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Chapter 2 : Dogs are Scary


The cool breeze hit Sarasa’s cheeks, woke her up.

「Hmm…? Is the window opened?… eh?」

When she opened her eyes, an endless meadow spread in front of her.

「I was sitting?」

She realized she was sitting on something like a staircase made of wood.
When she turned around, she saw the door of a mountain hut.

It seemed that Sarasa was reincarnated in a state where she sat on the steps of a mountain hut somewhere.

「I prefer to be reincarnated inside a room and look at a ceiling I don’t know when I open my eyes tho」

Sarasa murmured a complaint, but no one listened.

She looked at her hand.
As the goddess said, her body had become small like when she was in elementary school.
She was wearing boy clothes; it was easy to move around wearing that.
The hair that was falling from the side of her face was black.

When she tried to stand up, she didn’t feel dizzy at all, let alone tired.
Her body felt so light.
She felt like she could run at full speed right now.

Looking around, the hut seemed to be built on a high mountainside.
The path in front of the hut was slightly downhill, and she could see a small town far away.

「Hoo, it’s like Heidi’s mountain hut」

*/TL note : “Heidi, Girl of the Alps” I’m sure everyone knows this anime.

Next she saw a herd of animals crossing the road.

「Is it a deer? But it looks like the horns are too big」

She looked up at the sky and saw some birds were lying with their big wings spread.

「Eagles? No, maybe hawks? It’s the first time I’ve seen them」

But it looked like the wings were getting smaller.


「Kee? Strange cry. As expected from another world. Hm?」

Just when she thought why the wings were getting smaller, the bird folded its wings and dove to the ground at high speed.
Its target was the herd of deers.

「Eeh? Isn’t a deer too big for it?」

But it looked like the bird was getting bigger and bigger as it got closer to the ground, and it caught a deer that started to run with its claw.
And the moment when it tried to fly, there was something like a flash of light from nowhere.
It looked like the sunlight reflected with a mirror.



Along with that voice, the big bird and the deer fell to the ground.

Suddenly, a person approached them and crouched down to confirm if the bird and deer were still alive or already dead.
That person had ponytailed bright red hair and a glamorous body that could be seen even from a distance.

「It’s a woman」

When that person stretched out her hand, the bird and deer disappeared all of a sudden.

「E, Eh? Where did it disappear?」

When Sarasa was still confused, the woman walked toward the mountain hut.
She was a beauty wearing light equipment with a sword on her waist.

But then Sarasa saw something behind the woman.

「Behind you!」

What appeared behind her wasn’t a deer; it was a pack of big dogs that had a mane.
The woman seemed to be noticed them, and the next momentー


The dog raised a pitiful voice.

「A punch!? She punched such a big dog?」

She didn’t even touch her sword.
With just a light blow, she sent the dog flying away.

When the rest of the dogs daunted, the woman approached the hut.
She might be the owner of this hut.
Sarasa went down the stairs and greeted her.

「N, Nice to meet you. I’m…. eh? W, Wait」

But the woman turned her eyes away after glanced at Sarasa for a second, made a big turn to avoid Sarasa and went up the stairs.
From this close, Sarasa could see her beautiful green eyes.


She entered the hut and closed the door.

「She ignored me? Eh? Wasn’t I supposed to be dropped near the person who needed me the most?」


While staring at the door, she heard a threatening voice from behind.

Sarasa remembered that the woman hit a dog a moment ago.
And the dog that was sent away, wasn’t dead.

「Furthermore…. There’s many of them, right….?」



Sarasa ran up the stairs without looking back and banged the door.

「Open the door pleaseー! The dogsー! Behind meー! Waaaaaー!」



What is this…?
The goddess told me I just have to be here, but what is this?
Am I going to die on the first day of reincarnation?

While crouching down, Sarasa closed her eyes and folded her hands.

「What a short life…」

Counterattack at least?… Nah, impossible.
The only thing she ever hit was a pillow.


「Aahh… I hope there will be no pain at least」


Sarasa opened her eyes.

She saw the door was opened and the woman from earlier stood with a troubled face.

「Th, The dogs! They’re growling at me!」

「There’s a barrier here」

「B, Barrier?」

Come to think of it, why didn’t the dogs attack until now?
Sarasa turned around fearfully.


The dog growled, showing its teeth right in front of her.
Just a meter from the stairs, the pack of the big dogs was wandering around.



Sarasa clung to the woman’s leg while still sitting down.

「You…… Are you suffering?」

「I’m suffering! These dogs scares me to death!」

Fear made her hard to breath.
Sarasa didn’t hate dogs, she liked them actually.
But if they were much bigger than an adult’s height, snarling while showing their sharp teeth, it would be impossible to say they were cute.

「They’re not dogs, they’re alpine wolves… Uh, that’s not what I want to talk」

She put her hand on her head and wandered around like she was in trouble.

「Oh well… It’s not locked in the first place. Get in」

「Thank you vewwy much!」

Sarasa accidentally said ‘vewwy much’, so lame.

Regardless of her appearance, the woman was probably 27 years old.

When Sarasa thought she was saved, while still trembling, she took her hand off the woman, got up by herself somehow, and walked unsteadily toward the door.


「Go away!」


The woman shooed the dogs away with just a word.
No… it wasn’t just a word.
It looked like something flew toward the dogs.
But well, the dogs, no, the wolves were gone for now.

「Hu, Hueeeeー」

Feeling relieved, Sarasa cried for some reason.
According to the goddess, she was 10 years old now, so she thought it was okay to cry.

「Hahh… well, you can sit around there」

「U, Understood…」

Sarasa wiped her tears with her sleeves and looked for a place to sit.

She looked around the hut.
Dirty clothes laying around, a mass of something like wrinkled furs, an apple core that turned brown, and bones.

……. Bones?

「Nope, I’m done」

That goddess was such a liar!
She told me there will be a person who will cherish me, but what the heck is this!?


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