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2-1 Head to the Village


I didn’t remember when I fell asleep.

There was no accurate clock in this world.
Besides, I didn’t know how much time passed, and perhaps the length of a day here wasn’t the same as my original world.
I didn’t even know how long I had been sleeping.

When I woke up, I felt my body was swaying slowly.
As if I was swaying on a swing.
It felt comfortable.

「Good morning, Kouta! Did you sleep well? We’ll arrive at the village soon」

I heard Lize’s voice from above my head.
She was walking with a bag in her right hand and holding the magic staff with her left hand. I was inside the bag, on top of the luggage.
So I felt my body swaying because Lize was walking, and I was sleeping soundly in that state.
It seemed Lize had woken up before me, put my sleeping body on top of the luggage, and then headed toward the village.

The bag has sling on it, so it could be hung over the shoulder, no need to use an arm to hold it.
But, it seemed Lize took the trouble to suppress the shaking with her arm so I wouldn’t fall because it shook too much.

「Good morning…… Did you put out the campfire properly?」

「I did. And I immediately left after that. If there will be someone who camp there someday, maybe they will use our remaining firewood」

「I, I see…」

Wasn’t it a bit careless to clean up a camp just like that?
Well, I didn’t know how to do it tho, so I wouldn’t say anything about that.

「How about the orc corpse?」

「I just left it」

「I see. Well, of course, huh…」

I had no idea what to do with a monster’s corpse either.
There’s a saying, “a bird doesn’t foul the nest it is about to leave”, but it couldn’t be helped.

*/It’s simply common courtesy to clean up the place you’re about to leave

「……..In the end, that orc’s companion didn’t come out, huh. Well, that’s a good thing tho」

「That orc was probably a stray orc. I don’t know the reason, but it was kicked out of the horde, and then wandering outside the territory or… maybe traveling around the world like us?」

Even monsters also had a certain degree of sociality.
If they went against the leader of the horde or broke the rules, they would be kicked out and become a stray monster.
And there seemed to be cases where they were kicked out of the horde because they were weak and not recognized as members.
In other words, there was a possibility that the orc I killed was the weak one.
I started to feel afraid of how strong the real orc would be.

Lize looked a little uneasy.
Perhaps she saw herself in that orc which was kicked out of its horde.
And, as if to dispel her anxiety, she increased her walking pace.
There was no hesitation in her steps.

I started to feel anxious.
I’ve seen only trees so far.
Also, at Lize’s feet, there was nothing like a path.

Come to think of it, that empty lot, where I had been summoned, seemed to be a space that wasn’t created on purpose.
That’s why there was no path or road from there.
That empty lot probably was just a place Lize found by coincidence when she wandered around the forest, and she decided to do the summoning ceremony there because it was quite vast and also no other people could see her.
Well, if there was a path, the pursuer might have already found us.

I became really worried.
Was Lize really heading for the village?
Could it be, she was just wandering around randomly in the woods.

It’s Lize afterall, so it’s possible.

「Oi, Lize. Are we really heading to the village? I see no path along the way tho」

「Don’t worry. We’re heading in the right direction. The village is in the east. The sun was climbing from this direction, so it’s the right one」

「Are we really going to be okay with sense of direction like that!?」

It seemed she was just walking toward the east and hoped we would arrive at the village.
If that was the case, there was a possibility that we might have already passed the village and been walking toward nowhere.
Moreover, we might encounter the horde of orcs that was mentioned earlier.
As I thought, I couldn’t let Lize be the guide.

However, the direction Lize was walking into, miraculously seemed to be the right one.
Suddenly, I could see some buildings and fields from the gap or the trees.

「Look Koutaー! It’s the village! See? I was right!」

「Aahh… Really… Thank’s God!」

We were lucky.
I wouldn’t say that Lize’s intuition and sense of direction were good tho.

「For now, let’s find a place to eat! I haven’t eaten since yesterday, I’m sooo hungry right now!……….. Excuse meー anybody hereー?」

I haven’t seen her eat anything since we met.
It seemed she left without any preparation.
She must be really hungry right now.

We came out of the woods and looked for the villagers.
A middle-age man doing fieldwork stopped his hands for a moment and turned his head toward us.
For me, he was the human other than Lize who I saw for the first time in this world.

Man「Are you a traveler?」

Lize「Good day sir! Yes, I’m a traveler. My name’s Lizeloーbu,he!?」

Kouta「Ssstttttー! Don’t give your name! You’re a fugitive, remember?」

It seemed that she didn’t understand that she was being chased.
I punched Lize’s cheek as she tried to say her name, and whispered in her ear.

There was a possibility that the pursuer would come to this village and ask for information.
I hoped she would think about this more carefully and be a little more cautious.

「A, Aha ha ha. It’s Lize. My name is just Lize. I’m a traveling witch. And this is my familiar, Kouta. Umm, I came from afar and I’m going to travel a long way」

「Don’t say anything unnecessary! Just say you need a place to eat and an inn」

She tried to make him believe that she and Lizelotte were different person, so I whispered to advise her not to say anything unnecessary.
I worried she would eventually expose the secret someday.

「Sir! I’m really hungry. Can you tell me where I can eat! Also an inn to stay tonight!」

「A, Ahhh. Y, You can go to the tavern. They have food and also you can stay there. Just follow this street and you can find it」

After Lize asked vigorously, the farmer man awkwardly told her about the tavern.
He might be thinking that she was a weirdo and didn’t wanna get involved with her.
Anyway, we thanked the man and aimed for the tavern.

「Lize, do you even have money? We need money for food and lodging, right?」

「Ahh. You don’t have to worry about money!」

Right. Even though she was stupid and incompetent, she was a lady of a prestigeous family.
So she might have some money.

「It wasn’t only the grimoire that I stole from that bitch, you know?」

While saying that, she showed me a bag that makes a rattling noise.

I see….
There seemed to be money inside.
The money that wasn’t hers.


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