Sorry for taking too long, been having a bad lifestyle lately. Well, I got too engrossed in reading a WN titled “When I Wake Up, I Suddenly Own a Spaceship with the Strongest Equipment so I Live Freely as a Mercenary Aiming to Own a House” so I can’t sleep at night and when I wake up, surprise! I feel constantly sleepy all day long because of that. I am getting old.

Btw if you want to read it, I think there is only the manga version already translated. This is the link: Space Isekai

So yeah, I can’t work while feeling sleepy all day so I’ve been working hard to correct my lifestyle which made this update a lot later than usual.

I also decided to just post every single update on their own like this from now on as this new website can’t let me active the option to have comments on pages. So this will be a singular post to comment on a single title instead.

I also add the link to my Paypal and ko-fi to accept donations. Yea I know I work like a snail but I still wish to get donations haha. I need it. I also have Patreon but I can’t log in to my own page so I can’t put the link to my Patreon here yet. Maybe later. Now, gonna work on YGDA next chapter.


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