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Chapter 6 : The Practice Continued


Sara didn’t want to roll down the slope again when she practiced the barrier, so she decided to do it inside the hut for a while.

Sara was thinking.
The barrier I made was really strong.
The wolves and even Nelly’s blade couldn’t scratch it.
Even when I rolled down the slope, my barrier was still fine.
There’s no problem with how strong my barrier is.

「But if i keep rolling away, I’ll never reach the town…..」

While she was thinking, she kept moving her hands.
She was in the middle of slicing a cockatrice tail meat Nelly got yesterday.

「Isn’t a cockatrice the one that has the ability to kill people just by looking at them? Nelly you okay?」

*/Cockatrice is a two-legged mythical beast with the body of a dragon or serpent and a rooster head. It can kill people by either looking at them, touching them, or breathing on them. [WIKI]

Sara looked around Nelly’s body worriedly.
Nelly was a little happy that Sara was worried about her.

「Nah, don’t worry. I’m gonna be fine as long as I use my physical strengthening」

「Heeー I didn’t know that skill was really powerful」

Actually, Nelly’s power was beyond standard, but Sara still didn’t know it.

「Even a simple barrier will repel its death curse, so even Sara will be okay if you make a barrier」

「I see. I thought it would be much deadlier」

「More importantly, the meat is really good. Until now, I only roasted it whole. But Sara, can you cook another dish with it?」

Recently, Nelly’s request for Sara has been increased.
But, everytime Nelly requested something, Sara would do it with pleasure, because she was indebted to Nelly for letting her live in the mountain hut.
She wanted to make any of Nelly’s requests happen.

「The bird part will be easy. But I wonder what I can do with the snake part, hmm…」

The bone was unexpectedly thick, but there were almost no small bones.
So Sara decided to cut it into round slices and make a steak.

While making the steak, Sara was thinking about her barrier.

If I make my barrier square, I won’t roll away, right?
No, wait. Even dice will roll on a slope, so… hmm…

Thinking up the square shape, she remembered about the buildings in Japan.
The buildings like apartment used piles that hit deep in the ground to take measures against earthquakes.

That’s it!

「Humm~ Sara, this cockatrice tail steak is very delicious! Especially this charred part, it’s good!」

Nelly put a knife in the tail steak, brought it to her mouth, and delightfully ate it.

「Thank you. And, by the way, Nelly, about my barrier, I have an idea…」

Sara explained her idea to make something like piles under the barrier so she won’t roll away.
Nelly made a complicated look at first and saidー

「Okay, let’s try it first」

She encouraged Sara.

「Yosh. Practice day 3, startー!」


The wolves answered Sara’s yell with a growl.

It was the third time she practiced so she was able to go down the stairs without getting nervous now.
Also, she wasn’t afraid of the wolves anymore somehow.

「Alright… Barrierー!」

First, she made the bubble barrier and imagined it to be as hard as steel.
And when she was outside, she immediately imagined piles sticking out under the barrier and stuck to the ground before the wolves came after her.







「Ha, ha, ha, ha!」

The wolves were bumping her from every direction, but it only shook the barrier a little, it didn’t roll.

「Yes, yes! I did itー!…………………………… Wait…」

Sara just realized something was wrong.
She looked at Nelly.
Nelly immediately looked away.

Indeed, the barrier was fixed. No matter how much the wolves bumped on her, she wouldn’t roll away.

「Sara… How can you move to the town then?」

「………Little by little?」

「Yeah, and you will reach the town next year…」

Well, attempts were not always successful.
Sara learned the importance of failure.

「Well, at least, now I can collect herbs with this, right?」

Sara was always thinking positively.

Apparently, there were a lot of herbs growing around the hut.

There were six types of herbs on the beginner’s herbs catalogue Nelly gave Sara.
Herb grass. Fine herb grass. Paralyze grass. Poison grass. Magic grass. Fine magic grass.

「That’s all?」

「What do you mean by ‘that’s all?’? You will never find any other than this, you know?」

Said Nelly wonderingly.

「Is that so? Then, what do people use for stomach ache?」

「Herb grass」

「For headache?」

「Also herb grass」


「Nothing works for colds, but a medicine made from poison grass would help with coughs, and magic grass for heat」

「Mmm, I see」

So there’s no something like mixing various things together, huh.

「Because the material is simple, the magical power of the pharmacist and their skill are required to make a good medicine. You know, the pharmacists in Roza Town are very skilled」


「Yeah. It’s a town down this mountain. There’s a dungeon beneath the town, so the demand for potions in this town is the highest in the entire continent. That’s why there are many skilled pharmacists in this town. Especially, the master of the Pharmacist Guild is amazing!」

This is the first time Sara heard about a town in this world from Nelly.

「The guild master’s name is Chris. That person’s magical power is as strong as mine, but Chris can get along with people, not like me」

Nelly’s face was shining as she was talking about Chris.
But suddenly, her face became cloudy for some reason.



「If you go to the town, the person you can trust is only Chris. If you need anything… no, if something goes wrong, you can rely on Chris in the Pharmacist Guild」

Said Nelly with a serious face.

「But before that, I have to make it to the town, right?」

「Yeah, you’re right. First, try to walk around the hut」

Nelly looked relieved for some reason, and smiled.
It was as if…
Nelly didn’t want Sara to leave the hut…


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