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2-9 I’m also a Liar


Hearing Fiana’s voice, Lize stiffened her body.
The person she didn’t want to meet the most right now, came to visit.
She had no choice but to meet her.

After hesitating for a moment, Lize stood up and opened the door.
Fiana, who stood in front of the room, had a thoughtful look on her face for some reason.
They both froze on the spot for a moment.

「Li, Lize-san! Actually, I also have to apologize to you!」

What did she say?
I didn’t know what was going on.

For now, they both sat on the bed, and then we were listening to Fiana.

By the way, I was still taking a bath in the bucket.
If I press my body, blood would come out. It was disgusting to be honest.

Fiana looked unsure and kept silent for a while, but then she began to speak.

「Actually….. The idea to get rid of the wolves wasn’t my dad’s, it was mine…. Everyone was in trouble, so I thought Lize-san, a great magician, would help us, so…」

This village was suffering because of the wolves.
They were often entering the village, attacking people, and even causing death.
Moreover there was a rumor that the wolves already wiped out several villages.
Everyone, especially Fiana, were feeling restless because of them.

「I saw a big fireball fly in the west sky last night. It seems I was the only one who saw it; I talked to everyone in the morning, but they didn’t believe me….. But then Lize-san came, and I thought it must be you who shot the fireball last night」

I remembered she said something like this when we were hunting the wolves.
But I was the one who shot that fireball.
However, in this world, it didn’t make any sense if there was a familiar who could do something like that.

The reason why Fiana asked Lize to show her magic when the mayor was investigating Lize, was because she wanted to see if Lize was really a magician who shot the fireball.
But Lize showed her magic tricks instead and successfully convinced the villagers including Fiana that she was a great magician.
Fiana thought that such a great magician would be able to get rid of the wolves and became a hero who saved the village from suffering.
So she decided to persuade both Lize and the villagers, including her father to get rid of the wolves.

「Fiana, that means when you came to us this afternoon, the mayor and the others hadn’t even thought about getting rid of the wolves?」

Answering my question, Fiana nodded.

I see.
So, she persuaded us first, and then consulted with her father.
The order was reversed, huh.

The fact that the villagers didn’t have power against the wolves was true.
And the fact that the villagers were split into two factions was also true.
The faction who was convinced that Lize wasn’t the person they were looking for, and the faction that was trying to tell the feudal lord about Lize.

But the fact that Fiana’s father came up with the idea of getting rid of the wolves to further prove that Lize wasn’t the person they were looking for, was a lie.
Fiana made such a lie so that Lize wanted to help her get rid of the wolves.

「I see… But in the end, you found out that Lize wasn’t a great magician like you thought, and got disappointed, huh」

「No! I never think like that!… How should I say…. uhh….. I put Lize-san into danger because of my idea…. It’s also my fault that I misunderstood Lize-san… I want to apologize, and… andー」

Fiana didn’t seem like she wanted to say bad things about Lize.
Ahh I see now. So Fiana didn’t get disappointed in Lize or anything, it was just our misunderstanding, instead, she looked gloomy before because she regretted putting Lize in danger.

The light in Lize’s eyes gradually returned.

「And I also want to thank you, Lize-san. Even though such a big wolf attacked you… even though you couldn’t use magic… you didn’t run away; you stayed to protect me, right? And you bravely fought the wolf with a broken staff to protect me… So… Umm…」

Fiana got up from the bed and faced Lize.

「Lize-san! Thank you for protecting me! I think Lize-san really is an amazing person!….. And… Lize-san. I was lying to you, but… Can I become your friend?」

「Fiana-chan…… Un! Unn, Unnー! Of courseー! Fiana-chaaanー!」


Lize suddenly stood up and hugged Fiana.
She was smiling, but at the same time, tears flowed down from her eyes.
Fiana couldn’t see her face, but I was sure her feelings were conveyed to Fiana.

「Me too! I’m sorry, Fiana-chan! But one day, I’ll become a great witch! I promise! And… Fiana-chan, you’ve been my friend since we first met, you know?」

「Un! Thank you, Lize-san!」

From Fiana’s voice, I was sure that she was also smiling while crying, just like Lize.

Anyway, I was glad that Lize had become cheerful again like always.

「Ah! Kouta-san too. Thank you! Those magic attacks were all Kouta-san’s doing, right? Also the giant fireball last night, right? right?」

After conveying her feelings to Lize, Fiana turned to me and thanked me.
She didn’t forget about me, a mere familiar. What a good girl.

「That’s right. Lize can’t even make a proper fire, so indeed, it was me」

「Really!? Kouta-san, you’re amazing! Please be my friend too!」

「Fiana-chan, Fiana-chan. Who do you think is more amazing? Me or Kouta?」

Lize suddenly talked from the side. Maybe she was jealous seeing Fiana praising me.

I was glad that she was back to her usual self, but as I thought, she was annoying.

「Hmm….. You both were protecting me, but…..the one who defeated the most wolves was Kouta-san, right? That means, Kouta-san is the real hero of the village then」


What the heck was that shout.

「Ah, but we can’t let everyone know that Lize-san can’t use magic, right? Don’t worry, I’ll keep the secret….. Also, the fact that Kouta-san is the one who did the magic and he’s so awesome, I’ll keep it secret too」

「Fi, Fiana-chanー Me too! You can praise me more, you know! Besides, it was me who summoned Kouta! So you can praise me more, Fiana-chan!…. Please, praise me Lady Fiana-samaー!」

Lize begged for praise while clinging to Fiana.
Fiana was just smiling at her.
I couldn’t tell which one was older…

When I realized it, the sky was starting to get light.
What a long night.

It seemed that Fiana told her father she wanted to sleep with Lize before coming here.
Thus, Lize and Fiana were sleeping side by side in the same bed.
As I was thinking they looked like close sisters, I fell asleep.

By the way, I was still in the bucket.
To get rid of the blood completely, it took longer than I expected.


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