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Chapter 11 : What it Means to ‘Repel’ Anything


After an hour since they left the hut, there were no alpine wolves chasing them anymore.

「Did they finally give up?」

「No. They’re not chasing because their habitat is on the top of the mountain. From here…… look」



A big dog attacked from behind was repelled by the barrier.

It was blackish and one size smaller than the alpine wolves.
But there were so many of them in a pack.

「They are forest wolves. Their habitat is from here to the grassland below. They are small, but they are always hunting in large numbers」

「I see」

「Unlike the alpine wolves, they usually do not attack me. But today, I’m with Sara」

「Why do monsters always look at me as prey!?」

When they were about to continue walking down the mountain road, the forest wolves attacked them. But…


They were repelled by Sara’s barrier. One of them didn’t move at all after being blown away.
It seemed that the power to kill the prey repelled and bounced back to the wolf.
That’s how the barrier that repels everything worked.

Sara was shocked and stiffened her body.

「It looks like it broke its neck」

Said Nelly as she crouched down beside the wolf.

「It was blown away by your barrier, so it’s yours, Sara」

「But… what I supposed to do with it…?」

「If you keep it in a storage bag, you can sell it at a reasonable price. Well, it will take your storage bag space tho」

Actually, Sara didn’t want to kill it.
She was fine killing slimes because they’re not bleeding so it didn’t hurt her heart that much.
But, she wasn’t ready to kill animal creatures yet.

Nelly stood up and muttered to Sara while staring at the rest of the forest wolves that were on alert.

「I didn’t say it because you didn’t seem to notice it, but Sara, there were quite a few slimes that were crushed by your barrier, you know」


Sara was shocked once again.
As Nelly said, there was a crushed slime on her side.

「I didn’t say it because it wouldn’t be a training if we had to stop all the time. Your barrier can bounce back the force the enemy uses to attack you. The alpine wolves outside the hut were strong so it didn’t have much effect on them. Besides, they probably went easy because they know they’re strong. But from here to the bottom, the monsters are weak, so they have to go with all of their full power, and that power bounced back to them by your barrier」

If the killing power bounced back, it could cause a fatal damage.

「Sara, you’re not a hunter so you don’t have to hunt. But, all the monsters in this Demon Mountain are subjugation targets. In other words, they’re harmful beasts. To put it bluntly, it’s better to reduce their numbers」

「Reduce… their numbers…..」

「And I live on this mountain for that purpose」

Sara silently crouched down and picked up a magic stone from the dead slime near her feet.
And then Sara determinedly approached the dead forest wolf.

「Actually it’s prohibited, but Sara, should I sell it on your behalf?」

Responding to Nelly, Sara shook her head, and then held her storage pouch over the wolf.
The wolf disappeared, sucked into the pouch.
There’s no worry if the corpse would contaminate the lunch box inside because the contents couldn’t be mixed together.

「I killed it myself, no, it killed on its own. But still, it was dead because of me, so I’ll take the responsibility myself」

「Un. That’s good」

Nelly put her hand on Sara’s shoulder.

Sara was thinking, just how many forest wolves will fit in her storage bag that can only keep one wyvern.
Finally, Sara understood why Nelly was so concerned about the storage space.

「By the way, Nelly. How much is your storage bag?」

「This? Well, it’s around 100,000,000 gil」

That’s so expensive!
But, the storage bag Sara wanted isー

「Then, how about the one that can keep three wyverns?」

Before they realized, the unit had become how much wyverns could be kept.

「Your one-wyvern storage bag is 300,000 gil, but… two-wyverns is 2,000,000 and three-wyverns is 10,000,000 gil」

「If that’s so, won’t it be cheaper if we buy three of one-wyvern-bag? It will be 900,000 gil in total, right?」

「Well, that’s true. But, Sara, if you are carrying a lot of bags, that’s..… hmm….. how should I put it…..」

「Well, For Nelly, storage bag isn’t an expensive item, right?」


「Carrying a lot of bags might be troublesome for you, but for the poor me, I might want to buy another one-wyvern storage bag next time」

「Hmm… wait, how about you buy the bag that can be carried on your back next?」

「Eh? They sell the backpack type too? Awesome! Then, I’ll be counting on you next time you go to town」

Sara was so excited to collect a lot more herbs from now on for buying the bag.

But, she was too excited that she got blisters on her feet in the next hour.

「Sara, let’s call it a day. You can heal it with potion, but it will be cured the next day even if you only paste it directly with herb grass」

「Really? I wanna try it」

Sara felt a little miserable that she could only walk this far.
However, she didn’t leave the hut for half a year.
Moreover, it seemed that her body didn’t have much stamina compared to other children of the same age.

「Uhh… before thinking about how to deal with the monsters, I have to train my physical strength enough to walk….」

After that, Nelly went hunting, leaving Sara whose legs were in pain.
The forest wolves were still wandering around, but they didn’t bump into her barrier recklessly like the alpine wolves.
It seemed that they were on alert after seeing one of them was killed earlier.

「Hmm. Maybe they are smarter than the alpine wolves?」


「You don’t need to answer……」

With a large rock nearby became the landmark, Sara walked slowly, looking for herbs nearby.

She could find herb grass, fine herb grass, poison grass, and paralyze grass near the hut, but there were two grasses that she rarely found.
She took out the herbs catalogue from her pouch and checked it while picking grasses randomly.

「Ah! There it is!」

She found it on a steep rock.
The Demon Mountain has a lot of places with rocks.
On the small amount of soil in the gaps between that steep rocks, she found high magic grasses growing there.

「Come to think of it, I sometimes found the magic grass around the rocks near the hut」

After murmuring like that, Sara used kamaitachi (wind blade) to cut down the grass she couldn’t reach, and it fell slowly to her hand.

「Magic is really convenient! A high magic grass will be 5,000 gil. This is good!」

That time, she saw a glimpse of a moving shadow on the other side of the rocky area.

「Ah! That’s….! Could it be… a stray slime!?」

*/Stray slimes are different from normal slimes. They’re very quick. When you try to look at them, they always disappear. (Chapter 4)


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