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Chapter 13 : Living in Another World Starts from Three Nights of Sleeping Outside


After that, Sara’s first sleeping outside started.

First, she prepared the set up for the 2×2 meters barrier box.
She placed the first tool, the second, and after she placed the third oneー
The barrier was created.
When she put the fourth one, the barrier became hard and sturdy.

Now she could safely cancel her bubble barrier.

With the wide bubble barrier gone, the forest wolves came right in front of Sara.
She was safe inside the box barrier, but still, scary things are scary.

She tried to ignore the wolves and started preparing the bento box for dinner.

Actually, Sara really wanted to cook normally like cutting vegetables, cooking rice, meat, ect. But, those were things people do in a fun camp.
Sara’s purpose wasn’t for having fun. She camped for training to travel long distances and also accompanied Nelly hunting.
That’s why, she chose a simple and easy way so it didn’t make her tired.

Still, since she bought the camping equipment, it would be a waste not to use it.
No… Actually, she was eager to try it.

Thus, before taking out the bento box, Sara set up a portable stove, put a small pot on it and turned the fire on.
When the water boiled, she added tea leaves Nelly bought from the town, and then turned the fire off.
With the light from the camping lamp, she watched the tea leaves. After she confirmed the leaves swelled and sunk to the bottom of the pot, she poured the water into the cup carefully so that the leaves didn’t go into the cup too.

「I leave mine as it is. And here’s Nelly’s, with sugar」


After Nelly happily received the tea, Sara took out the bento box and opened the lid.

「Heeー So this is what the guild bento box looks like」

「Hoo. It brings back memories」

She had stockpiled it little by little every time Nelly went to the town. But, this is the first time she actually ate it.

「The bread is the same bread as we usually eat huh」

Sara picked up the bread and looked at the bento box from corner to corner.

「Oh, meat. Nelly, you know what meat is this?」

「It’s orc meat」


「It’s a dungeon monster. You can’t find them in this Demon Mountain. Freshly roasted is very delicious, you know」

「Freshly roasted….」

Sara imagined an orc being roasted. That was an unpleasant scene…

And there was one more thing inside the box. It was a ceramic cup with a lid on it. It was quite big for a cup tho.

「Is it vegetable soup or something?」

She held the cup over the lamp so that she could see it clearly.
The soup was cold and the oil had solidified, floating on the surface of the soup.

「It will definitely fill your stomach, you know?」

「Indeed… the portion is too much for me」

The bread was good but the meat was hard, also the soup was cold and oily.

「Nelly, if you bought it right after it was cooked and immediately put it in the storage bag, wouldn’t you be able to eat it hot?」

「Ah!……… Wait… But it was cold already when they sold it」

For a moment, Nelly opened her eyes wide.

In the first place, people in this world can use magic, right?
This is the world of magic. We can even produce water and fire from nothing with magic.
So, why don’t they use some kind of magic to keep the food warm before selling them?

While Sara was thinking like that, she stared at the soup before drinking it.
And somehow, she remembered a phrase in the magic textbook.
“Magical energy will become the power you imagined. Depending on how much magical energy you have, you can freely imagine the power as long as you don’t overdo it.”

「Maybe I can try something………… be warm!」

When Sara imagined the soup getting warm and put some magical energy into it, steam rose from the cup. The oil floating in the soup was also gone. It smelled really delicious now.
She then put the soup into her mouth.


Sara also warmed up Nelly’s soup.

「Ooo! This is really good!」

It was surprisingly easy to do.

Next, how about the bread and the meat.
Freshly grilled orc meat might look a bit grotesque so Sara just warmed it up a little.

「Hmm~ It’s not that juicy but at least it’s become tender. Nelly, I’ll warm up your meat too」

「Ahh… mine is…..」

Nelly’s orc meat was already gone.

「W, Well… Don’t mind, Nelly. Anyway, with this, we can warm the food up anytime!」

「Right. Maybe we don’t need a portable stove anymore」


Even though she had magic, Sara still wanted to have a little fun with her camping equipment.


After washing the cups and the bento boxes and putting them in the storage pouch, Sara then took out the mat and spread it on the ground.
Nelly also spread her mat and laid it down side by side next to Sara’s mat.

「I’m happy to sleep side by side with Nelly」

「You’re right. Me too」

After that, Sara pulled out the blanked as well.
In autumn, the outside air was cold. Especially at night.
But Nelly laid without a blanket.

Sara wondered why she didn’t wear a blanket.
Muscles? It must be her muscles she didn’t feel cold!

「Nelly, you’re not cold?」

「Not at all」

「Thanks to your muscle?」

「What are you talking about? I just use body strengthening and create a warm layer that covers the surface of my body. Ahh, body strengthening is really convenient」

Sara was somewhat frustrated by Nelly’s idea to always depend on that ability to solve everything.

「M, My barrier too! It’s not inferior to your body strengthening you know! I just have to make the air around my body warm with my barrier, right?」

Sara’s hate-to-lose blood was boiling and made her say that.

「Make a warm layer…. And……. Like this?… Ughh, it’s covering my face and hard to breath… Alright, make it smaller and avoid the face, and then… maybe lower the temperature a little….. Ahh! I did it!」

It was really comfy.

「Ahhh~~ Magic is very convenient」

「It’s because you’re an ‘invited person’. Normal person will have a hard time learning magic, you know!」

Said Nelly, looking a little frustrated.

「But Sara. If you’re not used to it, the magic will be canceled when you fall asleep. You should also wear your blanket just in case」

「Ahh… you’re right. Okay then」





When Sara woke up, she was greeted by the cold morning air.
Like Nelly said, the warm mini barrier was gone before she knew it.


Not only the cold air, the forest wolves also gave her a morning greet.

「Uhh…. I don’t need the wolves to greet me. Shoo, shooー」

「Mmm….. Sara… you up already?」

「Nelly. Sorry, did I wake you up?」

「No. I also just wake up. *yawn* Ahh-hhaaa~」

While still looking sleepy, Nelly stood up, looked toward the town and raised a voice of admiration.

「Uwaahー Look, Sara! It’s been a long time since the last time I saw a sunrise like this」

「Waaahー it’s so beautiful!」


After that day, Sara and Nelly’s training for camping far from the hut continued.
They camped one night at a time at first. Stay outside for a day, and then rest the next day to organize luggage, make a new simple food for camping and other stuff.

The distance Sara could walk also gradually increased.
First, she extended her walking distance through the mountain road. After that, she explored the right side of the mountain from the hut, and then the left side.
Finally, she aimed for the top of the mountain.

She went to various places on the mountain.
Spring water that flowed down creating a pond that became a settlement for some monsters.
A steep rocky hill where you can find a flower field by passing through the gap to the other side.
And many other places.
Of course, the monsters there were quite strong.

Sometimes, to protect herself, killing monsters was inevitable.
Sara’s three-wyverns bag was full by the time another year had passed. In the end, Sara had no choice but to ask Nelly to sell them for her.

「Well, you can sell them yourself if you have the largest storage bag available like me」

「Nelly…… I can’t pay 100,000,000 gils, you know…」

Nelly said something like an evil businessman who forcibly sells goods to customers and ties them with big loans.

「You can have the money, so please, sell these poor monsters for me」

「Don’t worry Sara, I’ll separate your money. I’ll give your money back once you become a member of the guild」

And then she said something like a mother who keeps their children’s pocket money and will give the money back once the children pass the school test.





Two years had passed since Sara transferred to this world.
Now, she had enough leg strength to walk all day and was able to stay for three nights outside.

And for Nelly, she used to go to town once every ten days in the first year. Now that she had another largest storage bag used for a stockpile, she went to town every twenty days.

Sara was happy that Nelly was with her more often now.
But… for some reason, Nelly’s face gradually turned gloomy along with the air of autumn in the second year that became colder.
Sara wondered what happened.


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