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3-3 A Big Quest


A witch… Kai turned to Lize and said that.

Lize「W, w, what are you t, talking about? I, I’m just a village girl, Lize. My name is similar to a witch named Lizelotte, but we’re a different persoー hyauu!?」

The one who hit Lize’s ass just now wasn’t me, it was Fiana.
This girl is gradually starting to know how to handle Lize. I’m so happy.

Kai「If it was something to hide, I’m sorry. There must be circumstances you don’t wanna talk about, right? I was just wondering. You’re a familiar, aren’t you? If so, there should be a magician with you, and I guessed it must be this girl」

Lize「Aaー Uhh…. Yes… I’m the great witch, Lize. JUST Lize」

Kouta「You don’t need to talk anymore!…… And we’re sorry. For some reason, we have to hide that she’s a witch. But, as I thought, it’s obvious that I’m a familiar, huh」

Kai「Well, there aren’t many other possibilities for a talking plushie. Familiars who can speak human words are very rare, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Actually, it’s my first time seeing one. So I have a guess that maybe you’re a familiar who came from the world of fairy」

Kouta「I see」

Perhaps, I shouldn’t move or talk while Lize was wearing normal clothes. I have to be careful next time.

For knowing information about familiar and stuff, I bet Kai knew a lot of things.
Well, I’m not a familiar who came from the world of fairy tho, I’m a human who came from another world.
But if I told him this, it would be a long talk, so I decided to keep silent. Besides, Kai himself said he won’t be asking us any further.
More importantly, if Kai knew a lot of things, maybe we can ask him many things.

Kouta「It seems a lot of adventurers from the guild came to this village. Do you know why?」

The numbers of adventurers were so many that we couldn’t even stay at the inn.
It was easy to find several adventurers on the street. A view that was completely different from Fiana’s village.

Kai「So you don’t know? Could it be, you guys are not from the guild?」

Kouta「Yeah. We’re just travelers. We came from the west」

Kai「I see. They are adventurers from Wakea Town. It’s a small town east of here. Well, I’m not a resident of Wakea, I’m just a traveler who had been staying in that town for a while, but I was going with the flow and jumped on the bandwagon」

Fiana「Kouta-san. It’s the town where the feudal lord lives」

Fiana said with a small voice so only Lize and I could hear.

I see. So that’s the town we’re heading to, huh.

Kai「Several days ago, a request came to the guild from this village. The client was the village mayor. In other words, it was a request from the whole village. There are a lot of orcs near this village, so the villagers want us to get rid of them. Moreover, it seems they came in a ridiculous number. Rather than a flock, it seems to be the level of one village of orcs. But, actually it’s strange, because this area is not the orcs’ habitat」

Kouta「Is that so?…… Lize, are there usually no orcs here?」

Lize「Why you asking me? I don’t know about orc’s habitat」

Fiana「But, even in my village, I’ve never heard about orcs attacking」

Lize「That means, they really are out of their original habitat then. I heard that they’re everywhere tho. Ah! But we’ve fought an orc before, right Kouta?」

Kouta「Come to think of it. That stray orc must be the orc that was kicked out of the flock near this village」

Lize「Aah, I see. So it had been wandering the forest and found us by coincidence」

Kouta「That must be the case. Alright, Kai, please continue」

Kai「O, Okay」

While we were talking secretly, Kai remained silent and waited for us.
As I thought, he was a good person.

Kai「Anyway, the village seems to be in great danger. If the orcs attack this village all at once, there would be no villagers alive here. They already messed with this village last time, so I think they definitely already know about this village’s existence. According to the first eyewitness report, the livestock in the village were attacked. They sent several men to investigate what was going on, but half of them didn’t come back, and the other half were in a dying state but managed to get to the village somehow. After that, this village sent the request to the guild」

I see. And then the guild received a request with quite a lot of money as rewards from this village. Maybe the reward was money collected from all the villagers. Well, considering the number of the orcs, the reward for killing one of them would be small, but still, it was a big job.

Either aiming for the reward money or trying to raise their name by defeating a large number of orcs, the adventurers were rushing to this village.
But not only the adventurers from the town. People from the neighbouring town who heard the rumors, and also those who wanted to show their ability to the guild people, were joining the bandwagon.
Because there were so many people overflowing to this village, inns were full everywhere.

Kouta「I see…」

Fiana「Looks like we’ve come at a difficult time」

Lize「Too bad we came before we register at the guild. Otherwise, we can make a lot of money now」

Kouta「That can’t be helped. For now, let’s watch how the adventurers fight. It should be helpful in the future」

We had decided to register to the guild, but we still didn’t know what kind of job adventurer was.
Therefore, we should be learning first by watching the professionals working.

Kouta「Kai, I have another question……. Where should we spend the night today?」

Kai「Wellー That’s……」

For us, this is a serious problem. Even Kai seemed to have a hard time solving it.

Kai「Maybe if you ask the residents there, they might let you stay in their house. But I’m sure they want you to pay high. Well, the people in this village are also desperate. They will try to get back the money they paid for the guild」


We have money. But it’s not infinite.
I don’t know what would happen to us in the future, so I think we should save it for now.

Kai「Also, there’s a small plaza in the middle of the village. I think you can camp there」

Lize「Camp, huhー Uuhh… camping in the middle of a village, huhー……. I want a bed…..」

Lize was holding her head; she looked troubled.

Actually, we don’t have many options. We pay money to stay in one of the residents’ houses or just camp in the village plaza.
But even if we stay in a resident’s house, the facility won’t be the same as the inn, so I think it won’t be worth the money.
It’s obvious which option we should choose.

Kouta「Camp it is」

Fiana「Agreed. Camp it is」

Lize「Noooー! Beeedー! I want my bedー! I’m sick of sleeping on the ground!」

By the majority vote, it was decided that we would be sleeping outside tonight.



Even though it was called plaza, it was just a little large open space with no buildings, nothing magnificent. And of course, it was soil ground. Well, it’s not my first time, so I can bear with it.
Kai and Yuuri also chose to sleep here. There were also many adventurers who made the same choice and started to gather here.
Someone seemed to have set up a large bonfire. We sat around it, making a circle.

Kai said that the adventurers will start looking for the orc settlement tomorrow morning, and then destroy it.
So, we have to get a nice sleep tonight. But before that, I just remembered that the girls haven’t eaten yet. I’m okay not eating, but Lize would surely be noisy. It was those three rascals’ fault we missed lunch.

When I was about to suggest to the girls whether to go back to the bar or buy food from the store, I felt that the people around started getting noisy.
I wondered what happened. I noticed that the adventurers around us were staring in one direction, and then the girls and I immediately looked that way.
On the other side of the bonfire, we saw the rascal from earlier walking unsteadily with a pale looking face.
He was alone. I wondered where the other two were.
Suddenly, I noticed a smell of blood. Where does it come from? For some reason, I had a feeling that it came from that rascal.
Is he injured? Well, I hate him, but after seeing him dying like this, I feel like helping him.
I looked at him closer andー
His right hand was gone. A lot of blood was flowing from his body.
An adventurer approached him, tried to ask what the heck happened to him.

Rascal「O………… O…………」

He tried his best to tell the adventurers who gathered around him but his voice was so small.
I tried to listen to him carefully.

「O………rcs….. Or….cs…. Are….」

He seemed to have reached his limit and collapsed forward to the ground.
I saw a sword stuck in his back.

「O…rcs……. Are…. Com…ing……..」

With his last power, he said that.

After that, I heard the sound of the earth rumbling along with many loud beast growls.


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