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Chapter 60 : The Power of the Arbiter


Black smoke obscured Mallow’s entire body.

Bright red lightning bolts were flashing around the smoke, reflecting her silhouette inside.


An echoed voice of a man was heard, and at the same time the black smoke was scattered and disappeared.
What appeared from the smoke was of course, Mallow.
But her appearance turned a little eccentric.
From her usual black rider suit to a pure white long jacket with shining silver metal parts all over the places.
Inside the jacket, was a short shirt and leather short pants, boldly exposing her belly button.
And a white skeleton mask attached sideways on her head, so her face was still exposed.

『『The Arbiter of the Netherworld!』』

The words spoken from Mallow’s mouth were also echoed.

『『This is my trump card, Hamgoro-san!』』

「Heee, I see. Transformation skill, huh. Oi oi, even your HP is fully recovered!? That’s cheating yo!」

Said Hamgoro exaggeratedly after seeing Mallow’s new appearance.
As he was speaking, he was actually trying to reload his rifle stealthy. What a clever dude.

「But, even though your appearance has changed, that doesn’t mean the battle situation will change as well, right?」

『『Don’t worry. I’ll be serious from now on. I’ll beat you to prove it』』

「Huh! I’m looking forward to itー!」

Along with that shout, Hamgoro prepared his rifle and tried to get close.
Apparently, he had no intention to be on guard and attacking from a distance for safety.
Hamgoro thrust the bayonet on the tip of his rifle toward Mallow, but it pierced through nothing.
With a very fast motion (It was obviously not as fast as AiAi, but it was surely faster than her normal speed) she avoided the thrust, and then immediately swung her axe.

『【Flashing Sword of Void】!』

「 ーー! 【Burst Bullet】!」

The flashing sword slashed at high speed.
It was nearly impossible to avoid.
But Hamgoro used a skill with knockback effect, forcing his body to move back, and barely dodging it.
And then, Hamgoro immediately moved forward.
After he closed the distance of about half a meter away from Mallow, he pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Bang! Bang! Bangー!

But Mallow didn’t even try to dodge.

『【Veil of the Dead】』

Right after Mallow transformed into『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』, her HP was fully recovered.
And【Veil of the Dead】was a skill that could make a barrier with durability equal to the amount of HP that had been recovered.

Mallow’s HP had been shaved off quite a lot by Hamgoro’s special attack, so the barrier was quite strong.
Therefore, Hamgoro’s attack just now was nothing to worry about……..wait, it shaved off quite a lot!?


「I don’t know why you are surprised, but all my bullets fired at close range are very powerful, ya know!?」


At this rate, the barrier’s durability would continue to decrease.
Thinking so, Mallow decided to end this fight right now.


「 ー!? Uwooー!」

Hands of rotten zombies crawl out of the ground, holding Hamgoro in place.
It had no damage, but it was a strong binding skill.
The next skill would be the most powerful one.
Using this skill would end『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』mode, but the power would be worth the consequences.
It was literally the most powerful skill in this mode.


The next moment, Mallow’s battleaxe was covered with blazing silver flame.
She made a full rotation of her axe first, and thenー
She launched a powerful attack toward Hamgoro’s abdomen as if she chopped a big tree, and deleted all of his HP.


『Game Over ・ Winner : Mallow』

As the announcement sounded, the scenery changed, and the two returned to Buncho’s Store.

Buncho「Oh. That’s quite fast」

Buncho welcomed the two who were just back.

Buncho「And? Who wins?」


Buncho「Hee, Well done! Hamgoro has been doing PVP all the time, so he’s used to fighting players. For beating that Hamgoro, that’s impressive!」

Mallow「Well, I have a really powerful skill, so…」

Perhaps, if Mallow didn’t have『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』title, she might be the one who would lose.
But still, winning is winning.
There was no excuse.

Buncho「Well? Hamgoro is still silent tho. Are you okay?」


Buncho looked at Hamgoro.
He stayed silent while looking down for a while.
His body shivered for a moment, and then he raised his head.

Hamgoro「Un, Well, I lost」

Buncho「Hooo… I’m not expecting you will accept your lost gracefully」

Hamgoro「Well, I lost normally. There’s no excuse」

Buncho「I see」

Hamgoro「But, yeah… That ‘trump card’ was really powerful. I didn’t expect she could use transformation skill」

After saying that, Hamgoro turned to Mallow and held out his right hand to her.
Obviously he was asking for a handshake, and Mallow had no reason to refuse it, so she reached out for his hand.

Hamgoro「It’s my loss, Mallow. Well, I didn’t expect that I’d lost tho」

Mallow「But you also almost killed me」

Hamgoro「Anyway, I’m sorry you have to go along with my selfish request. Well then, you can use me as you want now」

He declared like that after they were done with the handshake.

Mallow「Okay then, let’s get going right now!」

Hamgoro「Y, You’re so impatient」

Buncho「She’s right. There’s a saying, strike while the iron is hot, the sooner the better, right Mallow?」


Mallow nodded

Mallow「Let’s go, Buncho-san!」

Buncho「Yes, but… It’s been bothering me for a while」

Mallow「What is it?」

Mallow tilted her head.

Buncho「Haven’t I told you that you don’t need an honorific to call my name?」


She always forgot about that.


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