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2-2 Vilagers’ Suspicion


After a while of walking the street the farmer man told us, the scenery changed a little from fields and small houses to bigger buildings. The number of people walking the street also increased.
It wasn’t so crowded and not many luxurious buildings, but it must be the center of the village.
The tavern must be around this area, so we asked one of the passers-by the exact location, and found it.

Lize, who was wearing a robe dressed as a witch, seemed to stand out here; we were getting attention from people around.
It couldn’t be helped.

「Yummy~! So delicious! I feel like I’m coming back to life!」

Lize was so delighted as she stirred a spoon of soup and brought a piece of meat floating on the soup to her mouth.

This tavern wasn’t very clean. It looked like it was just a cheap place to eat and stay.
It had a dining hall and lodging.
The place that was enough for travelers to stay one night or two.
There was no reason for travelers to stay long in this nothing-but-fields rural area.
For the travelers, this village was just a stopover.

At first, I was wondering if Lize, who seemed to have grown as a lady of a prestigious family, was okay with this place, but she didn’t seem to care at all.
It probably because of her carefree personality.

「By the way, I don’t have to eat anything, right? I mean, how can I eat with this body」

I was just watching Lize delightfully eating her meal.

In the first place, a stuffed animal didn’t eat food, so I couldn’t just put the food inside my body.
I tried to eat a piece of bread and pressed it against my mouth, but it didn’t get inside.
So, why could I speak, breathe, and move my limbs then?
I didn’t know how it happened, but it really happened.

I wasn’t even feeling hungry.
I wondered where the energy to move my body and use magic came from if not from food.

「Ummー I heard there’s many familiars who live by receiving magical power from the magician who summoned them. In other words, Kouta can live thanks to my magical power!」

「That’s impossible! It’s your magical power we’re talking about! I must be dead by now! If I really received your magical power to live, I should’ve been dead the moment I threw that big fireball yesterday」

「Uuuhh……. meanie…….」

When I was still confused about the state of my body, I saw several men entering the tavern.
There were also a lot of people on the other side of the entrance door.
They walked straight over here, looked like they had business with us.

It might be because the travelers were rare in this village, so the villagers came to see us.
No, wait… It didn’t seem to be the case.

There was an old man with a cane who seemed to be the leader.
He approached our table and sat down.

「I heard that a traveler came, so I thought I would greet them. I’m the mayor of this village. Welcome to our village」

「T, Thank you for being so polite. My name’s Lize, just Lize. I’m in the middle of a journey」

「Is your destination a magic school?」

The magic school was less than a few days walk from this village.
It would be really close if you walk down the street properly.
Besides, Lize was wearing a robe and bringing a staff, made the other people know right away that she was a witch.
That’s why the mayor guessed Lize heading for the magic school.
Also, It might be because the magician travelers often visit this village.

「Oi, Lize. Say that you have nothing to do with the magic school」

Giving advice, I whispered to her.

There must be a reason why the mayor bothered to come all the way just to greet her.

「N, No, no. I just happened to pass nearby. I have nothing to do with Jaegan Magic Academy. I’m just a witch in the middle of training journey」

A look of suspicion appeared on the faces of several men standing behind the mayor.
This didn’t look good.
The mayor asked a question again.

「I have another question. Do you know Lizelotte Kunzendorf?」

As I thought.
He was too suspicious.
So, the pursuer had already come to this village, huh.

「Awawaー I, IーI don’t know. My name is Lize, JUST Lize. I don’t know a person named Lizelotte Kunzendorf. The name may be a little similar to mine, but I’m just a great witch girl who has nothing to do with that person!」

I hit Lize’s shoulder to silence her because she was trying too hard to deceive them and talking too much.
The mayor and the men were talking face-to-face in whispers.
Not good.
We had to escape from this place somehow.
But how??

「Hey, Witch onee-sanー! Show me some magic please!」

Suddenly, a voice of a little girl called out Lize.
When I looked at the direction of the voice, there was a girl about 6 grades of elementary school sending a passionate gaze to Lize.

「Oi, Fiana! Don’t come in without permission!」

One of several men standing behind the mayor called out to the girl as if he scolded her.
But the girl called Fiana didn’t seem to care and kept approaching Lize.

「But dad, I wanna see magic! Besides, I heard that Lizelotte-san person can’t use magic. So if this onee-san can use it, she’s not that person, right? Onee-san, show me magic please!」

After hearing what Fiana said, the mayor and the men whispered to each other again.
I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but I could guess.

Lize was definitely a fugitive, and people in this village were also looking for her.
We had no choice but to prove that Lize wasn’t Lizelotte they were looking for.
And it seemed that the pursuer told the villagers that Lize’s characteristic was “she can’t use magic”.
Therefore, if Lize showed them she could use magic, they would think she was a different person.

It can’t be helped then. I’ll show them some magic.
If only a talented magician could have a strong familiar, they would think of Lize as a talented magician after they saw how strong I was.
I just had to go outside and shoot the giant fireball like last night.

「Alright. Lize, I willー」

「I seeー! Fiana-chan you wanna see some magic action!? Okay, okay! I will show you my best magic!」


Ignoring me, Lize stood up with confidence.

I didn’t think she would do it really well.

What should I do…


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