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1-5 About Her


「My family and my teachers were easily fooled with this trick tho…… Honestly, both father and mother were worried that I don’t haveー ahem, that my magic talent hasn’t bloomed yet, so they said I should wait longer if I wanna enter the school」

「You don’t wanna admit that you don’t have magic talent, huh」

「Shut up!….. But, you know, after I showed this trick, they both smiled and let me enter the school. “Learn about your own strength there” they said」

「I think they were not fooled tho…」

Why could this girl be so overconfident?
Or maybe she was just dumb?

「And then? Did you show this trick in the practical test?」

「That’s rightー The test was about the basic fire magic. Our task was to light the fire on a candle, but I took so long and almost disqualified. It couldn’t be helped, so I showed the teachers this trick」

Aah, what a dumb girl.
She thought by doing that, she could pass the test.
And I was sure that the teachers were not fooled either.

「Well, I can imagine what happened after I saw you struggling to make a campfire」

「Geez, like I said! I wasn’t feeling weー….. Oh, well… So just like that, I passed the test to enter Jaegan Royal Magic Academy」

「I’m still curious, how could you pass… Or could it be… backdoor admission using the power of the family…..?」

「Hm? Backdoor…what? What is that thing?」

「Ah, it’s okay if you don’t know, you don’t have to mind it. You just have to remember that it’s a bad thing. By the way, you said you just entered the school several days ago, right?」

「Un. It was four days ago」

「So why did you say you didn’t have home and ended up sleeping outside like this?」

「That’s…….. Uhh…..」

She hesitated to talk.
Maybe for Lize it was a matter she didn’t want to talk about.

「You can honestly speak to me. No matter what has happened to you, I won’t be surprised now」

「Really? You won’t be surprised? Well, the truth is……. after I finally entered the school… I dropped out in three days」

「As expected」

「That’s it!? That’s all you say!? Be more surprised, will you! Don’t you think it’s weird!? Three days, you know!? 3 DAYS! They still didn’t know what I’m capable of, but! “You can’t stay here because you don’t have talent” they said!」

She wanted me to be surprised after all, huh.
But I had a guess that was what happened.

Lize’s family… what it’s called again? Kunzendorf?
It seemed they had a friendly relationship with the school, and they made an arrangement to let Lize attend the school for several days while showing her the reality that she had no talent.
They tried to make Lize realize the difference in ability between her and people around the same age as her.
And it was decided from the beginning that she would be dropped out in three days.
Well, this was only my imagination tho.
But I thought, in this world, by using the connection in magic society, things like this were possible.

In fact, the plan went exactly that way, but Lize was more stupid than expected.
She wasn’t aware of her capability, her limits, and her lack of talent.

「And then I thought that I can’t leverage my incredible talent in such a small school. I have to see things from a broader perspective by traveling around this world and gaining experience so that I can become a great witch. That’s why I decided to go on a journey after leaving the school. I was just expelled from school yesterday and immediately left this morning, because the faster you act, the better, right?」

So, that’s why she said today was the fourth day since she got into the school.
I couldn’t be surprised anymore with her absurd way of thinking.

「The teacher said that I would be picked up early in the morning. But I didn’t want to go home, so I told him that I would go first and join my pick-up on the way. I made him believe that I knew how to get home, and went the opposite direction from my home. And here I am now. Un, I really am a smart girl!」

「Smart my ass! From the beginning to the end all what you did was stupid!」

「Aaー! He said ‘stupid’! The one who says stupid is the one who’s stupid, you know! Stupid, stuuupidー! 」

「Yes, yes… And? Did you tell me everything? Did you talk about all of your circumstances?」

「Un. That was all. That’s why I’m going on a journey」

「Alright, now I know the reason why you’re going on a journey. Well, I can’t understand why tho. But, there’s something you haven’t told me yet, right?」

「Hm? About what?」

「About me」

From her explanation so far, I somehow understood Lize’s circumstances.
To summarize, the current situation was the result of the acts of a stupid girl following her stupid theory.
But she didn’t tell me about the most important thing.

「Why did you summon me in the first place? Well, I know I was summoned by mistake. What I want to say is, why did you want to summon a fairy? Or a familiar?」

I wanted to know the real reason why I came to this world.
Because I wanted to go back to my world as fast as I could.

「Ah, that? Because I thought it would be cooler if I had a familiar as a witch. Besides, a familiar can use magic, so it’ll help me a lot. And when I walked through this woods, I found this place. I thought this was a good place to draw the magic circle, and then boom, I did the summoning」

「So you summoned me to look cooler, and so you could slack off, huh?」

I knew that this girl was that kind of person.
Still, I couldn’t wipe out this feeling of tiredness.

「There’s one more thing I’m curious about. Why could you do the seemingly difficult summoning magic even though you can’t even do the basic fire magic well?」

「Ahh. Well, anyone can do it using the grimoire. But I heard that if the user is a skilled magician, a strong familiar will come out. Ah, but, Kouta, you’re really strong too! So that’s why you killー」

「Did you bring that grimoire from your home?」

「Eh? U, Ummm…….. Th, that’s right! It was a gift from my father. “Lize, you’re a talented magician, so use this and get a strong familiar” he said」

「Don’t lie!」

From what I’ve heard so far, Lize’s parents seemed to have zero expectation of her.
But, if it wasn’t a gift, so…… Wait, could it be….

「Oi, Lize. Look into my eyes and tell me honestly. Where did you get it?」

I hopped into Lize’s shoulder and brought my face closer to her face.
Well, I wouldn’t look scary even though I tried to make a scary face because I was a stuffed animal, but she looked away nervously.

After a moment she finally gave up and started talking.

「I, In the dormitory, there was a girl the same age as me. She was very irritating. Her family seemed to be as prestigious as mine, and she was always boastful about it. Moreover, she always looked down on people, mocked them, and laughed at them behind their back. I couldn’t hold myself anymore and………….I…’borrowed’ her room key…..and then…..」

It can’t be….
I guessed it somehow, but I really had a bad feeling.
Borrowed a room key she said?
Was that even possible?

「I just wanted to prank her a little. Also, I wondered if there was something useful for my journey in her room, and I found the grimoire」

「You stole it……?」

「I, I just ‘borrowed’ it…」

「No, you stole it! You can only use the grimoire once, right? It’ll become tattered after you use it, right? And how the heck is it possible to borrow a single-use item?」

「Well… umm… But, but! Thanks to that I met with you, Kouta! She was irritating, but I thank her for this wonderful encounter!」

「Oi! Don’t change the subject!」

Not good…
Not only incompetent and stupid, but this girl was also a criminal.
And I was her familiar.
What should I do from now on?


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