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Chapter 9 : Camping Preparation


「If we’re going to town, we’ll need this」

Saying that, Nelly took out something she just bought.
It was a magic tool for making barriers.
There were four flat small boxes in one pack.
It was so small that it fit in Sara’s hand even if it stacked.

「This is a magic tool to create a simple barrier. You can create a barrier just like this hut barrier by placing them in four corners around you. Even wyvern can’t penetrate it, you know? But it’s only 2 x 2 meters, just for one person. Well, it can be used with two people if they sleep really close against each other」

「So if I sleep with Nelly, we just need one pack?」

「Y, Yeah…」

Nelly’s face turned a little red.

「By the way, there’s also a barrier tool with a wide range for a party use. But I think we should have our own magic tool just in case. But…..」


Is there any problem?

「A pack will cost 500,000 gil. So… what would you do, Sara?」

At first, Nelly always bought everything for Sara.
She said it was a thank you because Sara always did the chores and cooked for her.
Besides, no one who wanted to come to a remote place like this to manage the hut, no one but Sara.
If Sara kept quiet, maybe Nelly would buy her the most expensive storage bag eventually.

Sara thought it wasn’t right.
Well, if Sara had no strength to work like when she was in Japan, she might have relied on someone else without hesitation.
But now she could make some money by collecting herbs.
The slime magic stones she collected until now would also become good money when she sells it later.

Thus, she wanted to buy everything she needed to live an independent life by herself.

Nelly said that she was grateful that Sara cooked for her, so she insisted that at least she would cover for Sara’s food, clothing, and shelter.
Sara couldn’t refuse.
But for the clothing, she only gave Sara baggy clothes tho.
Sara could only make a bitter smile seeing the too-big clothes she was wearing.

「500,000 gil, huh… Un. I’ll buy it」

「Okay then」

Apparently, thanks to the magic barrier she invented last time, the range where Sara could go had become wider.
Even though it was only about 50 meters radius from the hut, now she could go to the trees and the big rock that could be seen from the hut.
Therefore, not only herb grasses, now she could easily find poison grasses and even magical grasses.
In other words, the income from selling medical herbs has increased, from 50,000 gil to 100,000 gil each time.
Therefore, if it was only 500,000 gil for the barrier tool, she could pay it off in less than three months.

「Barrier tool checked. And, what’s next? A tent maybe? Nelly, what do we need next?」

「Sara, you are still a child, so you must sleep at night. But, we don’t need a tent because the barrier will repel the rain, besides we can see our surroundings without a tent. Your storage bag would be a little bulky, but you need a thick mat and a blanket to have a good rest at night. Also, a lamp, some portable cooking utensils, and a water container」

「Cooking utensils? Wouldn’t it be more efficient if we brought food instead?」

Nelly looked stunned, as if she just realized it.

「But we need to boil the tea, right?」

「Ah, I see」

Perhaps Nelly told Sara what to do based on her experience in the dungeon.
It looked like she was always eating and drinking inside the dungeon.

「So, next will be food ingredients. Oh, by the way, Nelly」

Sara had something she was curious about.

「Why is there no food storage in this hut?」

「Food storage?」

Every ten days, Nelly went to town to buy bread, vegetables, ect.
But, everytime, she only bought enough food for only ten days.
She lived so far from town, so Sara thought she should buy a lot in case she couldn’t go to town.

「Nelly, you have a storage bag, so I think it’s okay if you buy a lot of food just in case you get sick and can’t go shopping」

「I’ve never been sick and have never been injured tho. Besides, I want to use all the space in the storage bag to store materials from monsters」

Nelly seemed to be the type that didn’t think about the worst case scenario because she was very strong.

「Is there something like a lunch box with a lid for storing soup being sold?」

「If it’s a meal set, the guild sells it. People eat it when they’re in the dungeons. A box of meal sets contained a soup cup with a lid, bread, and meat. It cost 3,000 gil, but if you return the box, it’ll be 1,500 gil. But, besides being expensive, it tasted not so good, so not many people buy it. Moreover, it’s quite big, the space of the storage bag would be wasted for storing that thing, better use the space for storing materials」

「Box? So there’s a lunch box!? Can we wash it and reuse it?」

「Well, we can. But after done eating, people usually just throw it away in the dungeon, because the materials are more important」

Just how much you want to bring back the monster materials!?
What a waste to just throw away the lunch boxes…

For Sara, she just wanted to have lunch without hassle in the middle of the trip, so she didn’t need to reserve space for monster materials.
Cooking outdoors is cool, but unfortunately, this isn’t Japan, monsters would be surrounding her while she was cooking.
Cooking while being watched by monsters wouldn’t be a fun experience.

「Nelly, can you buy me that meal set? Please!」

「Well, if it’s only shopping in the guild, people won’t be suspicious of me. I can do it」

「Also, I want you to buy more food than usual. We can store them in my storage bag, so it doesn’t waste your storage bag space」

「I see. Well, indeed there’s a possibility I may not be able to go to town in the future」

Nelly was convinced.

After that, everytime she went out to town, she gradually bought things that Sara needed.
First, she bought a new storage bag.

「Actually, I wanted to buy you a storage box. But I can’t put a storage box inside my storage bag, I have to carry it, and it was impossible to carry such a thing through the mountain road」

「Storage box?」

This is the first time Sara heard that a storage bag couldn’t be put in another storage bag.
Well, if it was possible, you can put things in endlessly, so it was understandable.
But, what is this storage ‘box’ all about?

「I remembered Sara said something about food storage, so I wanted to buy a storage box at first, but nah… By the way, normally in a house, there must be a storage box, because it’ll be more convenient if you have one」

It seemed that the storage box was a large box to store things like the storage bag.
It had a lid that could be opened and closed.

「It’s difficult to use the bag type to store things at home, so they made it into a box」

The smallest one had the capacity of the size of a wyvern.
Sara had heard about this several times, still, she thought the ratio was odd.

「Say, Sara」

Nelly made an expression as if she was looking forward to something.

「What is it, Nelly?」

「Someday….. Someday, if it’s with Sara, I might be able to live in the town. When that time comes, let’s buy a storage box for our house!」

Sara was a little curious why Nelly said “if it’s with Sara”, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask.

Until now, Sara had been thinking that she had to leave and live alone as soon as possible so she wouldn’t be a burden for Nelly.
She never thought about living together with Nelly.

Thinking about a future where she could live and work in the town with Nelly, Sara thought it would be a lot of fun.

「Eh? But, are you okay living with me?」

「Of course! You don’t have to be independent for the rest of your life」

「Nelly, you talk like a good-for-nothing dad, you know」

Saying that, Sara made a bitter smile.

She felt like her future was opened a little.


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