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Chapter 1 : Goddess’s Room


Sarasa was really tired.

She had always been tired since she was a child.

「Nothing I can do about it now…」

It was Friday.
After she had been working overtime for a week, tomorrow was finally a day to get some rest.

She was a cheerful girl, but she was always assailed by constant tiredness and headaches.
Because the symptom was not clear, she couldn’t find the cause in any hospital.
On the contrary, sometimes, she even envied people with a fever or cough because they seemed to be less suffering than her.
Sarasa was too much for the school and her parents to take care of.
Even she was too much for herself to take care of.

She could still move around, so she couldn’t just always rest and be lazy.
But, if she didn’t get any rest, she would get tired, and if the tiredness had reached its peak, she wouldn’t be able to move.

Her mother once saidー

「It can’t be helped, your body has always been like that」

ーgave up on her daughter body

「It’s okay to be weak. Maybe school is tough for you. But when you grow up, look for a work that gives you paid vacation, 5 working days a week, and where you can take a break from time to time」

ーand gave advice about Sarasa’s future.

「If you’re working, there would be no more club activity, also, no more homework. Earn enough money just to live, so you can live properly even if you’re weak」

It was hope for Sarasa, who was exhausted from school.

She managed to become a member of society, and was able to work properly for several years, even though her pay was only enough to live on.
But she was able to enjoy her handicrafts hobby, and really enjoy her life this past years since she became a member of society.

However, in the past six months, the overtime work has increased and it has become quite tough for her.

「Hahh….. I wonder how it feels not to be tired…」

When Sarasa finally could fall asleep in her room, for some reason, she was in a white room when she opened her eyes.

『Child, you will be reincarnated in another world』

Said someone who looked like a goddess, shining in a white dress.

Ahh, this must be a dream…

Sarasa, who opened her eyes while still lying down on the floor, once again closed her eyes.

『Eh!? Wait, waitー! You! Isn’t at a time like this, you should ask “what reincarnation privilege I got?” something like that?』

「What – reincarnation – privilege – I – got?」

『Why flat voice!? Can you please open your eyes at least? Have more dreams and hopes, will ya?』

「…Yes, yes…」

Sarasa was too tired to have dreams and hopes, let alone doubts.

The goddess sighed and crouched down.

『Hahh, it seems you’re not fooling around. Everyone was happy to be reincarnated nowadays, but I forgot that some people aren’t』

While saying that, she gently stroked Sarasa’s head.

『You see, sometimes there are people who were born in the wrong world. My job is to lead those people to the right world. Well, actually I just have to move them from earth to my world tho』

「Born in the wrong world?」

『Yes. For example, a human who was born on earth where the magical power is low, even though that human’s body requires magical power…like you. That’s why, due to lack of magical power, you always feel tired』

Sarasa opened her eyes wide. So there’s a reason for this tiredness?

『How do you feel right now? There’s a lot of magical power here, so you shouldn’t be tired now』

Sarasa tried to stand up.
No headache.
And somehow she felt so refreshed, she even thought she could move around right now.

『If you return to earth, you won’t live long, you know? So, why don’t you move into my world and live well there?』


『Actually, my world is overflowing with magical power, so I need someone to absorb them. It’s not only you; many people move from earth every year. You just have to be there. How should I put it… Umm, you will be like an air purifier or something』

(Even if she said that, how can I live in a place I don’t know?…)

Sarasa had a very realistic mindset.

「But how can I live there?」

『That world is basically similar to earth. I’ll send you to a person who needs you the most. I’m sure that person will take care of you. Don’t worry about your family you left on earth, I’ll explain to them well later』

Even if the goddess said that, Sarasa still didn’t know what to do.

『No time to be puzzled. Alright, I’ll send you to Trill Gaia. Oh, right, to fit Trill Gaia environment, I’ll make you a 10 year old girl』

「Eh!? W, Waitー!」

『Have a nice journeyー』

Are you kidding meー!!??
Before she could shout like that, Sarasa’s consciousness sank into the darkness.


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