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Chapter 4 : The Goal is


「Sara, don’t push yourself too hard okay?」

「Un. Don’t worry. I’m okay, Nelly」

By the time they used to call each other like that, the mountain hut had become cleaner than before.
For the time being, Sara’s job was to clean up the hut and prepare food.

「You don’t have to do what you can’t do」

Nelly felt bad at first.
But after watching Sara’s work, as she expected, Sara wasn’t that good at housework.

「Body that doesn’t get tired is the bestー!」

Actually Sara wasn’t that bad at chores.
She liked cleaning up and cooking, but because she always got tired quickly, she never finished the chores.
Right now, every day, she felt so grateful for her body. No matter how much she worked, she didn’t feel tired.

Nelly usually subdued monsters nearby and went to the town once in ten days to sell them and buy daily necessities.
It took her a whole day to go and a whole day to return, so she usually stayed overnight in the town.
At first, Sara was a little worried about being left alone, but originally she lived alone when she was on earth. Besides, the hut was protected with barriers, so she quickly got used to it.
Sometimes, she heard something big hitting the barrier, but they couldn’t enter thanks to the barrier, she felt really safe inside.

「To be honest, I don’t want to go to the town so often, but the amount that can fit in the storage bag is limited」

It seemed that the storage bag didn’t have an unlimited capacity like in many web novels.
It would be full in about 10 days, so that’s why Nelly went to the town once in ten days.

「Sara, you’ve probably seen it sometimes. The magic stone used for the storage bag was made of a core of stray slime. Even the storage bag made from the largest core could only hold about 20 wyverns」

The wyvern Sara saw on the first day was usually flying around nearby.
But they rarely came down to the ground, so it seemed they could rarely be killed.
That time, Nelly said she would get a lot of money from selling it, and laughed.

「Stray slime… Ah, I catch a glimpse of them sometimes, but they immediately disappeared」

「Yeah. They fled so fast and very difficult to catch. For a swordsman, it was impossible. Even for a magician, they were really difficult to aim, so a wide AoE magic is needed, but even so, you can only hit one at least. You can find many of these slimes around there. And maybe in the underground dungeon」

That’s why storage bags were really valuable, and even the small one were quite expensive.

「Well, we can’t work without one of these. A full-fledged hunter usually has one at least. Because I’m an excellent hunter, I have the biggest one」

Nelly’s expression looked like she was asking for praise, so Sara smiled and said “You’re amazing!”.

「I wonder if I would be able to buy one someday」

「Hmm… Sara, you don’t wanna become a hunter, right? So we have to find other ways to earn money」

Nelly only knew about hunter and didn’t seem familiar with other professions.

「Maybe the quickest way is to collect herbs. Most hunters often do this at first」

「I wanna try it, but…」

Sara opened the door.


And then she closed the door.


Sara still couldn’t get out of the hut.
To be precise, she could go down to the bottom of the stairs and go around the hut, as long as she didn’t get outside the barrier.
However, the wolves were always wandering around outside the barrier.

And by the way, at the grassy area, there were slimes that could melt animals.
For Sara, they were useful to get rid of the trash from the hut.

「For the time being, I’ll ask for a herbs catalogue from the Pharmacist Guild. I have acquaintances there. They’re always short of herbs, so if you get some, you can easily sell them」

「Un. Thank you! If I don’t do anything, I’ll never be able to go to the town, right!?」

Didn’t have money.
Didn’t have power.
At this rate, she would forever be a burden to Nelly.

「Eh? I don’t mind if you stay here forever. That’s what the Goddess promised you, right?」

「Yeah, but. Since I can move around right now, I wanna go to various places」

When Sara said that, Nelly looked a little sad for some reason.

After that, Nelly talked less than usual, and made Sara a little worried.

But, the next time Nelly went out to town, she came back with a refreshing face and took out two thin books from her pocket.

「I’m a swordswoman, I don’t fight with magic and I don’t know about herbs, and I don’t think Sara is fit to become a swordswoman like me. So, I bring you a magic textbook and a herbs catalogue」

「Waahhh! Thank you, Nelly!」

Sara hugged Nelly tightly.

Nelly hesitated a little at first, but then she hugged Sara back.
After that she exhaled loudly as if she was relieved from tiredness and something that had been bothering her.

At first, Sara was worried about living with a filthy and unfriendly stranger, but after they spent time together, surprisingly, Sara was able to live comfortably with her.

Nelly didn’t bother Sara too much, and Sara wasn’t very talkative.
Two women were living quietly in a mountain hut.
One was polishing her sword while the other was reading books, and also preparing food.
And that’s how the two were spending their time together.




「Alright, it’s time to practice!」

By only reading books, Sara won’t be able to gather the herbs nor use magic.
Thus she decided to practice magic first.

Sara faced Nelly on the platform above the stairs, right in front of the door, because it would be dangerous doing it inside.

「Say Nelly. Can everyone in this world use magic?」

「Huh? Of course… Oh right… Sara’s original world doesn’t have magical power, huh」

It’s been a month since the two met.
If there was another person between them, that person would be like “Oi Nelly, you just realized that after all this time!?”

「Speaking of magic, you might be thinking about attacking using magic. But actually, magic is not something like that. In other words」

「In other words?」

Sara asked, she looked so excited.

「It’s like another body? Or…」


「Or should I say, another you?」


Her explanation was so abstract and confusing.
Sara just knew that Nelly wasn’t good at teaching.
That’s why she gave Sara the magic textbook before she taught her directly.

Sara tried to remember what she read in the textbook.

「If I’m not mistaken, the magical energy will become the power we imagine. We can imagine it freely as long as it doesn’t exceed the limits of magical energy we have. It’s written on the book」

「That’s right. We often learn water magic at first because it’s safe, but I was different」

Nelly seemed she wasn’t sure at first, but then she stretched her hand out to Sara.

「Grab my hand」

「Like this?」

Sara reached Nelly’s hand and tried rubbing it; it was so soft.

「Hm? Nelly’s hand as usual tho?」

「Yeah. But if I run magical power here」

Sara touched Nelly’s hand again.


It was as hard as a solid rock.

「How come?」

「The way I use magic is to strengthen my body. I’m a swordswoman, but sometimes I don’t need my sword, because if I use magic, my whole body will become a blunt weapon」

「Ahh, so that’s why you can punch those giant wolves and sent them flying so easily」


Nelly turned to the stairs while still keeping her fist hard, and then the wolves, that were wandering around near the stairs, took a few steps back.

「If they’re scared of Nelly, why are they always wandering around here?」

「These wolves began to wander around here since Sara came. Perhaps, they’re gathering and waiting for Sara to come out someday」

「Ehh!? That’s scary!」

Sara discouraged a little.
If she didn’t go through these wolves, she couldn’t collect the herbs, let alone go to town.

But, Sara got a brilliant idea.

「Nelly. If I can use magic to strengthen my body like you, they won’t be able to hurt me, right?」

Even if she couldn’t fight, she could protect herself and move.

Nelly nodded, impressed by Sara’s idea.

「You’re right. Come to think of it, magicians fight using the magic shield or create a barrier around them」

「Yes! That’s it!」

She had a goal for now.


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