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1-6 About Me


I looked at the tattered book (grimoire) that had just been left near the bag.
I didn’t know how irritating the original owner was, but stealing was bad.
It might be an important thing for the owner.

「Alright. We’re going to the magic academy tomorrow morning. Return this book and apologize. After that, you should go home!」


Lize immediately picked up the book and threw it into the campfire.
I didn’t have time to stop her, and I couldn’t save the book from the fire because I was a stuffed animal, it would be really bad if I got burned too.

「Oi! What are you doing!」

「No! Noー! No way I can apologize to that bitch! Besides, I don’t wanna go home……」


「Because…….. If I go home, I can’t go to the outside world anymore」

While playing with the card she used for the magic trick earlier using her fingers dexterously, Lize opened her mouth a little.

「They will treat me as a disgrace to the family……because I don’t have magic talent」

It was rare for a talentless failure-child to be born into a prestigious magician family, but if there was, the future of the failure child was bleak.
Not being recognized as a member of the family and being kicked out of the house, was still a generous treatment.
Yes, it was better than being locked up inside the house to death, or being treated as a servant and forced to work for the siblings, or being sold into slavery, or in the worst case, being killed.
By doing this, the prestigious family could maintain its pride.

「I see… that’s… I’m sorry for you」

They sent Lize to the school so that she could learn the reality, so I didn’t think they wanted to kill her at least.
I understood that the choice to go back home was dangerous.

「You understand now?」

「Yeah. I also feel sorry for you. But that doesn’t mean your crime for stealing the book was forgiven!」

「Ughh…….. I was desperate, you know! I had no choice but to escape like that, otherwise, my life would be over」

「If… they catch you, what will happen to me as your familiar?」

「…………I don’t really know but, I heard that the familiar will be thrown into the forest」

「That’ll be troublesome」

For me to live in the forest alone with this body was impossible.
There were probably many orcs in the forest, moreover I didn’t know how a familiar should live in the first place.

So, I had no choice but to go along with this girl, huh?
Oh, please…
If I would be going with Lize, there’s one more thing I needed to know.

「Lize, if that’s what happened, isn’t your house will be looking for you? And if the school finds out that you were the thief, they also will be looking for you, right?」

「Ummー Well… no doubt they will do that. And if I get caught, game over」

She was stupid, incompetent, on top of that, she was a fugitive on the run!?
And I had no choice but to go with her.
What should I do?
Despite this difficult situation, Lize seemed to be easygoing for some reason.

「But I think if I’m with you, Kouta, I have nothing to fear! Because it seems you’re a really strong magician!」

Huh? The heck is this girl talking about?
Could it be, the reason why she was so relaxed was me?

「Magician? What are you talking about? I’m just a normal human, you know? There’s no magic in my original world. Well, the word ‘magic’ does exist tho, but that’s only in fantasy stories」

「If there’s the word, maybe magic existed a long time ago? And then Kouta inherited that power. The fireball you shot was so powerful! You killed that orc with just a single shot!」

「Huuh? I killed the orc??」

Come to think of it, how come the orc died and we survived? I still didn’t know until now.
After I was sent flying by the orc, it died before I knew it.
Lize said that I was the one who killed it?

「Yes you did… Eh? Could it be, you didn’t realize you shot a fireball?…… Is that even possible to do that without realizing it?…………. Kouta! Can you try it again!?」

「But, how!?」

「Like this, stretch your both arms forward……… It’s gonna be dangerous, so shoot it out into the sky, okay? Do it while lying down. Now imagine the shape of the fireball, and chant while strongly think that you want to shoot」

O flame, amass! Burn, scorch, destroy! Fireballー!

The moment I chanted it in my headー

A blazing giant fireball was launched into the night sky.
The size was a few meters in diameter; a size that was far from being just a ‘ball’.
It illuminated the dark forest as brightly as noon for a moment.
I was stunned to see it, Lize might as well.
I didn’t say the chanting with my mouth.
I just chanted it in my head while thinking I wanted to shoot.
I did magic with just doing that.

If I say honestly, the scene was….. Beautiful.
I’m glad that Lize told me to do it while lying down.
If I shot in the wrong direction, it would ignite the forest and cause a fire.

「Amazing! You’re amazing, Koutaー! Did you really don’t know how to use magic before? If so, you’re a genius! If you learn more, I believe you will become a great magician!」

「O, Ou… You think so?」

While Lize was approaching me excitedly, I recalled what I did just now.
It was surely a powerful fireball.
A mere orc would definitely be killed by it.

「Together with Kouta, I think I can get over this journey! Say, Kouta. I’ll tell you my knowledge about magic, so please go with me!」

That time, Lize’s smile was more beautiful than any smile I’ve ever seen.

It seemed Lize was really yearning to be a great witch.
I envy her purity.

For Lize, I might have the power she really needed.
Needed by someone, desired by someone.
It wasn’t a bad feeling.

The beauty of the fireball I saw earlier, and the beauty of Lize’s smile just now, were vividly engraved in my heart.
Therefore, I couldn’t say “no way I’m going with you”.

I knew it was a stupid choice.
But, it was impossible for me to live alone in the first place.
Besides, with going on a journey and learning more about magic with Lize, I might find a way to return to my original world.
Also, I was curious about how powerful my magic ability was.
It made me want to try various things.
Because, it’s magic, you know! Magic! Fantasy!

「……Alright. Well, I have nowhere else to go, so….. I promise I’ll come with you」

「Really!? Yeeaaayyyー!」

Lize innocently showed how happy she was.
It was really heartwarming to see her like this, I smiled a little.
Just a little, really.

「Ah, but promise me to always listen to what I say. And don’t carelessly rush alone. I have a feeling that we’ll die someday if you do something stupid」

「*yawn* Aahh-hhaaa~ I’m getting sleepy after feeling relieved. I was worried what if Kouta didn’t wanna come with me. Well then, until tomorrow! Good night!」

「Listen to me, Oiー!」

And just like that.
I decided to go on a journey with a stupid and incompetent fugitive girl.
I have to be able to control her, or else, it would be bad.
When I thought so, Lize took out an extra robe from her bag, wrapped it around her body, and slept.
She fell asleep so quickly.

When we camp outside, we need someone to do the lookout duty, right?
If not, another orc might attack us in the middle of our sleep.
But, how long do I have to stay awake?
Until Lize wakes up?
That will be all night long!

While watching the campfire’s flame, I tried hard to stay awake.
I was able to endure sleepiness for a few hours, until I fell asleep unconsciously.
Looked like I was really tired.

I wondered if I could enjoy an adventure in another world like this.
I got worried.


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