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2-3 Basics of Sleight of Hand


After declaring to show off her magic with confidence, Lize opened her bag and took out a stack of cards.
Yes, the cards that should be used for fortune-telling.
It seemed Lize was going to show her ‘magic’ trick.

I bet these people would definitely find out that it was just a trick.
But the moment she said that she would do it, she couldn’t just stop.
And we couldn’t show these people her flame magic that she even had a hard time making a campfire with it.

「Everyone~ look at this “Magician” card! The Luscana card used for fortune telling, in other words, these incredible cards can see the future. Each of these cards are sensitive to magic power. Especially this “Magician” card. Like the name, this card itself can use magic!」

Though she said something plausible, that was just a card! A piece of paper!
But Lize said that with full confidence.
Well, bluff was also an important element in magic tricks.

Surprisingly, the mayor and others were listening to her seriously.
They passionately looked at the card on Lize’s hand.
Did they believe her?
The other villagers outside gradually entered the tavern, curious about something interesting that was going to happen here.
As the number of spectators increased, Lize continued the show.

「Alright, let’s see what will happen if I pour my magical power into this “Magician” card. Watchー ……O Magician, disappear from my hand! Vanishー!」

After she swayed her hand, the card was gone.
The spectators started to make noises.
It was the same trick she showed me yesterday.
But it looked like the villagers were completely fooled.

「Look! The “Magician” card has disappeared! But in truth, it doesn’t really disappear. To completely eliminate something from this world is really difficult even with magic. In other words, the “Magician” card was moved somewhere from my hand. I wonder where it is~? I think it’s nearby….. Let’s use the magic staff to find it」

Lize continued her show.
This time, she held the magic staff and lifted it up.
The mayor, the men behind him, the villagers who came in, the customers who have been here in the first place, the clerk, and of course, Fiana.
All of them looked into the magic staff Lize lifted up.
That meant, they were looking up.

「Is it hereー? Or maybe hereー?」

Lize slowly swung her staff to the right, and then to the left.
Meanwhile, Lize took a step at a time toward Fiana’s direction on the left side without no one noticing.

「Mumumu………… Mayor-san, could it be, you’re the one who has the card? Or maybe…… you, the men on his back? You can check out your pockets」

She then pointed her staff toward the mayor and others.
The eyes were gathered at the mayor at once; he then frantically checked his pockets.
But of course, the card wasn’t there.
While no one was looking at her, Lize quickly moved behind Fiana, put the card into Fiana’s coat pocket, and quickly moved back to where she was.

The essence of sleight of hand was distraction.
I’ve seen how this kind of trick works, but Lize naturally pulled it off smoothly.
Though she was doing this to lie and escape from here, her sleight of hand skill was impressive.
If it came to magic ‘trick’, she neither incompetent nor stupid.

「Not there? Then……… Fiana-chan. Maybe it’s in your pocket?」

Fiana then hurriedly checked her coat pocket.
And she was truly surprised. The “Magician” card came out of her pocket.
They all cheered in awe.

「How’s that? I successfully brought out the mysterious power of Lucasna card! Did you understand now that such magic exists?」

After seeing the trick, the mayor and others were talking to each other.
“Without a doubt, she used magic!”
“This girl is not a witch apprentice named Lizelotte.”
“But, isn’t this child about the same age as Lizelotte?”
“No, wait. The magic school is nearby, so I think girls of that age aren’t that rare.”
“So she really is a different person?”

And then the mayor stood up and approached Lize.

「Miss, I apologize. This morning, the feudal lord told me there would be a witch apprentice girl nearby, and let him know when I found her. Then I heard the traveler who just came to this village has the same characteristic, so I came to investigate. Apparently it was a mistake」

「I, I seeー I, I’m afraid I’m not that Lizelotte person, I’m just Lize. As you can see, I’m an excellent witch. Too bad I can’t be a help, aha, ha, ha, ha….」

She was speeching so smoothly earlier, but soon she returned to usual Lize.

Maybe she would stop being a stupid girl only when she was doing a magic trick.


「I didn’t expect they would be fooled by your cheap magic trick. Could it be, people in this village have never seen magic before?…….. No, wait. There’s magic school nearby, so it’s likely not the case」

It seemed it wasn’t rare for magicians to pass through this village.

The mayor and other villagers have left after they were convinced.
Therefore we were allowed to stay at the inn, and now we were at our room.
And then, Lize talked about concerns when she was about to do the trick.

「I think the magic type that these people haven’t seen is conjuring magic. That’s why they thought that my trick was also some kind of magic」

I see.
There was no TV or internet in this world, and professions as magicians (the trick one) were still rare.
So, most likely that the art of sleight of hand wasn’t transmitted to a small village surrounded by forest like this.

「Anyway, we can sleep in a bed tonight! Sleeping outside was fun, still, bed is the best!」

Lize stretched her body while laying on the bed.
She was easygoing as always.
Well, actually I’d never want to sleep outside ever again either.
I wanted to sleep in a more proper place at night.
Though my body was a stuffed animal, I wanted to be wrapped in a warm futon.

But… I didn’t think villagers’ suspicion would be completely cleared just by showing them magic trick.
There might be some people who tried to contact the pursuer just in case.
If that was the case, we couldn’t stay too long in this village…

「Excuse me. Lize-san, you there?」

Suddenly, someone called from outside the room.
We were familiar with this voice.
When Lize opened the door, there was Fiana standing there.


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