Asked by Mallow, Buncho answered as she put her hand on her hip.

「First, to make a guitar, no, any musical instrument weapon, it looks like we don’t need any specific materials」

「What do you mean?」

「For example, if we’re going to build a guitar, we can use any wood and strings materials. And it seems that the quality of the finished product depends on the rarity of each material. The rarer the materials, the better the quality is」

「Aah, I see. Whatever material a guitar body is made of, a guitar is still a guitar, huh」

「Yes, just like that」

Buncho nodded.


Mallow was thinking for a moment.

She really wanted a guitar right here right now.
But, she didn’t wanna call this cheap guitar as her musical partner.
She wanted a best quality guitar.
Higher rarity didn’t always produce a good sound, but it was definitely better than this cheap wood guitar.

「If can, I want a high rarity instrument after all」

「I knew you’d say that」

「So, what kind of materials needed to make a guitar?」

「Let’s see… First, like you said before, we need a wood material to make the body. Next, some metal materials that we may need for the metal parts of the guitar. And then the strings」

「I see. Actually, I got ‘Twin-head Dragon’s String’ at the event before. We can use this, right?」

「Well, we can, but that ‘Twin-head Dragon’s String’ is the lowest among the highest. If you aim for the best, I think you should hunt a stronger dragon and get the strings from them」

「Okay, got it」

While nodding, Mallow put those important information into her head.

First, wood material.
It could be obtained in the forest area in Area 2, or the Black Forest in Area 1.
Personally, she preferred the Black Forest, because she was already familiar with the place.
Besides, she thought that the wood there would be better.

Second, metal material.
It could be obtained in the cave type of dungeons.
Those dungeons existed in various places, but the most famous one was a certain dungeon in Area 1 where you could get the iron ore material called ‘Orichalcum’.
There were various other ore materials there, so it might be good to collect them as well.

Finally, the strings.
This would be a consultation on the game guide forum.
Because, this couldn’t be done by only depending on her own knowledge.
But it would take time for the information she needed to come out.
Well, that couldn’t be helped.
It was for the sake of obtaining the finest guitar.


「Have you decided what to do?」

「Yeah. For now, I’ll start by cutting down the trees in the Black Forest」

「I see. Good luck!」

「Thanks. I’ll be going then」

Mallow turned and left Buncho’s Store.
Buncho just smiled as she saw Mallow left.

For now, Mallow aimed to the Black Forest.
The place that had become the starting point for her to play this game.


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