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2-6 Wolf Extermination


We were planning to get rid of the wolves tonight.
It was abrupt, but we couldn’t afford to have more victims if we were waiting too long.
Also Lize and I didn’t have to prepare anything, so we accepted it.

Well, I should probably practice a little more, but I thought no matter how much I practiced, it might be useless, because… the teacher was Lize.

We were walking with several hunters through the woods.
Each of them were holding a torch, and we proceeded carefully.

Fiana’s father said he had gathered the people who can fight among the hunters in the village.
I see… People who can fight, huh.
The only person who looked like he was an experienced veteran was Fiana’s father.
And there were a few young people who looked like they had already experienced multiple battlefields.

「Let’s do our best! Lize-san!」


She was carrying a bow and arrows on her back, and a knife on her waist. The knife was a little big for her tho.
Her equipment as a hunter was perfect, but Fiana, who looked like a 6th grade elementary school girl, was a little unreliable for me.

Even so, they might be the best force we could prepare.
Because of the battle with the wolves so far, many veteran were injured and couldn’t fight right now.

Hunter「She’s alright. Even if she doesn’t look so reliable, Fiana is well trained. She still lacks experience, but she will be helpful. If it becomes too dangerous, everyone will protect her. Besides, we have a reliable magician with us!」

They seemed to rely on us a lot.
I couldn’t help but be anxious.

「Lize. I think it’s better if we go alone. If there are people around, they’ll find out that you su…………can’t use magic well」

I, who was riding on Lize’s shoulder, whispered quietly to her so no one else could hear us.
I was about to say “they’ll find out that you suck at magic”, but if I did that, she would definitely argue loudly and make a noise, so I stopped.

「Well, you’re maybe right, but……..hmm……… Can you make it look like I’m the one using magic?」


「Try to imagine the wind gathering at the tip of my staff」

「………I’ll try」

I wondered if I could do that.
Well, I might be able to do that.
But, I don’t think it was something I can do without practicing first.
Oh well…

According to the hunters, the wolves were nesting around here.
In other words, we already entered their territory.
They could attack us at any time, so we must stay vigilant.

Finally, the frontmost hunter found something.
It was a wolf footprints.
Moreover, it was still new.
That meant, there was a high possibility that the enemies were nearby.
We became really nervous.
And thenー

「There they are…」

A hunter quietly said that and pointed in a certain direction.
I turned and looked into that direction.

I saw a wolf with a beautiful silver fur lit by the moonlight.
There were also several wolves like that beyond the trees.
Despite being on all fours, its body height was more than one and a half meters.
It was about the same height as Lize, and much much bigger than the size of a normal wolf.
It looked like the wolf had noticed us because the torchlight stood out.
Its eyes reflected the torchlight and glowed suspiciously, and then the wolf tried to open its mouth.


Following the command of Fiana’s father, the hunters shooted arrows all at once.
Not all the arrows hit it. Some of them were blocked by trees, but an arrow successfully pierced the wolf’s neck.
The wolf was trying to howl, but it made a small moan instead.
The hunters immediately launched the second shot.
This time, more arrows were successfully stab the wolf, and then the wolf collapsed.

The hunters rushed there to make sure they killed it.
Lize and I followed them, and we saw another wolf.
It was the wolf that had been some distance away beyond the trees.
The wolf was watching us, but when it noticed that its friend was killed, it looked up at the sky and opened its mouth.
We were too late to stop it.


The hunters shrugged hearing the howl that echoed throughout the woods.
The pack of its friends would come soon.

「Oi Lize! Let’s do this!」

「U, Un!」

Anyway, we had to shut this one up.
Lize pointed her staff toward the wolf. I also focused my magic on the staff.

「O wind, blow! Rip, tear, cut! Wind cutterー!」

Lize shouted the chant.
At the same time, I also chanted in my head.
I matched the timing with Lize’s chant, so it would certainly look like Lize was the one used magic.
The wind gathered at the tip of the staff, compressed and became a blade, and then flew toward the wolf.
The blade of wind followed the trajectory I imagined, and then cut the wolf’s neck straight.

「Oh yes!」

「Ughh… it’s a bit grotesque…」

Unlike yesterday’s orc, this one, I killed with my own intention.
It was a little hurtful, but it wasn’t time to feel sorry for the enemy.

「We should retreat! The rest of the pack will come soon! We’ll be surrounded if we move slow!」

Said Fiana’s father impatiently.

After such a loud howl, the rest of the pack would definitely gather here.
That would be really bad.
If we were surrounded by multiple wolves, and they attacked us at once, we wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

「Lize san……」

Fiana came near Lize.
She felt like she must protect lize, but at the same time she seemed to be scared. Well, of course.
She might be trained as a hunter, but still, she was an inexperienced child.

With Fiana’s father’s lead, we ran back toward the path where we came from.
It looked like there was no path in the woods, but the hunters seemed to know where it was.
I couldn’t help but feel the difference in experience.
Lize and I followed the hunters from behind while feeling the fear that we might not be able to return if we were separated from the group.
I’m glad Fiana is nearby.

We were moving as quickly as possible, but also tried to not make any noises.
However, the wolves seemed to have more speed moving in the woods.

「One in the front!」

Fiana’s father’s voice heard from the front.
At the same time, the sound of arrows being shot was also heard.

「On the right too!」

A young hunter shouted.

When I looked to the right, a wolf was certainly there.
It was about to attack the line of the hunters.

「O, O wind, blow!」

Without hesitation, Lize took a step forward and chanted.
Of course, I was the one who actually used magic.
But I reacted a little late.

「Tear! Wind cutterー!」

The timing was a little off, and I couldn’t aim it properly.
It only cut one of the forefoot of the wolf that jumped on the young hunter and blew it away.
The wind didn’t kill it, but it prevented the hunter from getting hurt.
Then, when I tried to tell Lize to give the finishing blowー

「Lize-san! Behind you!」

Fiana warned us.

When I looked back, another wolf was about to attack usー


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