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2-10 Preparation for the Future


There was no clock in this world, so I didn’t know the time, but when I woke up, the sun was already in high position.
I slept until noon, huh.
I looked at the bed. Lize and Fiana were still asleep.

The mayor would pay for our inn and meals as a thank-you for getting rid of the wolves, and he said that we could stay for a while, so we didn’t have to worry about it.
Well, it wasn’t a good idea to stay here for a long time because the pursuer still chased after Lize, but it might be okay to take it easy for a while.

I looked at my body.
The water in the bucket had completely become reddish-brown.
It was still not perfect, but it seemed almost all the blood in my body had disappeared.
After this, I just had to dry my body.


「Gu,eeeeー! Stopー! It hurtsー!」

「Eeeh? But if I don’t do this, you won’t be clean」

An hour later, Lize took me outside and squeezed my body like a rag.
Water mixed with blood fell from my body and soaked into the ground.
Because my body was a stuffed animal, I wouldn’t get hurt, but still, it was painful.

It seemed Lize thought that it wasn’t enough to just soak me once. She stood up and took me and the bucket to the watering place, changed the water, and started washing my body.
I was grateful, but she should care about herself more.
She hadn’t changed her clothes since last night.
I didn’t know how long she could stand wearing clothes that are full of blood and mud, but it seemed Lize was prioritizing me over herself for now.

After that, she repeatedly soaked my body, squeezed it, and finally released me after she thought I was clean enough.

I thought I was going to die…

After Lize was done washing me, she changed clothes. It was a witch robe that had the same design, so she didn’t look so different before and after changing.
Fiana told Lize that she would wash her dirty clothes before she went home. In addition, I asked Fiana if she had a map of this area and to bring some extra clothes for Lize.
After Fiana left our room to go back to her home, we went down to eat lunch.

After a while, Fiana came with some clothes and a map I requested.

Fiana「Lize-san. I brought you clothes that my mom no longer needs and also the map Kouta-san requested. I already washed your clothes, I think it would be dry in the evening」

Lize「Wowー Thank you, Fiana-chan! I’m glad I have a friend like you!」


Kouta「Are you okay with that? She talked as if she was just using you as a friend, you know?」

Well, the map and the clothes was my request tho.

We all went back to our room after Lize finished eating.
Well, Fiana didn’t have to come, but we were not talking about something she shouldn’t hear, so it was okay.

First, we talked about Lize’s clothes.
From now on, Lize should wear normal clothes so people wouldn’t be aware that she was a witch.
Perhaps, wherever we would be going next, there must be people who were looking for Lize, and we couldn’t just show them magic tricks every time we visited a place.
If she dressed like a witch, people would be suspicious and ask if she was Lizelotte, and it would be troublesome.
That’s why I asked her to forget about the robe and wore normal girl clothes, and surprisingly, she easily agreed.
The plan was she would be pretending as a village girl who went on a trip.
Because Fiana’s clothes were too small for Lize, she brought her mom’s clothes instead. And with a little adjustment, Lize should be able to wear it.

Lize「If it’s sewing, leave it to me! I’m good at sewing!」

Lize seemed excited to sew.
She took out a set of sewing tools from her bag.
So, she’s always carrying this, huh.
Come to think of it, the cat stuffed animal that became my body was also Lize’s handmade.
Not just sleight of hand, but also sewing. When it came to hand dexterity, her skill was impressive.
Unfortunately, she was born into a family where if you had no magic talent, you were a failure.

Alright then, let’s think about another problem while Lize is sewing.

I spread the map that Fiana brought.
It was a precious map that could only be found in the mayor’s house.
Paper and books seemed to be very expensive in this world.

The whole area including this village was drawn concisely on the map.
It seemed that this map was distributed by the feudal lord, that’s why his whole area was covered on the map while the other areas were not much drawn on the map.
Moreover, what I could see from the map was only the position of the town where the feudal lord lived, the villages surrounding that town, and the roads that connect them. It wasn’t very helpful.

But, well. While reading the map carefully, I decided the course for our next journey.

Fiana「By the way, what is the purpose of you two’s journey?」

Lize「My purpose is training to become a great witch, and to not to go home」

Kouta「Mine is to find a way back to my original world and go home」

While cutting the clothes with scissors to the right size, Lize answered Fiana.
I also answered her while reading the map, sitting next to Lize.

Fiana「That’s a total opposite…」

Kouta「Well, yeah. But… Lize, I think it’s weird to go on a journey because you don’t want to go home」

Lize「No, no, no. That’s not weird at all! There are a lot of people like “I don’t want to spend my whole life in this small town, I’m going on a journey!”, right? Kouta is the weird one! Why are you going on a journey to go home? Why are you always thinking about going home? Let’s go on an adventure!」

Kouta「It’s not that I want an adventure! It’s all your fault in the first place, you know!」


I jumped on Lize’s back and hit her with all my might.
Even with a stuffed animal body, it must hurt her a little.
Moreover, my body was still a little wet, so it must have been a good hit.
Lize screamed with a weird voice.
Serve you right!

Watching us, Fiana laughed as if she thought that we were having fun.

Fiana「The two of you are really close」

Lize「Yup, that’s right~! Fiana-chan, don’t you think Kouta and I are the best duo ever?」


Stop it!
Don’t hug me so tightly!
Fiana, you should deny her!
Stop! It hurts!

After we calmed down, we told Fiana everything about our journey. She promised us not to tell anyone.
We told her about Lize’s house, about how she stole the grimoire, and about my origin.
Fiana showed her interest when I told her about a world where there was no magic, but science was far more developed than this world. The world I should return to.

Anyway, my purpose on this journey was clear.
Besides, I didn’t want to be in this world for too long.
Well, the way I lived in my original world wasn’t very interesting, but I had family and friends there.
I was sure they were worried that I was missing.
I felt guilty about it, and I really wanted to go home if there was a way.

But… well…
I didn’t hate Lize.
Besides, finding a way to go home would take a long time.
Also, actually I had prepared myself to be in this world for a while.
So, until then, I’ll go along with this girl on her adventure.

Well then, let’s continue deciding the course for our next destination.

I returned my focus to the map.


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