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2-4 Villager’s Request


Fiana looked at Lize, and smiled.
She then handed out Lize something.
It was the “Magician” card that was used for a magic trick earlier.
Lize didn’t retrieve it back, huh.

「I come to return this! Lize-san! You’re really a witch! It’s my first time seeing magic that close! I’m so happy and want to say my gratitude!」

「Thank youー! Actually, it’s also my first time showing my magic in front of so many people」

Fiana, an innocent and honest child, was fooled and believed that Lize’s sleight of hand was truly magic.
And Lize just enjoyed the pleasant feeling of getting a compliment.
Oi, oi. You were just deceiving an innocent child, you know?
I didn’t think it was a good thing.

Without knowing what I was thinking, Fiana continued talking to Lize.

「Actually, Lize-san, I have something to tell you! Umm, it’s about the mayor-san, but… umm…」

She suddenly stopped talking.
It was probably something hard to say.
She seemed not sure if it was okay for her to say it or not.

「What is it? It’s all right, you can say it. Onee-san won’t be surprised. If it’s something you shouldn’t say, I’ll pretend I’m not listening」

I thought Fiana shouldn’t trust the person who just fooled her with tricks.
But she seemed pushed by Lize’s words.
Fiana showed a determined look on her face.

「Lize-san….. I think… Mayor-san will ask you to exterminate the wolves later…」

Hmm. I didn’t get the point.

Kouta「Can you tell us more details?」

I, who had been listening on the bed, decided to join the conversation.
Because I thought Lize alone would continue the conversation without understanding the problem.

「Eh!? Awesome! A talking stuffed animal!」


As soon as I talked, Fiana smiled in awe, rushed over here, and picked me up.
Oh, please hold me more gently…..

Come to think of it, familiars who could speak were rare.
Fiana might have seen magicians with a familiar several times, but it was probably the first time she saw one who could speak.

Besides, since we came to this village, I didn’t talk much, and when I talked to Lize I did it in a whisper.
Un, I knew I surprised her, but her grip was just too strong…

「Umm….. My dad is a hunter. I’m also a hunter apprentice…」

Fiana and Lize sat side by side on the bed, I was on Fiana’s lap.
And we listened to the details in an order, starting from what happened this morning.

Fiana’s father was a skilled hunter. Everyone in the village respected him.
He served as mayor’s assistant, and also one of the important people who make decisions in the village.
He was the man who scolded Fiana when she called out Lize earlier.
Anyway, Fiana’s father was familiar with the village circumstances.
And his daughter, Fiana, somehow understood the circumstances too.

「This morning, the feudal lord-sama’s messenger came to this village. He said he was looking for a witch」

A feudal lord was a person who controlled the entire area of this land, including this village, and was in a greater position than the village mayor.
This was the system of government in the country of this world.

The feudal lord probably received the request to find Lize from another person.
Either it was from Lize’s house… or the pursuer from the person whose grimoire was stolen.
The search for Lize had begun before she came to this village.
Rumors about her quickly spread in this small village, and then the mayor came to check on her in person.

Fiana「After you used that awesome magic, we know that Lize-san isn’t a witch called Lizelotte!」

Lize「Yeap, of courseー! I’m a different person with just a slightly similar name to Lizelotte person. And also I’m a great witch! Aha ha ha!」

Kouta「Yes, yes, enough of that…..」

It seemed the pursuer only told the feudal lord about Lizelotte’s gender, age, and her inability to use magic.
Well, I thought the clue that she can’t use magic was really accurate.

But I felt like something wasn’t right….
If her incompetence was a shame to the family, it would be weird if they were looking for their daughter using the information that she couldn’t use magic.
There might be something behind it.

Anyway, we continued to listen to Fiana.

「It seemed dad, mayor-san, and everyone else thought that Lize-san was a different person. Besides, they didn’t want to be involved in troublesome things, because the feudal lord-sama is not very kind to us when dealing with situations like this」

Apparently, despite being called with a ‘sama’, he seemed to be a person who wasn’t highly respected.

*/ sama is a honorifics used to address higher rank people

Fiana「Some people said we should report this matter, because they were scared what if the feudal lord-sama finds out about Lize-san」

Kouta「I see. I think that’s a right decision」

If they reported, it might be really bad for us, but the villagers and the feudal lord were not care about our circumstances.
The villagers could pass the responsibility to the feudal lord if they reported us, well, it was a rational idea.
But it seemed the opinions between the villagers and the feudal lord were in conflict.
That’s why, Fiana’s father came up with an idea, and that wasー

Fiana「Recently, wolves have been attacking livestocks and villagers. Moreover, there were many big wolves among them. Apparently their lair is nearby. Dad and the others alone aren’t strong enough to get rid of them」

Kouta「I see. So you want us to get rid of that wolves?」

Fiana nodded.
Now, I understand what happened.

The villagers couldn’t win against the wolves, but they couldn’t just doing nothing and leave the dangerous beasts alone.
Fortunately, a magician who seemed to be strong appeared, and they wanted that magician’s help…. Our help.

If Lize had the power to fight the wolves, it would clearly prove that Lize was not Lizelotte they were looking for.
Besides, if we did something that benefits the people here, the feudal lord wouldn’t have a bad impression on us.
Those with disagreements would also draw back their claims if we could give them proof by solving this problem.

And that’s what Fiana’s father was thinking, and for some reason he told Fiana.
And as a gratitude for showing her magic, Fiana ran to our place and told us about this, so that we had time to prepare ourself.

Well, that was indeed a good idea, except making us fight the wolves tho..…

Kouta「Hey Lize, you must have never killed a wolf, haven’t you? So we have toー」

Lize「Fiana-chan! It must be hard for you! Un, I understand, don’t worry! Onee-san will get rid of the wolves! You can leave it to this great witch Lize!」

Fiana「Really!? Lize-san, thank you!! I’m sure dad and everyone would be really happy!」

Kouta「Oi, Oiー!」

Aaahh,, I knew it!
I knew she was this type of person…..


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