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Chapter 5 : It’s Training Time!


Nelly didn’t use physical strengthening when she was at home.
Because the magical power in her body had limits.
The magicians also couldn’t keep making the magic shields and barriers continuously.

「But, I’m an ‘invited person’. I can absorb the magical power and use it as much as I want」

In other words, Sara could use magic infinitely.
In fact, she never felt that she ran out of magic.
Well, she never used it, so of course.

「I see, so that’s why the invited people can make a living as a hunter. Well, I don’t wanna become one tho」

Sara didn’t wanna give up on living as she liked.

「Alright, imagine my hand is getting harder……. Hmm…. maybe I’ll imagine it as an iron. Hardened!」

Sara tried to make her right hand hard.

Nelly made a serious face and touched Sara’s right hand.

「Hoo. This is pretty strong. Mun!」

Hm? Mun?
Sara wondered what that meant, but apparently Nelly was also strengthening her hand, and then she held Sara’s hand.
No, she gripped Sara’s hand and tried to crush it.

「W, Wait, wait, waitー! What are you doing? I’m still a beginner at this!」


「What’s with that “Eh?” !? You will crush my hand!」

「Nah, you don’t have to worry. I have this advanced potion ready for such a case」

Nelly boastfully presented a bottle of potion.

In this world, people usually used potions to heal injuries.
It was strange from Sara’s perspective.

「Just because it will heal, doesn’t mean there won’t be pain, right!?」

「Ahh, I see」

Why could she say “ah, I see” like it was nothing!?

「But even with my physical strengthening, I couldn’t crush your hand tho. As I expected from an ‘invited person’」

Nelly looked happy.

「Alright then. Let’s try to get bitten by the wolves!」


「Alright then. Let’s try toー」

「I know! I heard you! You don’t need to repeat it!」

Sara was thinking.
I just started learning magic, right?
Somehow, I successfully made my hand hard, even Nelly couldn’t crush my hand.
But the wolf is next?
Isn’t it weird?
It’s too soon, right!?

「But Sara, you have to put it into practice, or there’s no point doing this」

「Uhh….. Alright… I understand」

She gave up.

「Let me hold your other hand」


Sara let her left hand held by Nelly, and fearfully stuck out her hardened right hand out of the barrier.
The wolves began to drool andー



After she felt a shock, she heard the sound of broken teeth.
The wolves immediately ran away.

「Hoo, you did it!」

Sara, who was really tired mentally on her first day learning magic, thought, “did I really do it?”


After she finished cleaning, Sara was seeing off Nelly, who went hunting with a happy looking face, and then making soup for dinner while thinking.

Indeed, I was able to make my hand hard so I felt nothing when those wolves bit my hand, and I think I can do it with my whole body, butー

She sprinkled salt into the soup.

ーI think they will keep coming after me. That means I have to brace myself everytime they come to bite me along the way to the town. That’ll be so much pain in the butt.
That means, I need magic that can protect myself to not get bitten.
So, instead of strengthening my body, how about make something like barrier and spread it around me.
I remember Nelly was talking about barriers and shields before.
With this, the wolves won’t be able to touch me, right?

At dinner time.

「Sara’s soup is delicious as always!」

Nelly delightfully brought the soup to her mouth using a spoon.

「Well, thank you. And.. Nelly…」

Sara told Nelly about what she thought this afternoon.

「I see… If you wanna protect yourself in a fixed location, you can use a magic tool that creates a simple barrier, but…」

「Simple barrier?」

「Yes. For example, this hut. There are several barrier boxes set up around this hut so the monsters can’t enter. To go in and out, you must have this stone. This is an ‘abrasion stone’. I completely forgot to give you this but, I’ll give you one later」

Nelly showed Sara something like a ‘netsuke’ on her waist.

*/Netsuke is something like a miniature sculpture. [Wiki]

Normally, you would think that you could move safely using the barrier box, butー

「Well, sometimes it’s used in carriages. But basically you have to put it down on the ground or platform. That’s why it’s usually used when camping, but not when moving」

Another world was complicated in many ways…

「If you wanna try to create a barrier, you should try it. It requires a lot of magical power, so I haven’t seen anyone who can maintain a barrier for a long time tho」

The next day.

「Alright then, it’s the second day of practice. I’ll do my best!」


「Geez, you guys didn’t learn from what happened yesterday?」


They growled, showing their new teeth.

「Eh? Ah, they must be different wolves from the one that bit my hand yesterday」

「No. They’re probably the same wolves. Monsters in Demon Mountain have a very high regeneration rate. That’s why, if you wanna kill them, you have to make sure they’re really dead」

Said Nelly.
But to be honest, Sara didn’t wanna hear such discouraging information.

「Oh well, leave the wolves aside, I’m gonna try it now…..Imagine….. A bubble… As hard as iron… hmm…….. Barrierー!」

A sphere looking barrier spread around Sara. It was as hard as iron.

Seeing the barrier, Nelly removed the abrasion stone from her waist and pulled out her sword.

「Eh? W, Wait! Don’t tell me you’re gonnaー」

Sara spontaneously closed her eyes.


Sparks lit between the blade and the barrier.

When Sara opened her eyes, she saw Nelly who looked at the barrier and the sword alternately with an impressed face.

「Do I did it?」

「Impressive! Sara!」

Apparently it was a success.

「What if I failed!?」

「No problem」

Nelly took out the potion bottle while smiling.

It doesn’t mean you can do anything dangerous just because you have potions tho.

「Alright then. Let’s try to get attacked by the wolves!」


「Alright then. Let’s try toー」

「I heard you…. You don’t have to repeat it…」

Sara was thinking.
It’s my first time making a barrier, right?
Somehow, I successfully blocked Nelly’s sword.
But the wolf is next?
Isn’t it weird?
It’s too soon, right!?

「But you have to put it into practice, orー」

「Yes, yes… I understand」

After all, she had no choice but to do it.


It’s time for Sara to get out.

In front of the wolves that were always waiting for this moment to come, Sara stood on the edge of the hut barrier, and once again, she created her bubble barrier.
It seemed that her barrier and the hut barrier didn’t repel each other.

Sara took a deep breath and stepped forward.
On her side, Nelly watched her while sending just a little bit of her killing intent toward the wolves so they didn’t run away.
Sara thought she would be safe with Nelly around.
And thenー


The wolves rammed the barrier and because the barrier was round, they couldn’t bite it.

「Did I make it?」

But, why my view is slightly tilted?

「Ah! That’s right. This barrier is round, so….」


The wolves rammed the barrier again from the side andー

「A, Aawawawaaaaー!」


ーShe rolled away.

Well, the barrier was round, so of course.

Sara kept rolling down the gentle slope until Nelly stopped her.
She felt really dizzy.


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