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2-7 Wolf’s Lair


Lize immediately turned to the wolf and tried to attack.
But the wolf was faster; it jumped at us.
Lize seemed to understand that she wouldn’t make it. She reached Fiana’s hand and moved away quickly.
Fortunately we avoided the wolf; it stuck its fang to the spot where we were a moment ago.

The other hunters seemed to be aware of the third wolf’s position.
Moreover they still have to deal with the other two that appeared earlier, that’s why they didn’t have time to deal with the wolf that attacked us.
One was glaring at them in the front while one couldn’t move properly because I cut it’s front leg earlier, but it still had a fighting spirit.
The hunters seemed to be struggling.

No choice, we had to deal with the wolf behind us ourselves.

「Fiana-chan! Can you run!? Kouta too, hold on to me!」

Without waiting for a reply, Lize rushed while holding Fiana’s hand.
We had to take a distance and regain our footing.
But, the enemy was a four-legged beast.


After running a few meters, Fiana shouted.
The wolf ran over here really fast and intended to attack us again.
Human feet couldn’t beat wolf’s feet after all.

Lize immediately turned around and held her staff toward the wolf that approached us quickly.

ーO flame, amass! Burn! Fireballー!

I chanted in my head.
And somehow I successfully focused the fire magic on the tip of the staff.
The wolf opened its mouth right in front of the staff, andー

A red light flashed for a moment on the night with no light other than the moonlight and a few torches.
It shattered the wolf’s head without a trace.

Lize and Fiana were pushed back by the impact, tripped, and fell.

No. Lize wasn’t tripped, it wasー


There was a gap on the ground behind them. We didn’t see it because it was dark.
When we fell, I was thrown from Lize’s shoulder a little further away.

「Gu,he!…… Oi, are you two okay?」

Fortunately, the gap was less than a meter, so I didn’t think it would cause Lize and Fiana serious injury.
While hoping Lize and Fiana were okay, I searched for them in the dark.
……Found them. They both were laying on top of one another.
They tried to get up. It seemed they were not seriously injured.
I immediately ran toward them butー


「Oi, oi! Seriously!?」

I heard a voice I didn’t want to hear and turned toward it.
A new wolf appeared. No, it wasn’t alone. There were several of them.
One of them was twice the size of the other wolves.
The height was about two meters. This one was really huge.
Next to it was a wolf with normal size, and two others behind them were much smaller and younger.

They seemed to be a family of the pack leader.
Or perhaps they were just the wolves who have the role of protecting the young wolves behind them.

That means this is the lair of the wolves.
Indeed, we were looking for this place, but we never hope to end up in this situation.
However, the wolves didn’t care about our circumstances.
They only saw us as enemies who came to ravage their lair or… as their prey.

The wolves were not looking at me, they were looking at Lize and Fiana a little distance away behind me.
Either they were not interested in a stuffed animal or they didn’t think of me as a prey.
Anyway, if they didn’t look at me, I had a chance.

The two adult wolves ran toward Lize and Fiana.
The huge one jumped up and intended to head straight for the prey.
The wolf didn’t realize that it jumped over my head.
I looked up and I saw the wolf’s belly.
Immediately, I aimed at the wolf above and quickly chanted in my head.

The blade of the wind cut the boss wolf in half from the belly.

It was nice I defeated the strongest one.
But the next moment, I was showered with a large amount of blood and guts spewed from the wolf’s corpse.
My stuffed animal body sucked the wolf’s blood and I suddenly felt heavier.

「Uwahh…… What the heck….!」

I couldn’t move my body.
I just realized that my body was made of cloth.
Afterwards, I gazed at the wolf’s corpse with a grudge.

There were still three wolves.
One of them was still running toward Lize.

「Uuhー! O, O flame….!」

When the wolf was about to bite her, Lize held her staff sideways and blocked the wolf’s bite with her staff.
The wolf bit the handle of the staff but couldn’t break it, it growled with a terrifying voice and threatening Lize instead.
Behind Lize was the wall of the gap where we just fell. There was no escape.

「Lize-san! Use your magic! Quick!」

And Fiana was also in danger. The other two younger wolves were approaching her.
Fiana swung a knife around to restrain the young wolves’ movements.
Her bow was broken and split in half when we fell, so she couldn’t use it.
Behind her, there was Lize, who was pushing the wolf with her staff, so there was no escape for her either.

「Fi, Fireballー!」

Lize tried to shoot a fireball, but it was too weak.
Fiana, who saw her from the side, showed a disappointed expression.

「No way….. Lize-san, what’s wrong…?」

「Khh! Fireballー! Firebaaallーー!」

No matter how many times she tried, it was the same weak fireball.

Can’t defeat the wolf is indeed a problem, but for Lize, seeing Fiana’s expression was getting cloudy is also a serious problem.
Fiana believed Lize was a great witch, and Lize didn’t want to betray her belief.

However, they had to deal with this crisis somehow.
I couldn’t move from here, but I should be able to shoot magic from here.
First, should I kill the wolf attacking Lize?
I could shoot the wind cutter and kill it, but if I didn’t aim properly, Lize would also be cut in half.
Then should I use fireball?

Aahh, damn it!
I have no time to waste!

Meanwhile, Lize tried to shoot the fireball again, and failed.

「Lize-san…. Could it be, you’re not good at fire magic?….. But last night I saw a big fireball fly toward the sky. That was you, right?」

「T, That’s….!」

It was probably the fireball I shot into the sky last night at the empty lot.
So, it was visible from the village, huh.
Fiana saw it and thought it was Lize’s doing.

Fiana seriously believed that Lize was a great witch.
And then, that illusion was now crumbled.

That moment, Lize’s staff seemed unable to withstand the strength of the wolf’s jaw anymore.

The cracking sound came from the staffー


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