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Chapter 3 : First, We Should Tell Our Name.


The woman looked troubled; she threw the trash that was on the chair to the floor.

「You can sit there」

When Sarasa tried to sit on the chair, she heard something cracking, but she pretended not to hear.
Well, there was nothing on the chair, for now, Sarasa decided to climb the chair and sit.

After the woman pulled out another chair and sat down, she saidー

「Are you an ‘invited person’?」

「Invited person?」

Sarasa tilted her head.

The Goddess said nothing about ‘invited’ or something.
Nah, she didn’t even say anything useful tho.

「I don’t know, but I was only told that my body absorbs magical power, and my body is suitable to live in this world」

「’This world’… ‘absorb magical power’… As I thought, you’re an ‘invited person’」

Sarasa didn’t understand it one bit.

「The invited people sometimes come. They appeared all of a sudden just like you. Their ages vary, but most of them are young. They absorb magical power and can use it infinitely, that’s why they can fight as a ‘hunter’」

「Hunter? Nope. Impossible… 」

Hunter was probably a person who hunts animals… or monsters?
Sarasa shook her head, she thought it was impossible for her to ‘hunt’.

「Right. I know when I saw you crying and chose to be eaten rather than fight those wolves」

The woman folded her arms and looked up at the ceiling.

「If the invited person is a girl, they can marry a noble and live in a large mansion while being protected. How ‘bout that?」

「That’s a NO too. Since I’m not getting tired anymore, I want to live actively this time」

She was suddenly thrown into a different world and was told she just had to be there as an air purifier that absorbs magical power, but she herself hasn’t decided what she wanted to do.
And since she didn’t feel tired anymore and could move more vigorously, she wanted to live an active life in this world.

「Don’t you feel any pain?」

The woman asked Sarasa, who was looking down.

「No pain at all. I feel more energetic than ever」

「Feel suffocated?」


Sarasa wondered what this woman wanted to know.

She had no complaints about her body right now.
Even if she had something to complain about, it would be how uncomfortable this hut was.


The woman nodded and stood up.

「In any case, no matter how much you think about it, you can’t get out of here for a while」

「Eh? I can’t get out!?」

Sarasa was shocked.

「You saw them didn’t you? This is the northern part of Demon Mountain where many wyvern flies, herd of giant deers everywhere, and alpine wolves are running around. It took three days to get to the nearest town on an adult’s foot. Well, I can get there in a day tho, but it’s impossible if I have to bring a child with me」

So what Sarasa saw earlier wasn’t an eagle or a hawk, it was a wyvern.
That meant that big deer were also not just ordinary deer.
Sarasa’s mind was blown.

Ignoring Sarasa’s dumbfounded face, the woman continued.

「In other words」

「In other words?」

「Until you become strong, you can’t leave the area around this hut」

So that meant she came to another world and ended up living in a filthy hut with this person for a while.

Sarasa felt a little desperate.

But this person was a woman at least, and she seemed to be a little friendly. She lived in a filthy place tho.

「I’m Nefe, no, Nelly. Call me Nelly」

That person raised the edge of her mouth just a little and stretched out her right hand.

「I’m Sarasa. Ichinokura Sarasa」

「Ichinooku Rasaarasa? That’s a weird name. Should I call you Ichinooku?」

「No, it’s Sarasa」

「Sara then」

She was the first person who called Sarasa as Sara.
Why did she shorten it?
All of Sarasa’s friends called her Sarasa.
But that might be a good idea, since it was a new life.
However, Sarasa felt reluctant to be called like that by a stranger.

Sarasa looked up at the woman who called herself Nelly.
She was tall.
Her height was probably 170cm or more.
And Sarasa thought this woman was the same age as her, back when she was on earth.
That meant she was in her late 20s.


Sarasa tried her best to call her without honorifics; she stretched her hand, reached Nelly’s hand, and grasped it.
For some reason, Nelly closed her eyes, she looked a little in pain.

「Nelly, huh?」

「Sorry, was it a little insolent?」

「No, it’s okay」

Nelly opened her eyes and smiled this time.

Sarasa, who had only been paying attention to her hair and eye color, was surprised by her smile.

She really was a beautiful person.

「I’m a hunter. I’m taking care of this Demon Mountain area」

「I’ll be in your care for a while!」

She didn’t know what the Demon Mountain was, but this was how Sarasa’s life in another world began.


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