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2-8 I’m a Liar


The staff started to crack, and then it broke in half from the middle.


For Lize, the fact that Fiana found out that she couldn’t use magic had become a trivial thing, because there was something more important… her life.
Now that her staff was broken, the wolf immediately tried to bite Lize’s head.
But she avoided it right away by lying down.

Alright, now that Lize was lying down, this is my chance!

「Lize! Keep your body down! O’ wind! Blow! Wind cutterー!」

Above Lize’s head, the wolf that was trying to kill her, was hit by the blade of wind horizontally from its butt.
I imagined it to be really sharp so it could kill the wolf for sure.
As a result, the wolf was cut in half from its torso, neck, then head.
And then the blade of wind stopped by the wall behind Lize, leaving a slash mark on the wall.

Lize, who was lying down on the ground, managed to not get hurt.
She was showered with wolf blood tho.

But the crisis wasn’t over yet.

「Shoo! Stay away from me!」

The two wolf cubs approached Fiana and attacked her at the same time.
Even though Fiana was a hunter apprentice, it might be impossible for her to deal with both of them.
She tried to swing her knife and successfully stab one of them somehow.
But the other one didn’t stop aiming for Fiana’s throat.

「I won’t let youー!」

Suddenly Lize approached and hit the wolf cub, that was about to jump toward Fiana, with half part of her broken staff.
It seemed as soon as Lize saw Fiana in trouble, she immediately crawled out of the wolf’s corpse, picked up one of the broken staff, and tried to protect her.
The wolf cub that was hit by Lize, slammed into the ground and made an indescribable voice, whether it was a scream or a death agony.
Lize swung the staff toward its body once again.
Perhaps the wolf cub would die soon even if she left it alone.

There was no sign of another wolf around.
I heard nothing but the sound of Lize and Fiana’s breath.
Perhaps the wolf subjugation mission was finally over.
I couldn’t say it was a big success tho.

「Fiana-chan, I’m sorry….. How should I put it… umm…. To be honest, I’m not good at magic….. Kouta is much better than me, and I’m just helped by him……. I’m sorry to let you down…」

Lize and Fiana were sitting side by side hugging their knees. In their back was the wall of the gap where we fell before.
I was on Lize’s shoulder, but I couldn’t say anything.
From the beginning, Fiana just buried her face in her knees and kept silent.
Only Lize who talked and apologized to her.

It was obvious that Fiana was disappointed.

The innocent face when she asked Lize to show her magic.
The smile that appeared in her face when Lize showed her the magic trick.
She believed that Lize was a great magician.
That was all a lie.
The one who was a great magician was me, her familiar.
Lize herself had no talent at all.
And the moment Fiana was scared, Lize didn’t use magic to help her.

Lize lost for words.
It seemed she really felt bad about it.
She looked depressed.

They only knew each other less than a day, but I never thought they would be like this.

「Oーi ! Fianaー! Lize-sanー! Where are youー?」

Fiana’s father’s voice was heard.
He must be worried because we got separated from the group.
I replied to his voice, told him our location, and let him know we were okay.
Lize and Fiana kept being silent.





The place where we fell was certainly the wolf’s lair, and we successfully annihilated the pack that lived there.
The villagers seemed really glad with the result.

The mayor was very happy; he politely thanked Lize and said, “You really are a great witch! Thank you!”
Perhaps the mayor’s words made Lize hurt even more.
But Lize tried her best to keep her smile.

After that, she hurriedly back to our room because the villagers were praising and thanking her.
She didn’t feel like talking to people now.

「So, Lize. What are we gonna do now? Fiana will probably tell everyone about you」

If that happened, everyone would be convinced that she was Lizelotte Kunzendorf who had no magic talent.
The hero who saved the village would fall into a fugitive.

「Un… You maybe right…」

「Even though the mayor paid for our inn and said we can stay here for a while, isn’t it better to leave this village as soon as possible?」

「Un, I know……… Kouta… no, nevermind. You can’t move, right?」

Saying that, Lize picked up my body and put me in a bucket of water.
The wolf blood soaking my body was solidified and became hard, made my body even more stiff and hard to move.
I could talk no problem, but I still had to get rid of this blood from my body.
With this body, I thought I would never bath again, but here we go, the bath time!
Well, it wasn’t hot water, it was cold water tho.
Couldn’t be helped.

The hardened blood melted into water, and I could move my body little by little.
It would take a while until the blood completely came off my body, and it became even more a pain in the butt to think that I had to be dried after this.
I missed my normal body…

Actually, the first thing Lize did after we returned to the inn was borrowing a bucket and fetching water for me.
I was glad that she cared about me, but…

「Lize, you should take a shower too. And then change your clothes. Are you going to stay like that, huh?」

「No. I’m good…」

She was also dirty with wolf blood.
Not only blood, because she fell several times on the ground, her clothes and her face were covered with mud and dirt as well.
Even though it would be very uncomfortable, Lize fell into bed as if she didn’t care about her clothes at all.
It seemed she didn’t want to think about anything for now.

It might be her own fault in the first place, but it must be really painful for her to disappoint Fiana.
At a time like this, I didn’t know how to cheer her up.
But as her partner, I didn’t want to see her like this.
Also, we had no time to wait for Lize to recover because it wouldn’t be long before the villagers knew that Lize was Lizelotte they were looking for.
Above all, leaving a depressed girl alone wasn’t a good feeling for me.
But… I didn’t know what to do.
I wondered if there was some kind of magic to cheer a girl up.


「Lize-san…. Are you there?」

I heard a familiar voice called out for Lize from the other side of the room door.

It was Fiana’s voice.


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