Mallow is back! Previously, Mallow wanted to make a guitar. She came to the Black Forest and fought Alter Monster Tree (the giant crab). She successfully got the wood material. Next, she needed metal material, but the class that could mine it was only the craftsman class, so she came to Buncho and asked for her help. But Hamgoro also came to Buncho’s store all of a sudden and then he challenged Mallow in a duel.

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Chapter 59 : Battlefield Rampagers

Mallow said she would beat him fast.
But that doesn’t mean to beat him perfectly.
If she wanted to beat him without taking any damage, she could have used【Hazard・State】.
But she would lose her will completely, and from what she had learned from the fight with Bolg, she thought there was a chance that Hamgoro could deal with it.
Moreover, he was a pro PvP player.
She didn’t think she would beat him by relying on AI.

So, what to do now?
How to beat Hamgoro quickly?
Mallow came up with an answerー

「【Build Up】【Rabbit Step】!」

Her physical strength increased as well as her mobility.
She shortened the distance with Hamgoro instantly.
Even though the barrel was close to her eyes and nose, Mallow wasn’t afraid.
She made a fist.
Butー before she could release her deadly【Gigant Punch】ーー



A powerful gust shot out from the gun barrel.
Hit by the gust, Mallow was blown to the side and rolled on the red soil.
Hamgoro didn’t want to miss this chanceー



Mallow forcibly twisted her body to avoid the bullet.
Then she stood up quickly, and turned to Hamgoro.

「Heeー I thought that would hit you for sure, but you avoided it. That’s Mallow for ya!」

「I, I was just expecting that you would do that」

「Hee, I see. If you knew the bullet would fly toward you, indeed it’d be easy to avoid, eh」

Actually, there’s no way to know where a bullet, which is a little bigger than a human finger, will fly.
After all, it’s the matter of luck and intuition.
That means, Mallow was just lucky.

「But, just like you read my bullet trajectory, I read your previous swift attack」

「Right. You did counter me」

「Well, because you said you would beat me fast. Of course I would think that you might approach and attack me right away」

He had a point.
Mallow regretted the fact that she still did that even though there was no guarantee she would defeat him by doing that.
She acted too rashly.
Even if she wanted to finish it quickly, she should have fought more carefully.

「Well, the battle has paused like this tho. What are you gonna do? You wanna come at me again?」

「Heh, no. I’ll let you come first this time, Hamgoro-san」

「Are you sure?」

「Ee~, go ahead. It’s kind of weird to decide order in the middle of battle tho」

「Okay then, I won’t holding backー!」

Said so, he bent his body forward.

「【Rabbit Step】!」

He used the same skill as Mallow as if he wanted to get revenge for what Mallow did to him.
Just like Mallow, after he got a momentary explosive mobility, Hamgoro instantly closed the gap.

Mallow’s body stiffened. She didn’t expect he would use the same skill as her,【Rabbit Step】.

Actually, at the battle royale event long ago, right after he was killed by Bolg, Hamgoro moved to the audience seat to watch the remaining event.
And then he saw Mallow was using【Rabbit Step】.
That’s why he was able to deal with Mallow’s swift attack earlier.

But on the other hand, Mallow didn’t know that Hamgoro could use【Rabbit Step】, so she was surprised and stiffened her body.
This is why the information is important in battle.
And it became a great opportunity for Hamgoro to attack.

「【Short Spear】!」

A bayonet stabbed Mallow’s abdomen and shaved off her HP.
It only did minor damage.
But it was only for restraining Mallow’s movement.
Next is the real attackー



That was the biggest and strongest shot he can shoot.
A powerful skill that would consume all bullets if used, so it was necessary to reload after using it, and it would be a big opening in battle.
Therefore, it was necessary to kill the enemy with only one shot without missing.
That’s why he treated this skill as his special move.

Moreover, in this game, there was a concept called ‘zero line’ in the use of guns.
The damage of a gun will change depending on the distance between the enemy and the player.
It will have the lowest damage if you shoot from the point called ‘zero line’, and will increase as you approach the enemy.
And the point where the damage will be maximal is the point blank.
In other words, ‘no scope sniper’ was actually not a bad playstyle.
But, guns in this game basically have a minus VIT effect, so it’ll decrease your VIT points if you use a gun.
Therefore, it’s safer to shoot from a distance rather than approaching the enemy to get maximum damage.
But in Hamgoro’s case, he had acquired many skills and titles that increased damage as he got closer.
Thus the damage would become more and more deadly if he shot at point blank.

And Mallow had received such a deadly attack. Butー

「Oi oi. Are you kidding me!? Just how sturdy are you for not dying from it!?」

Hamgoro murmured as he saw Mallow who was still alive after being blown away by his point blank attack.
It was unexpected for him.
However, Mallow had lost almost all of her HP.
If she received another damage, surely she would die.
But she wasn’t over yet.

「U, Ugh… T, That was a good blow」

She stood up.
The word “defeated” had not yet reflected in Mallow’s eyes.

Seeing her like that, Hamgoro became wary, and grinned.

「Oi oi, even in such a state of despair, yet you didn’t throw a chance to win, huh」

「Hamgoro-san. You already lost at the moment you couldn’t kill me with that single shot!」

Mallow looked at the ‘gauge’ under the MP bar.
Due to the damage she received earlier, ‘the gauge’ had become full.
After she confirmed it, now it’s time to use itー

「『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』ー!」


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