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2-11 Journey Plans


On the map, villages were scattered like floating islands in the middle of a dense forest with narrow roads connecting them.
Like all the villages, the town where the feudal lord lived was also surrounded by forest.
The village we were in was drawn on the left most of the map. In other words, it was on the far west of the entire region.
Furthermore to the west, was the magic school which was in the area under direct control of the country.

Lize「Well, because that school is a royal academy, it’s managed by the country. By the way, that Jaegan Royal Magic Academy is around here」

Lize pointed outside of the map to the west of this village.
By the way, the magic school was also surrounded by forest.

Lize「My house is further west from the school. It’s in Remealdia, the capital city of this country. It’s around here」

She pointed all the way to the west.
It seemed the residences of prestigious magician families were in the capital.

Kouta「Come to think of it, I don’t know about the country. I mean, I know what country is, what I’m trying to say, I don’t know anything about this country」

Lize「This is Remeald Kingdom. The second largest country on this continent. A long time ago, a hero named Remeald founded this kingdom. Since then, the king’s name is also Remeald for generations. But, Kouta, this is the place we shouldn’t visit on our journey」

Kouta「I know. We can’t go in the direction where your house and the magic school are, right?」

For Lize, those were the places she didn’t want to visit at all cost.
So, for the time being, we would be heading east.

Lize「If we keep heading east, eventually we will arrive at Zasal, the second largest city in Remeald Kingdom. For now, I think we should aim for that city. There are many magicians in the city, and there’s a library with a lot of magic books, so I can practice while Kouta can try to find out the method to go back to your world. After that, we will go further east and get out of this country」

If Lize left this country, it would be difficult for the pursuers to chase her.

Kouta「Well, umm… Za..sal? Let’s think about it after we arrive there. For now, we aim to this place, right?」

Lize「Un. But… that city is very far away. I think money we have now won’t be enough」

Right. To eat and stay at the inn costs money.
Also, I didn’t want to sleep outside anymore.
For now, we had the money Lize stole from her classmate, but it would run out eventually.

Kouta「How are we going to make money?」

Lize「Maybe get a job in the guild?」

Guild, huh.
I heard about it yesterday.
If people made a request there, it would cost them money, so that meant you would get their money if you cleared their request, right?
Money was absolutely necessary for our journey, so we had to make some no matter what.
Perhaps the guild was the right place for travelers like us to earn money.

Kouta「Fiana. Is there a guild in the town where the feudal lord lives?」

Fiana「Yes. It seems there is. I heard that the guild in that town was built about three years ago」

We could use a road across another village to reach the city.
With our money now, I thought we could get there without problem.
And from thereー

Lize「Yosh! Kouta! We can make money in that city before we continue our journey」

Kouta「Yeah… That’s the plan. But, I don’t know what kind of job we’ll get there」

Lize「Maybe it’s the same as we did yesterday? People who have trouble with the wolves will spend money to ask for help. Then, if we accept their request and get rid of the wolves, we will get the money」

Kouta「Uhh… that means we have to do the same thing as yesterday, huh?」

We had a terrible experience yesterday, but we have to go through it again? I felt a little discouraged.
However, if that was the only way to make money, we had no choice.

Lize「Don’t worry! If it’s us, we can do it! Also, we can try to find more companions and fight together, I’m sure we’ll be fine. Besides, we can help people by clearing the request, right?」


Lize was a fugitive. Moreover she had committed theft. To hear the words “helping people” was a little strange.
But I knew Lize was a kind person.
She was a good girl.
And I didn’t hate this side of her.

Kouta「Okay… Alright…… Let’s do it!… Let’s go on an adventure together, shall we!」

Lize「Waaaiiiー! Koutaー! I love youー!」

Kouta「Gu,he!…. Everytime! Stop it already! Don’t hug me too hard!」

I wondered if I should get used to this already.

Fiana smiled, looking at us with a warm look.

Anyway, we had decided our journey plans.






Lize「Thank you for everything!」

The next morning.
Lize bowed to the villagers.
She wore the clothes she adjusted yesterday, and looked like a normal village girl.
Her robe was in the bag, and she had thrown away her broken staff, it was a waste, but couldn’t be helped.
Now, there was no single witch-like thing that could be seen in her.

Mayor「I’m the one who should say thank you. Thank you for getting rid of the wolves and saving the village」

The mayor bowed and thanked us on behalf of the villagers.

The preparations were complete and the destination has been decided.
It was time to go.
The people in this village were all good people, it was a little sad to say a farewell, but we had to go.

Fiana「Wait! Lize-san! Kouta-san!」

Fiana called out for us.

Ahh, she was a good girl, really. We were helped a lot by her.
Lize would definitely miss her a lot.

But, when I was about to say “goodbye and take care”, I just realized that she was wearing the hunter equipment she wore when we went to get rid of the wolves.

Fiana「If you please……….. Would you like to take me on your journey?……. I’m sure I can be helpful! I won’t let you down!」


Kouta「Say what?」

I didn’t expect this.

Fiana’s father was also bowing.

Father「Sorry. Last night, she suddenly said she wants to go on an adventure……… If it’s too much to ask, feel free to refuse」

Fiana was longing to get out of this small village and go on an adventure.
If possible, she wanted to go with someone she respected and trusted.
And for Fiana, Lize was the ideal person.

Indeed Fiana helped us a lot while we were in this village, but we had no journey experience, so I didn’t know if we could protect her on our journey…….

Lize「Un! Of course! Fiana-chanー! Let’s do our bestー!」


Fiana「Waaaiiー! Thank you, Lize-san! I’m in your care!」

Again, Lize agreed without thinking carefully.
But, Fiana looked really happy, the villagers also looked at Fiana as if she would become a great adventurer from this village.
Even if I opposed it, I wouldn’t be able to overturn this atmosphere.

Couldn’t be helped then.
Let’s do my best with Fiana.
Besides, it would be a little heavy for me alone to stop Lize from doing something stupid, so I thought with Fiana around, it would ease me a little.


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