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Chapter 7 : The Practice still Continued


Sara observed the area around the hut barrier.

「Herb grass. Herb grass. Slime. Fine herb grass. Slime. Herb grass. And…」


「I don’t need the wolves…」

She saw a lot of herbs growing near the barrier.

「Hmm. I can get out of the hut barrier a little, make my barrier and fix it with the piles, so I can collect them. But… the slimes are so many. It will be a little dangerous. I should tell Nelly first」

On that day, Sara didn’t have to prepare the meal because Nelly said she would buy bread and asked Sara to wait for her.
She bought the bread in bulk for ten days from the town, so Sara didn’t have to bake it everyday.

「And this is today’s souvenir!」


Nelly dropped something heavy from the storage bag.
It was a stone.


「No, no. Look closer. See? There’s a face and a body, right? This is a gargoyle」

Gargoyle? So, this isn’t a stone? What is it then?
Sara tilted her head.
Meanwhile, Nelly took out her sword for some reason.

「The outside is as hard as a stone, but the meat inside is delicious. I didn’t hunt for it until now because it’s a pain to cook it. But now, I have Sara with me」

After said thatー


Nelly swung down her sword vertically.
And then the gargoyle cut in square shape in a blink of an eye.
A fresh chunk of meat appeared from inside.

「Hmm… we can make roast beef, but it will take time. For now, how about simply grill it with salt and pepper」

Compared to the big size of the gargoyle, the meat that could be taken was small.
Even so, it was the finest grilled meat ever.

「Normally, these guys live in rocky areas, so it’s really rare to find them here in Demon Mountain」

「Hee… I see…」

Nelly always taught Sara about monster gourmet since she came to this world, and it drove her crazy.
Well, thanks to that, she became very knowledgeable about monster gourmet food.

While drinking tea after the meal, Sara suddenly remembered.

「Oh, by the way, Nelly, I think I can collect some herbs around this hut, but there are many slimes around, I don’t know what to do with them」

She told Nelly about what she was thinking this noon.

「Slime, huh. You’ll be okay as long as you don’t step on them. For a swordswoman like me, they’re a pain tho」

「They’re a pain even for someone like you?」

「Yeah. But for magicians, they’re very easy to defeat. Usually, they’re easy targets for novice magicians」

Sara just realized.
Nelly brought her a magic text book, but all she was doing was physical strengthening and barrier, the things that usually were not written in the book.

「Fire, wind, water, earth. These four are beginner magic. But even with this, you can defeat slimes no problem」

While listening to Nelly, Sara flipped the magic textbook pages.

「Hmm… I think I can imagine a small fireball somehow. For the wind, I know what kamaitachi looks like, so I can imagine a blade of wind. And for earth, maybe I will imagine a pillar spouting out from the ground or something like that, so it’s okay. But for the water… hmm… I don’t know what the blade of water looks like」

Is this magic really for beginners? Sara doubted it.

*/Kamaitachi is a Japanese mythical creature that cuts people using a blade of wind.

「Hmm. I’ve seen someone using it before. It looks like the blade of wind but it’s water」

「Is it like ice?」

「No, it’s completely water. From the corpse they killed, I saw a puddle. If it was ice, flakes of ice would remain, right?」

「I see. And for the fireball, have you seen it before?」

Sara asked more and more questions.

「Yeah. I’ve been with a flame magician before. And that person’s fireball was this big」

Nelly stretched her arms, tried to make a ring with it.

「No way. That’s too big! That’s a giant ball rather than just a ball」

「But I’ve never seen another fireball other than this big」

Because Nelly was very strong, she had never teamed up with beginners, and all the magicians Nelly knew were high-ranked.

「Big fireball will be dangerous, so for now, I’ll make a little tiny fireball. I can’t imagine a blade of water, so I’ll make a blade of ice instead. For the earth, I’ll make something like thorns coming out from the ground. And the wind will be like kamaitachi’s blade of wind. Alright, I’ll try practicing like this for now」

「I think that’s good. Just like swordsmen have their own way of fighting, magicians also has their own magic」

「Un. Magical energy will become the power we imagined. Depending on how much our magical energy is, we can freely imagine the power as long as we don’t overdo it, right?」

Sara read the text on the beginning of the magic textbook aloud.

Trying to imagine what kind of magic she wanted, Sara remembered a scene from a science fiction movie where a small fireball flew toward the enemy.

But what if I miss?
Hmm, maybe I’ll add a tracking ability?

Sara tried to imagine in her head.

Flame, compression, high temperature, tracking ability…
With this, even if the enemy runs away, it will chase after them.
Alright, let’s go with this!




The next day.

「I’ll be practicing inside the hut barrier, so don’t worry about me」

After Sara convinced Nelly that she would be okay practicing alone, Nelly reluctantly went hunting.


「Yoosh! Let’s start with the fireball I imagined yesterday….. Flame, compress it, make the temperature high, and add the tracking ability… the target is the slime over there… Go!」

Whooshー Blast!

The fireball flew toward the slime and eradicated it in an instant.


「Shuu, shuu! Go away! Or you’ll get shot!」

After she defeated the slimes around, now she would be safe collecting the herbs.

「Pull half of my body out the hut barrier, immediately make my barrier and fix it with the piles. I did it!」



「Nice. Even if the wolves are bumping me, I’ll be okay…… Fold the stem around the third leaf from the bottom, pick it off, and leave the roots. Alright. Perfect!」

Now she could collect the herbs that could be seen from the bottom of the stairs.

Sara excitedly waited for Nelly at the front door to show it off.

As always, Nelly returned while sending the attacking wolves into the air with her fist.
But suddenly, she stopped in front of the hut, picked up something from the ground, and raised it up to the sun.


「Wait Sara. Don’t get out」

After Nelly quietly said that, she once again bent down and picked up something.
She then looked around, and nodded as she was convinced.
After that, she entered the hut barrier.

「Sara, I’m home」

「Nelly, welcome home!」

Sara hugged Nelly’s waist tightly.

Nelly happily put her hand on Sara’s back.
After that, she made a serious look and showed Sara the thing she had picked up.

「What is this?」

「Ah, come to think of it, I never taught Sara about this, huh. This is the magic stone. Aside from hunting monsters, hunters also took magic stones inside the monsters and sold it to the guild to make a living」

After Nelly said that, Sara just remembered.

「Ah! Like the stone from the stray slime you told me before?」

「Yeah, you remember? Not only stray slimes, other monsters also have magic stones. The alpine wolves outside also have them. We make the magic tools from the stones and make our lives convenient. For example, hot water in the bathroom, and fire on the kitchen stove」

「Heeー All using magic stones?」


Nelly handed the magic stone to Sara.

「I’m not the one to talk ‘cause I’m a hunter, but monsters are living things, so we shouldn’t play with their lives. If we kill them, we have to eat their meat if it’s edible, make use of everything we can use from their bodies, and of course, make proper use of the magic stones we took from them… Sara…」


「I’m sorry, I didn’t teach you this before. From now on, if you kill monsters, don’t forget to pick up the magic stones properly, okay?」

「……..Un! Understood!」

Sara looked a little sad at first, but she replied properly.

She didn’t want to fight. She didn’t want to kill.

However, in this world, if she wanted to step outside, she had to kill the monsters.

Whether she used magic from a distance, or hit them directly, it was the same. Killing is killing.

She had to be strong so she doesn’t thoughtlessly hurt them.

With that determination, Sara clinched her fist and looked at Roza Town, the place that became her goal.

However, at that time, Sara still didn’t know that the Demon Mountain and Roza Town were extremely ‘special’ places.


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