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Chapter 12 : The Meaning of “One-Wyvern”


Actually, stray slimes could be found near the hut, but they only looked like a heat haze that appeared on the edge of the sight and would disappear when you move your eyes toward them.
Sara has never seen what it really looks like. What color it was, what shape it was. But, there’s something she wanted to try.

「Alright… focus… Don’t move my eyes. Feel its presence… and use a mini fireball with tracking ability… Go…」

A small fireball about the size of finger nail appeared in front of Sara, and at that moment, the stray slime immediately disappeared, but the fireball was chasing it.

「I’ve never managed to do this trick before. But… let’s see…」

Sara slowly went around the big rock from the top and tried to find the stray slime on the other side.
And then She saw something shiny around there.

「Ah! There it is! So this is what stray slime’s magic stone looks like. It’s my first time seeing this」

She crouched down and picked up the magic stone, then stood up, held it up and exposed it to the sun.
Usually, the magic stone from the monsters is blackish but this magic stone was milky white. When she held it over the sun, she saw various colors floating inside the stone.

「It looks like an opal」


「Hm? Kie?」


The barrier shook greatly. It looks like something big crashed into the barrier from behind.

「C, Could it be…」

After she carefully put the magic stone into her pouch, Sara slowly turned around.

It was a wyvern.

A dead wyvern.

「Why?….. Why did such a big creature come after me on the day I’m still preparing my mind to kill creatures!?」


The forest wolves, that were still following Sara from a distance, approached the wyvern after they confirmed its death.

「Eh? Do you guys want to eat that wyvern?」


Even though the wyvern was already dead, it still terrified Sara.
Sharp teeth could be seen from the mouth that was left open because the neck was broken.
The body size was several times bigger than an alpine wolf.
And moreover, those big sharp claws that could lift a giant deer easily.

She remembered Nelly once told her that a wyvern was worth a lot of money.

Is it okay if those forest wolves ate it?


But when she was about to take the storage pouch from her waist, she stopped her hand.

「Wait… My pouch is a one-wyvern pounch, right? So… It only fits one wyvern… That means…」

If she put the wyvern in, all the camping equipment, herbs, emergency food, and the dead forest wolf inside, would come out.

Sara was confused, not sure what to do.

Meanwhile, the forest wolves continued to eat the wyvern.

What should I do? Sara wondered.

She took a deep breath and thought.

「Okay, I’ll make my barrier wide enough for me and the wyvern. And then, wait for Nelly to come back」

She had tested before that the barrier could be resized to some extent.

「Uhh….. Together with a corpse… This wyvern looks so scary!」

Sara approached the wyvern and reluctantly inflated the barrier until it covered the wyvern.

The forest wolves realized what Sara was going to do and tried to attack her. Butー


The barrier bounced them away.


Sara hoped that Nelly would come back soon.



Sara was still waiting for Nelly. She went out hunting after lunch so it was much later than usual.

「Still, I don’t think it’s good to leave me, an 11-year-old girl, alone until it gets dark…」

Sara murmured beside the wyvern corpse while being illuminated by a camping lamp.

The night at the end of autumn was really cold.
The forest wolves were still surrounding the barrier. In the darkness, their eyes were reflecting the light, creating a creepy atmosphere.



Nelly’s voice came from the big rock that became the landmark on the other side.

「Nellyー! I’m hereー!」

「Why do you sit there?…. Uwaa!」

Sara heard Nelly’s voice approaching and ended in a surprised voice.

As Nelly approached Sara, the forest wolves scattered. What an aura. That’s Nelly for you.

「It’s a wyvern! How come? Did it crash into your barrier? But still…」

「It’s big, moreover it came from the sky at high speed, so I think the repulsion greatly damaged its neck」

「Even a strong wyvern could be killed by its own power, huh. And… why don’t you put it in your storage bag?」

「I can’t…」

「Ah! I forgot. Sara’s bag was a one-wyvern storage bag」


Nelly cleared her throat as if she prepared to say something andー

「See? Because things like this happen a lot, at least you need a three-wyverns storage bag」

And said that while putting her hand in her waist.

「Happen a lot!? No way! As if I can stand things like this to happen a lot! Impossible! Impossible! Impossibleー!」

「O, Okay, okay… I see…」

Denied by Sara, Nelly awkwardly agreed.

「Hmm… but if Sara sold it to the guild, everyone would doubt that you killed it. Besides, it might hurt their pride as a hunter if an 11-year-old girl brought a wyvern to the guild… Can’t be helped then, I’ll sell it for you. If it was me, bringing one or two wyverns to the guild is a normal thing. And Sara」


Once again, Nelly cleared her throat.

「A wyvern can be sold for 10,000,000 gils. So, Sara, what are you gonna do with the money?」

「Really? Then, please buy me a backpack type three-wyverns storage bag!」

「Alright. I think that’s good. You can leave it to me」

Sara thought, if she continued to use her money, she would never be able to make a saving….


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