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Chapter 56 : The Totally Changed Forest


Actually, it wasn’t only the musical instrument weapons that were added in the new update.
Depending on the area, monsters, drop items, and many other various things have been added.
Black Forest was no exception to those changes.

「Even if~ this life~ burns out in an instant~♪」

In the Black Forest, Mallow sang such a song while choppedーー no trees.
No, she just moved through the forest, sewing the gaps between the trees while holding her battleaxe.
The atmosphere was somewhat tense.
As if she was on alert for something.

Right after she about to passed a tree, the next momentー


Several branches with sharp tips like spears flew toward Mallow from above her head.
It attacked Mallow with the speed of an arrow shot from a bow.

「Oh myー!」

Mallow dodged it in surprise, jumped away exaggeratedly, tripped over a nearby tree root, and fell with her head hit the ground.

「U, Uhhh… my head…」

Though there was no pain, it made her dizzy.
She felt like the semicircular canals of her ears were shaking.
She crouched, held her head, and waited for recovery.
A few seconds later, Mallow stood up and looked up irritatedly.

「What’s with this change…! This is sucks!」

Thanks to the update, various things were added to the Black Forest.
What attacked Mallow was one of them.
The trees that shoot out sharp branches.

She vented her anger by cutting it down before, and got a drop item,『Mimicking Black Treant’s Wood Fragment』.
It appeared that it was some kind of tree-type monster that attacked by shooting branches.
Because of these trees, there were no other monsters around so she could explore without worrying about being attacked by them.

The Black Forest had transformed into a dangerous ‘dungeon’ that forced you to use your nerve reflexes.
Yes, dungeon.
Apparently the Black Forest was treated as a dungeon before she knew it.
That was why there were no other players around.

Even though she didn’t intend to explore this dungeon entirely, the tree branch attacks kept coming one after another.
Nothing more irritating than this.
And what irritated her the most was the drop item,『Mimicking Black Treant’s Wood Fragment』.
Its rarity was on the lowest rank, and it wasn’t even worth for sale.
It was literally trash.
What a joke…

「Aaahhー! Okay, let’s eradicate all of these damn trees!」

She began to start thinking about such a brutal thing.
Well, of course it was impossible to cut thousands of them. She just said that because she was too angry.

Anyway, let’s get the target item quickly and get the hell out of here.

Yes, the target item.
The wood material for the guitar body.
And to get that she had to cut down trees.

Actually, as soon as Mallow stepped into the forest, she immediately cut down a tree.
But the『Black Tree Wood Fragment』she got wasn’t that high in rarity level, not as she expected.
It was about lower-upper level.
She didn’t wanna use such wood to make the guitar.

Well, she could just move to another place, like the forest in Area 2.
But she didn’t feel like it.
Because she thought the update might also add some new kind of tree to the Black Forest.
Besides, it was indeed difficult to find rare items.
Well, it definitely depended on luck, so she decided if she didn’t find anything for a while, she would retreat.

……..The tree branch attacks really were troublesome, but it was for the sake of getting the finest guitar.
She kept fighting and continued to explore.

「I feel like it’s about time to go back…」

She’s been searching around for the new trees, but all she found were the same trees.
The new tree was most likely not added in the update after all.
Perhaps it was better to go to the forest in Area 2 after all.
And the moment she thought of leavingー


It was reflected on her field of view.
She was lucky to notice its existence.
In front of Mallow, who turned around and was about to leave the place, there was a tree similar to the other trees.
However, the trunk was slightly golden.
She thought it was an optical illusion at first, but it wasn’t.
When she took a closer look, it was slightly glowing.

「T, This…! My rare item sensor is working….! 」

While keeping on guard for the tree branches attack, Mallow carefully approached the tree.
Fortunately, the tree branch attacks didn’t come.

Finally, she got near the tree.
The black tree was shimmering mysteriously.
Mallow nervously swung her axe toward itー


With only a swing of an axe, Mallow cut the golden shining black tree in half, and it began to fall.
And then the tree disappeared; at the same time, the notification when there was a new item added into the item box sounded.
But suddenlyー


The sound of the earth rumbling was heard.

「Eh…? What’s happening?」

While looking around, Mallow thought if she just did something bad.
The next moment, she was pulled by a powerful gravity attack.
No… it wasn’t the gravity.
The ground around her rose up at high speed.
Mallow confused.
She was thrown into the air, and fell to the ground.


She managed to land somehow, still, the shock hit Mallow hard and made her moans like a crushed frog.
She then stood up unsteadily and looked at it.
It was mimicking the ground and lurking beneath her feet just now.
And it wasー

「C, Crab…?」

A giant crab.

『Quest :『Defeat Alter・Monster Tree』has started』


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