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3-1 The Next Village


Jaegan Royal Magic Academy was built by direct order of Remeald King. It’s one of the most prestigious schools in Remeald.
At that school; in one of the girls’ dormitory rooms, a girl student puzzled her brain over a problem.

「This is bad……… What should I do?」

Her name is Fara Nibelet.
The Nibelet family is a prestigious magician family that has extraordinary descendants for generations. The former family head was Fara’s father.
Fara has a slightly special position among her several other siblings.
As a member of a wealthy prestigious family, Fara lived without any inconvenience.
Her talent as a magician was perfect and didn’t hinder her enrollment into Jaegan Magic School.

So far, things have been going well for her. Yes, so far… until she received a letter from her father.
To summarize what was written there, a grimoire for summoning a familiar that should’ve been at her home was gone, and her father asked if it was accidentally mixed into Fara’s luggage or not.

Actually, it was definitely in her luggage. But… it wasn’t accidentally mixed; Fara was intentionally put it in.
When she was packing for staying at Jaegan, she went into her father’s study to look for some books that might be useful, but she found the grimoire instead.
Familiar summoning grimoires are very expensive, but for the wealthy Nibelet Family, it wasn’t strange to have some in the house.
Fara thought that it should be fine if she brought just one of them. Moreover, her father has always listened to her selfish requests.

It’s rare for a student to have a familiar or a grimoire, so Fara wanted to make a gap between her and the other students, and raised her reputation as a student from a prestigious family.
And she thought it would make her father happy, that’s why she brought the grimoire with her.
In fact, her father didn’t blame her in the letter. He just wanted her to send the grimoire back to home.

But… the grimoire was gone.
Before she knew it, her room key had been stolen, and the grimoire had disappeared along with her pocket money bag.
Just who dared steal things from the daughter of the Nibelet Family?
She swore they would pay for it.
But as the most important matter, she has to find the grimoire first.

「Fara-san, class is about to start」

「Shut upー!」

A girl classmate, who was her follower, called her from outside her room.
Fara shouted to silence her.
(Hmph! Commoner! I know she wants to be my friend just for status!)

Fara wondered who the heck stole the grimoire.
It must be a student from a lowly commoner family. Those who entered this school just because they are lucky have talent even though they were not born from prestigious families.
They were jealous of Fara who was born from a prestigious family and tried to harass her.
Or maybe they wanted a valuable grimoire itself. They even stole the money, so that must be it.
Anyhow, she has to find and get it back as soon as possible.
If the thief was a student here, they wouldn’t be able to escape this dormitory school. She should be able to find them eventually.

But it reminded her that there was one student who escaped. A poor girl who dropped out as soon as she entered the school.

(If I’m not mistaken, she was also from a prestigious family. What a fool disgracing her family name.)

Fara wondered what if the thief was her.
It would be impossible to chase after her right now.
Besides, she was from a prestigious family, there’s no way she committed theft.
Fara decided to exclude her from the suspect.






Lize「Haa-aah~ Is the village still far awayー?」

Fiana「We’ll get there soon. Don’t give up, Lize-san!」

Lize「Uuhhhー I’ll do my best」

We left the village yesterday morning and have been walking for a day and a half.
Well, I’m on Lize’s shoulder all the time, so I’m not tired at all.

It seems that Fiana’s village was located a little far away from the other villages.
I see. That’s why even though the village was attacked by the wolves, people from the guild wouldn’t come because it would take days.
Moreover, there are no transportations other than horses in this world.

Unlike Fiana, who grew up in nature and had been training to become a hunter since she was little, it was really hard to keep walking for Lize, who grew up in the city.
Well, this is the result of her determination to go on a journey, so it couldn’t be helped.

By the way, we were sleeping outside last night.
Actually, I wanted to avoid sleeping outside, but fortunately, we were able to welcome the morning sun without encountering wolves or orcs.



I felt like an hour had passed, and we finally saw some buildings and people.
It seems we arrived at a village.

Lize「Finallyー! We’re not sleeping on the grass tonight! Waaiiー!」

Kouta「Keep it down! Don’t act like a child!」

Well, I know her feelings. I also don’t wanna sleep outside.

There must be an inn in this village, so we head there first.


man「Sorry. The inn is already full」


Kouta「What kind of scream is that?」

A man who runs the bar and inn told us it was full.
So we can’t stay here, huh.
Well, maybe it wasn’t a big place where a large number of people can stay in the first place. And maybe it would become full even if only a few people stayed.

Fiana「Lize-san. For now, how about we have lunch?」

Lize「Uuu…… But what should we do tonight…?」

Kouta「Until when you will continue like this? Get up!」

I tried to make Lize, who was collapsed on the floor in a miserable state, get up.
I hope she would stop being like this because people were watching.

The bar was quite crowded, but it seems we would be able to sit somewhere.
While looking for an empty table, I observed the people around.

Men and women armed with weapons such as swords, bows, and also magic staffs.
Their ages vary, from young people to middle-aged adults, but everyone behaved as if they were full of confidence.
In other words, although their abilities vary, their attitudes were just as big.
Many people were drinking even though it’s still noon.
Some of them were bragging by telling others about their heroic stories.

They seemed to be people whose daily routine was on the battlefield.
However, their equipment was different from one another.
Could it be, they are…

Kouta「Are they the adventurers from the guild?」

Lize「Hmm. Maybe? They look like it tho」

Adventurers, huh…


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