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Chapter 10 : Living in Another World Starts From A Night of Sleeping Outside


「Because I want to use my storage bag only for monsters」

That was the reason why Nelly bought another storage bag to use as food storage.
It seemed she really didn’t want to use her storage bag space for anything other than the monster materials.

「I can hunt for meat or something, but I can’t make bread, so maybe I’ll buy more bread and other ingredients」

「Nelly, is it possible to buy multiple storage bags at once?」

「Well, that’s…..」

Nelly made a troubled face.

「If I buy too many storage bags, and act differently than usual, people may be wondering if I’m gonna move somewhere else」

Sara was taken aback.

「Then that would make it as if Nelly was always being watched, right? Even though you are only managing this mountain?」

「That’s…… Because I’m reducing the monster population in this mountain, so they don’t attack the town. That’s why, if I’m gone, people would be troubled」

「No way… So that meansー」

「Sara, let’s stop talking about this….. Well then, I’ll go buy some extra ingredients little by little, okay?」

Once Nelly said that, Sara couldn’t bring herself to ask any further.







The time was stopped inside the storage bag, so anything that was stored inside wouldn’t get rot.

「So we can store anything we want, right?」

「Yeah, but not many people think that way, you know?」

People eat food every time, so they have to replenish their food supply every time.
Nelly said that even with or without a storage bag, the amount of food people consume every day won’t change.

Come to think of it, even in Japan, where earthquakes occur frequently, many households didn’t stock their food even for three days. Many of them shop almost every day even though they have a refrigerator.

「I see. But Nelly, there’s no shop near this hut, right? Even if you get meat from hunting, I still want to store food supply at least for one month」

「No, wait… three months. I think if it’s three months, I can deceive them. So, make it three months」

Deceive them?
Sara had no idea what Nelly meant by that.
But Nelly often made a slip of the tongue, so Sara already got used to it.

「The lunch box is a little big, so buy it for two of us but just for five days, I think it would be enough. For the rest, I’ll make a lot of sandwiches. After all, it’s better if we can eat immediately after taking the food out」

「Please make extra cockatrice sandwiches that aren’t made of tail parts. The one that you made with a lot of mustard and onions」

「Ah, it’s Nelly’s favorite food after all. Alright, leave it to me!」


After that, Nelly started just buying guild lunch boxes, bread and vegetables every time she went to the town.

「Nelly, we also need salt, sugar, pepper, oil and flour, you know?」

「A, Ahh. Okay」

「And also the water bottle」

Nelly tilted her head and made an expression like, “that much!?”

Sara thought it would be better if they had ingredients such as sugar, salt, flour, ect.
And even though water could be produced using magic, it would be better to have a water bottle just in case.






Summer has ended, and it’s been a year since Sara reincarnated, so she was 11 years old now.
Now, Sara was able to go out of the hut to the point where the hut looked small from there.
Also, a month’s worth of food supply was ready in the hut.

「Alright. Now that the preparation is complete, it’s about time to go out to practice camping!」

When autumn came, Sara declared so to Nelly.

「So you wanna practice how to camp now?」

「Yes. You said it will take three days for an adult to walk to Roza Town, but it will take about five days with my little feet. So first, I thought I’d practice to sleep outside」

However, Sara was scared to be alone.
Therefore Sara wanted Nelly to accompany her.
Besides, she was dying to use the camping equipment she bought.

「I know if you go with me, your hunting results will be less than usual and it’ll interfere with your work, but Nelly I’m scared to do it alone」

「Eh? Sara, are you scared to be alone?」

Why did Nelly’s cheeks turn red!?

「Don’t worry Sara! Of course I’ll go with you! I’ll protect you!」

Somehow, Nelly got excited.

「And I think I should also practice walking on the mountain road」

「Right. The mountain road is dangerous, but if you walk the path once, you should be able to go alone the next time. First, try to walk along the road without pushing yourself too hard. No, maybe try to reach the top of the mountain first?」

Nelly thought about various training plans, but in the end, it was decided to walk down along the mountain road first.

After the preparation was completed, they closed the door and did a final check in front of the hut.

「Camping set… check. Food… check. Storage bag… check」


「Wolf… wait, we don’t need the wolves」

The pack of wolves was still there even after a year.
Even though they knew they couldn’t eat Sara, they always challenged the barrier, and always bounced off.

「Actually, it’s been a long time since the last time I slept outside. I might get a little nervous」

「Oh, Nelly, is it because you always go to the town in a day without taking a rest on the way?」

「Yeap. Well, I’m a little nervous, but it’s gonna be fun, right Sara?」


They wanted to hold each other’s hand, but it would be a little dangerous while going down the mountain road, so they walked separately.
Nelly with body strengthening magic, while Sara with the bubble barrier.



After walking for about an hour, the hut looked so small.
Sara stopped at a pair of big pine trees.

「Hm? Do you want to rest?」

「Un… It’s just… until now, I’ve only walked this far」

「This far? I see」

Nelly looked a little surprised.

To keep walking for an hour was hard with a 10-year-old body.
In fact, Sara felt very tired.

「If you take a break at this pace, it might indeed take five days to get to the town」

She didn’t feel like she was getting close to the town at all.

「Yosh. Sara, how about you accompany me hunting from now on. I’m sure It will be a good practice. Besides, you will be safe inside the barrier」

「Un! I’ll do my best」

Compared to when she couldn’t take a step outside at first, now, it felt like a dream that she could walk this far.

Sara just realized that if she was able to accompany Nelly hunting while camping outside for several days, she might eventually be able to go along with Nelly when she went to the town to sell the monster materials.

「By the way, if we look at the hut from here, it looks like the hut was on the hillside rather than on the mountainside」

You can’t see very well the upper side of the mountain above the hut because of the clouds, so it looked more like a hut on the top of a hill than a hut on a mountainside.
With the wyverns flying in the sky, the scenery looked very fantasyish.

「That hut is just my post for managing the Demon Mountain tho」

「How about we call it Nelly’s hill house from now on? I think it’s cuter than just a post」

「Cute, huh? Cute… Hmm… Sounds good」

Post or management hut is kinda lame.
Sara thought it would be better if it has a cute name.
Besides, cute girls living in a cute mountain hut is somehow cute, right?

「Well then, I’m resting enough, it’s time to walk. So Nelly, are we going down from here? Or go to the side maybe?」

「It’ll be a little difficult to return, but let’s get down along the mountain road for now」

The camping practice has just begun.

Sara felt that today’s sky was bluer than usual.


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