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3-2 : An Adventurer Man


So they’re adventurers, huh.
There were a lot of people who looked like athletic club people.
The magicians seemed to be quiet. Well, everybody’s different I guess.
If I enter the guild, I want to work with the quiet type.

When I was thinking like that, someone called us.

「Yo. Are you girls villagers here? Can you tell me a little about this village? Come eat with us!」

It was a trio of men. All of them were around the same age. Maybe around late twenties.

To be exact, they were not called ‘us’; they called Lize and Fiana. It seems I wasn’t even in their sight.
Lize was dressed like a village girl, and Fiana’s hunter equipment was made in the village, so they looked a little different from adventurers.

And, the reason why they called the girls wasー

Lize「Eeh~? Are you guys hitting on us? No way~ Do you guys think I’m cuteー gu,hee!」

Kouta「Oi. You know they’re hitting on you, so don’t look so happy!」

Fiana「Sorry. We have something to do, so if you will excuse us」

They were just a bunch of rascals who hit on girls as soon as they saw a girl walking alone.
I silenced Lize, who looked happy for some reason. Meanwhile Fiana politely refused their offer, pulled Lize’s hand and left them.

But, they didn’t give up.

Rascal「Come onー don’t be so mean! We just want to have a little chat with you」

One of them approached us and said that, while the other two blocked our escape route.
These guys!

Kouta「Oi. You’re wasting our time. Away with you mongrels!」

Can’t be helped.
I climbed up Lize’s head, glared at the man and spoke out.
I’m a stuffed animal, so it didn’t have much pressure tho.

Rascal「What the heck!? Are you a fairy or something!? We don’t have business with a mere fairy! Go away and return to your world! Shoo shooー!」

Well, indeed I want to go back to my world tho.
But wait… I wonder what am I? Since we have to keep secret that Lize is a witch, what should I become then?

But I can think of it later, more importantly, we have to do something with these guys.

Suddenly, Lize seemed to get angry. Maybe because they said bad things about me.

Lize「Hey! How dare you speak ill of Kouta! He’s not a fairy! He’s a humaー hmmph!?」

Kouta「Ssstt! Don’t say anything stupid!…… And you guys also, shoo shooー! We don’t have business with the likes of you!」

Rascal「What did you say!? We’re adventurers from the guild, you know! We came all the way here for this village’s sake. Be grateful, will ya!?」

Kouta「Like I care! I don’t know what your job is, but just do it and go home already! Or maybe… hitting on girls was your job, huh!?」

Rascal「Say it again you bastard! You wanna fight, huh!?」

Kouta「Bring it on you punk!」

The quarrel didn’t stop. Moreover, it seems we were going to fight each other.
Shooting a fireball inside the bar would be bad. Maybe I should think about fighting more carefully. But I didn’t think they would pull back. What should I do…?

When I was thinking, suddenlyー

Man「You should stop. There will be punishment to adventurers who raise their hand against civilians」

There was another man. It seems that he didn’t have a connection with these assholes.
He looked young. Maybe the same age as Lize or a little older. He got a sword on his waist, so maybe he was also an adventurer.

Behind him, was a boy at the same age as Fiana. This one was wearing a robe like a magician. The robe wrapped his small body gave a baggy impression.

Rascal「Just who the heck are you!? You wanna fight too, huh!?」

The flirting man also picked a fight with the adventurer man.
He must be the type of person who acts big and picks a fight with everyone he didn’t like.

But the adventurer man made a cool face.

Man「Chill man. Personal battles between adventurers will also get a punishment. I’m not that stupid to bother doing that」

Rascal「Bullshit! You’re just scared, aren’t you!?」

The flirting man approached the adventurer with a threatening aura but the adventurer still didn’t seem to have lost his cool.

Man「Scared? Well, it depends on what I’m scared of. If it was getting a punishment, I’m scared. But, if it was idiots who don’t even know the rules, I’m not even scared at all」

Rascal「Bastard….! You call me idiot, huhー!?」

Man「No, no. I said idiots. That means not only you. All of you. You can’t even tell the difference between idiot and idiots? What an idiot」

This man…
Even though he said fighting would be bad, he incited those guys so hard.
It seems the other two were also getting angry and approached the adventurer.
Oi, oi. Is it going to be alright?

Boy「Please run away while he’s holding them」

Before we realized, the boy who was behind the adventurer, came over here and pulled Lize’s sleeve.

Boy「Please hurry」

Lize「But, your friend isー」

Boy「Don’t worry about Kai. I’m sure there won’t be a fight and he can easily escape. Let’s go!」

So, his name is Kai, huh.
And apparently, he was trying to trigger those guys to create a chance for us to escape.
Thanks to him, the attention of people in this place was focused on them, so no one would notice us escaping.
Distraction is the most important key in magic tricks, right? Well, we’re not doing a trick tho.

When we almost got outside, I looked at Kai’s direction; he was just avoiding a punch from the flirting guy.

Kai「Oiー chill man! Well, I didn’t attack so it won’t be a personal fight, right? And if I keep breathing the air near these idiots, I’ll become an idiot too, so….. Adiosー!」

After he said that, my eyes met with his.
He smiled and winked at me.

After a while of waiting outside with the boy, Kai came. Of course, without those idiot guys.

Kai「Fuhh… I ran through the back door of the bar. They lost me and spread to all directions. This is a small village, so they might find us later」

While smiling, Kai explained the situation.
It was a friendly looking smile, so he might be a good person.

Kouta「Thank you for helping us」

When I bowed down and thanked him, Lize and Fiana followed me.
Again, Kai showed us a smile.

Kai「You’re welcome. Well, helping people is my job as an adventurer of the guild. If there’s someone who needs help, I will definitely help them. But…… sometimes there’s also people who can’t be saved… My name is Kai, and that small one is Yuuri. Nice to meet you」

Yuuri「I’m Yuuri」

When Kai said his name, the boy called Yuuri just simply said his name. His short hair was surprisingly white. He stared at us with clear eyes and greeted us with a nod.

After that, Kai said something that surprised us.

Kai「You guys are not from this village, aren’t you? And you… You’re a witch, right?」


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