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Chapter 8 : Finally! The light!


Nelly began to sell herbs Sara collected little by little when she went to town every ten days.
She bought a collection basket and a small storage bag for Sara.

The rectangle basket had a handle and had two layers.
The bottom divided into five small compartments, while the top had no dividers.

「The top layer is for the herb grass, because this one is the most easy to find. The bottom is for fine herb grass, poison grass, paralyze grass, magic grass, and fine magic grass. The price for herb grass is 500 gil per 10 units. Poison grass and paralyze grass are 500 gil per unit. Magic grass and fine magic grass are really rare, but if you can get it, you can sell magic grass for 1,000 gil and fine magic grass for 5,000 gil per unit」

「Is it really rare? Sometimes, I found them there tho」

Sara pointed to the area at the bottom of the stairs.

Nelly didn’t notice them because she wasn’t interested, but in the end she saidー

「Hoo, I see. This is the Demon Mountains after all」

Sara wasn’t sure why, but there were many herbs growing around the hut.

「People’s lives depend on potions made from herbs. So, because it’s the matter of life, the price doesn’t usually change. Therefore, even fine magic grass is really rare, the price will never change from 5,000 gil per unit, no matter how much you get. So, remember, Sara, the Pharmacist Guild will always purchase the herbs at a fixed price」

「Sell the herbs to the Pharmacist Guild, and if I have any problems, talk to Chris, right?」

「That’s right」

The season was winter by that time, and it was quite cold to go out.
Even if Sara was inside her barrier when she picked the herbs, she couldn’t stay outside for a long time due to the cold.
In 10 days, she gathered 100 herb grasses, several fine herb grasses, poison grasses, and paralyze grasses. Also, she found magic grasses sometimes when she was lucky.
And the total price for all the herbs on her basket was around 20,000 gil.

Sara’s storage bag was the smallest type, but still, it cost 300,000 gil.

「It only fit one wyvern, but should be enough for you now」

「Yeah. One wyvern size is really huge, so I think it’s more than enough for me」

Wyvern was the creature that could easily grab a two meters giant deer with its claws and carried it to the sky.
So if the capacity of the storage was the same as one wyvern, the storage space might be as big as a room.

「If you spend a few nights in the dungeon, it will be filled up with monster materials in no time. That’s why excellent hunters always buy a new one from time to time」

「I see. Well, for now, I want to earn money as much as I can using this storage bag!」

Sara became so excited.
Even though she was only ten years old now, she had to become independent in the future.
For the time being, she decided to do her best to pay the debt to Nelly for her storage bag.

But, Sara had one complaint.

Nelly bought her special things, such as a collection basket and storage bag, but she didn’t buy any clothes for her.
Well, perhaps it was because Nelly herself only wore trousers, shirt, and vest or jacket everyday.
Because her job was a hunter, she thought it was good enough.

But, what about Sara who always wore clothes that were too big for her?

「Sorry, Sara. I couldn’t tell the shopkeeper that I wanted to buy girl clothes」

「At least you can tell them you want small sized adult clothes, right?」

「Yeah. But they would think I’m a weirdo for buying clothes that I can’t even wear」

Sara didn’t think the shopkeeper would be thinking like that tho.

Apparently, Nelly didn’t like to interact with people very much.

Well, it was weird for a woman living alone in a mountain hut far from the town even though she was a hunter.
Sara wondered if there was any reason she lived here, but Sara hesitated to ask Nelly about this.

It couldn’t be helped then. She gave up on the clothes for now.
Besides, she could only walk around the hut a few meters, so she didn’t need any fashionable clothes.
She had no choice but to wear clothes that were too big for a ten-year-old girl by folding up the trouser hem and shirt sleeves, then tying them with laces, and she had to bear with it for a while.





Winter had passed without much snow.
It had been half a year since Sara came to this world.
When spring came, she was able to pay the debt for the storage bag.

「Finally this pouch completely belongs to me. I’ll treasure it and use it properly」

Sara gently stroked the small pouch (storage bag) that tied on her baggy pants.
Inside the pouch, she only put the basket of herbs, and a few cloth bags contained slime magic stones.
By the way, Sara made the cloth bags herself.

「The Hunter Guild will buy the magic stones, but if I sell your magic stones, the income will be mine. You can’t sell them using a representative. You have to sell them yourself, so I can’t sell them on your behalf. Besides, people will be suspicious of me if I sell a lot of slime magic stones. Therefore, collect as much as you can until you’re 12, and then sell it in bulk」

Nelly told Sara so.

「Until I’m 12 years old?」

「Yes. In order to hunt monsters, you must register with the guild. Even the smallest slime, hunting monsters can be life-threatening. That’s why there’s a minimum age requirement to register」

「That means, I have to wait another two years to live independently?」

「One and a half years to be exact」

「Yooosh! I’ll do my best!」

「By the way, I got this today」

Nello took out a big egg from the bag.
It was as big as an ostrich egg, but it was round like a turtle egg.

「It’s a cockatriche egg. There’s several monsters that lay eggs in spring」

「Heeー so they give birth by laying eggs?」

When Nelly handed Sara the egg, it slipped off Sara’s hand.

「Awawa! It’s gonnaー……… not break?」

The egg didn’t break, instead, it bounced several times on the floor like a ball.

「Wow, I didn’t expect that」

「Strong monsters will lay strong eggs, you know?」

「Yeah, but why is it bouncing?」

And then Sara just realized something.

「If it’s strong and bouncing like that, how we supposed to break and eat it?」

「Well, that’sー」

After that, they took the egg outside and pierced the shell with high temperature flame.
Sara used her magic to make a flame like a gas torch.

「I just remember, I’ve never seen Sara use magic. It’s my first time seeing fire magic like this」

Nelly put her hand on her chin, impressed by Sara’s gas torch fire magic.

「Well, I think anyone from earth can imagine magic like this. Even I can come up with this」

「The ‘invited people’, huh. I’ve never been in a relationship with any of them before」

「That means… I’m the first?」

「W, Well… Yeah」

Nelly’s cheeks became a little red as she faced away.
Seeing Nelly like that, Sara laughed unintentionally.

And then they were delightfully eating the cockatrice egg together.

However, Sara felt a little impatient because after all these half a year, she could only step out a few meters away from the hut.
Fortunately, she got along with Nelly really well, and had never been dissatisfied.
Still, she didn’t want to rely on Nelly forever.

「Aahh~ That egg was very delicious! It’s weird cause it bounces tho……. Oh… That’s right!」

Suddenly, Sara came up with an idea.

「If I rolled away because the enemies rammed my barrier, I just have to make my barrier like this egg, so it can bounce off the enemies」

She was confident this was a brilliant idea.

「So, if I can make my barrier repel various things, that will be…」

She wouldn’t roll away, plus, the enemies would take damage.

「Wait. But, how I do imagine this. Hmm….. bounce… repel… ah! The bubble game! The game where the bubbles collide with each other and bounce in every direction. With this, the barrier won’t be shaking, and I can walk easily」

It was written in the magic textbook that image was really important in magic.

「I wonder why did I learn physical strengthening as my first magic…」

Well, of course, it was because of Nelly.




Next day.
It’s been a while since Sara was trying something new, so Nelly decided to go along with her before going out for the morning hunt.

「Yosh! The battle after a long time. Here we go!」


「You guys have been here for half a year, right? What persistent wolves」

Ignore the wolves for now.

Nelly crossed her arms and looked at Sara.

「The image is a bubble. The bubble that repels everything that attacks me. Magic attack, physical attack, all of them. Yosh!」

The bubble barrier spread around her.

Sara stepped outside.
One step, two steps…

As always, the wolves ran toward her andー



The wolves that rammed the barrier were bounced off one after another.

There was no shock at all.

Sara turned around toward Nelly.

「Nellyー! I did itー!」

While still folding her arms, Nelly made a surprised expression.


She then released her folded arms.

「As expected from an ‘invited person’. You come this far even though you can’t fight. Impressive」

Nelly muttered like that, but…
Her face looked a little sad for some reason.

「However, it’s too fast to feel relieved. Though at night you can use a magic tool for the barrier when you sleep, you have to keep deploying it for five days when you walk until you reach the town, you know?」

Sara didn’t have the confidence to do that yet.
Still, with this, she took another step forward.

Sara looked toward the direction where Roza Town was. She stretched her chest, and saidー

「Wait for me! I’ll visit you in about two years!」

The goal was before her eyes.
But, she had to admit that she wasn’t strong enough.

「Two years, huh… I don’t know if I can keep ‘refusing’ until then…」

「Hm? Nelly? What did you say?」

「Ah, nothing… Well then, from now on, I’ll accompany you in your practice. So, how about training to stay outside for a long time?」

Sara didn’t know what Nelly was worried about.

But she knew that she had to do her best so she wouldn’t become a burden to Nelly.


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