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2-5 Wind Magic


Fiana danced with joy and thanked Lize for accepting her request.

She told us that the mayor would come later, and then she left, leaving Lize, who was just smiling, feeling good as if she did a good thing, and I, who was just holding my head, feeling restless.

「Lize, listen! You’ve never killed a wolf before, right? And I don’t think you can kill a wolf with your weak magic!」

「But I can’t just leave Fiana alone, she’s in trouble……. It’s gonna be okay! Don’t worry! Besides, I have Kouta with me!」

I didn’t know where her confidence came from.

「Indeed I killed an orc yesterday, but that was just a coincidence. Besides, I don’t think I can shoot that big fireball continuously. Our target is a pack of wolves, you know! Even if I shoot one and kill it, they won’t stop coming」

「Umm… You’re right… Moreover it would be a problem if it hits trees and causes a fire… Yosh, Kouta! Let’s practice a different magic!」

「Right…….. Eh? Wait, wait, that’s not the problem here! Well, I want to learn new magic, but…」

No, she may be right.
It would be inconvenient in the future if I could only use fireballs.
So I decided to accept Lize’s proposal.

In a garden behind the tavern, Lize put some vegetables she got from the kitchen, upright on the ground.
I didn’t know what vegetable it was.
Looked like a kind of root vegetable; it was red, long, and slim, so let’s call it ‘carrot’ for now.
Perhaps the name really was ‘carrot’ and the taste might also be the same as carrot in my original world.
Well, whatever. More importantly, the magic.

「I’ll teach you wind cutter. It’s magic to cut the enemies using the power of the wind. The basics are the same as fireball, first collect the wind in your hand. O wind, blow………」

She began to chant while holding the staff with both hands.
It seemed the air was shaking a little.
Just a little.

「O wind… blowー… more… moreー!」

It was the same as yesterday’s fire magic.
The breeze was really weak.
And then Lize swung her staff toward the carrots.

「Rip, tear, cut! Wind cutterー!」

One of the carrots a few meters away, moved slightly.
Even though the carrot was standing unstably, the wind didn’t even knock it down.

「Haahhh… Hahhh…. Un… That’s how you do it. Now, Kouta, you try it!」

「That’s not a very helpful example……….」

Well, I knew how weak Lize’s magic was, and I had a guess this would happen.

After glancing at Lize, who was breathing heavily just by shooting a weak breeze, I turned toward the carrots.

「Imagine you gather the wind in your palm, compress it, and then shoot it. Go try it!」

「Okay. Putting it into practice is important after all. Hmm… O wind, blow………Uoo!?」

After I faced my palm toward the carrot and chanted, suddenly the wind blew really hard.
My body lifted up by the strong gust, but Lize hurriedly grabbed my body.
Anyway let’s try to shoot it.

「R, Rip.. tear, cut! Wind cutterー!」

I shouted the chant and shot the wind toward the carrots.

The next moment, I felt a strong gust once again, and then the carrots were cut in half at once before I realized.

「Did I do it…..? Really…..?」

「Awesomeー! Kouta you’re amazingー! You really are talented! That was really powerful wind!」

「Aaー Stop it! Don’t swing me around! I’m getting dizzy!」

Lize was so happy that I successfully did the wind cutter; she grabbed my both hands, lifted me up, and started spinning around.
I knew she was happy, but I hoped she would stop doing it.

At that time, I finally noticed that several villagers were watching us.

“Did you guys see that? Incredible! Even though it’s just a familiar, it has so much power”
“That must be because Lize-san’s power is really strong”
“With this, we can be relieved and leave it to her”

It seemed they were watching our practice half way through.
If they watched us from the beginning and they saw how Lize used magic, they would know the truth.
Fortunately, they didn’t saw Lize’s weak wind magic.

And there was someone who said something like “leave it to her”, this must be….



「Lize-san. We have a request………….please, get rid of the wolves that devastate our village」

It was dinner time.
In the dining hall of the tavern, the mayor and his people came to us just like this noon.
The reason was the same as Fiana said earlier.
But he talked about the situation in more detail.

Dangerous beasts were not uncommon in this world.
It looked like they also existed in some other villages. Especially in a village surrounded by dense forest like this.
Not just wolves, there were also other various beasts and also monsters like orcs.
And recently, the wolves movement has become active, and the number of wolves entering the village has increased.

Of course, the villagers couldn’t just ignore them.
The hunters were on guard every night, they also set traps.
Still, the enemy was ferocious wolves.
Moreover, they were bigger than humans and attacked in a pack.
The hunters were completely no match for them, and several people were already injured.
And it seemed there were several villagers who had died because of them.
A situation this severe had never happened before.

This village didn’t have enough money to post a subjugation request in the Adventurer Guild.
Even if they have, since the nearest guild to this village was far away, there might be no adventurers willing to accept the request.
Also, the feudal lord wasn’t the kind of person who would voluntarily cooperate even if the villagers asked.
And coincidentally a ‘strong magician’ (us) came to this village when they were in trouble.

「Lize-san. Please save this village. At this rate, it will affect the survival of the village………. A year ago, a village some distance away from here was annihilated by the wolves attack」

「That’s… terrible…」

I thought cases like this were common, but it seemed it rarely happened.
But since there was precedent, it was natural that the villagers were frightened.
Also, this feudal lord person seemed to be a person with no respect.

「Say, Lize, you know what’s the Adventurer Guild about?」

「Umm…. It’s a guild, a place to help adventurers to find jobs. Hmm… for example, if the mayor brings money and posted a request there, adventures might come and defeat the wolves. Something like that」

I still didn’t get the point.
Perhaps it was like an agency that helps us calling a help from outside.
But after seeing how difficult Lize explained, it might be more complicated than I thought.
Oh well, I could ask about it in more detail later.

More importantly, the wolvesー

「Leave it to us! We will get rid of the wolves completely!」

Said Lize.

She seemed to accept it not because the mayor asked her, but for Fiana’s sake.
Anyway, we got a troublesome task to do.
Well, the one who would be fighting the wolves was me tho.


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