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3-4 : Orc Army



I didn’t know what sound it was at first. But the next moment, I noticed that it was the voice of the orcs.


The voices were overlapping each other. It seems there were multiple orcs.
The adventurers around the plaza stood up and raised their voice, “Incoming!”, “Orcs are coming!”, “Brace yourself!”
After that, some people began to scream. It sounded more like a scream of despair than a war cry. Who the heck screamed like that? Maybe the type of adventurer who was like the rascal dude.
We were at the center of the village. That means, the orcs should be attacking the edge part of the village first.
Right after I was thinking like that, a large number of people ran over here from the other side. Beyond those people, a large number of huge monsters that were similar to the one I killed last time, approaching us.
Invading slowly in a formation, they mercilessly killed people who were late or running slow.
One of them swung down the big club in its hand toward a woman and crushed her. Another orc swung it toward a little child. The child was blown away and crashed into a stone wall of a building, creating a red blood pattern on the wall. Some people tried to run into the building, but the orcs had no intention of ignoring them; they destroyed the wall of the building and got inside. After that, another scream was heard from inside the building.

Kai「This is terrible…… Can you stand?」

Kai helped us to stand up. To be exact, he helped Lize to stand up.
I was on Lize’s shoulder while Fiana was already standing up and preparing her bow.
The adventurers around the plaza seemed also ready to fight. Those who armed with swords, spears and other melee weapons ran toward the orcs, and those who used bows and magic, were supporting them from behind. It doesn’t matter anymore either to protect the villagers or to raise their reputation.
There were also some of them who fled.

Lize「Awawawawaー…… W, What should we do!?…. No, of course we have to fight them, right!?」

And speaking of our Lize, she stood up and put her bag on her shoulder nervously. It was good that she could move. Well, I’m the one who will fight tho.

Kouta「Kai. What we’re gonna do?」

Kai「To be honest, I don’t know either. Their numbers are just too many. If there were only ten or twenty, I think we could win, but this is… I don’t know…… Maybe running away is the wisest choice」

Kouta「No way…..」

Indeed, there were some adventurers who ran away. It might be the best choice but we can’t abandon the villagers.
The villagers kept running away, passed us and ran toward the opposite direction of the orcs.
And the flock of orcs were finally approaching us.

Kai「Forget about running away! Let’s do what we can for now!」

Kouta「O flame, amass! Burn! Scorch! Fireballー!」

I chanted the magic next to Kai who was preparing his sword.
A giant fireball flew toward one of the orcs and obliterated its head in an instant.
The orc, whose head had become charcoal, collapsed and died.

Kai「T, That power! How did you get such a powerful magical power!?」

Kouta「I don’t know! Fireballー!」

The second shot was also a bullseye.
I was aiming only for the head so that my fireball didn’t hit the melee adventurers. It seems to be going well so far.

Kai was dealing with the orc in front of us while Fiana was shooting arrows at the enemy’s head, and it seems like she already defeated several orcs with the cooperation of the magician adventurers.
Meanwhile, Lize… Well, she was supporting me as my scaffolding. To be honest she was doing a good job for not running away and doing what she could.
And there was one other person, Yuuri. He was just watching our fight. He was wearing a robe, so I thought he was a magician but he wasn’t shooting his magic attack and supporting the frontliners like I did.
However, he seemed to be on alert of the surroundings, so I thought that he might be planning something.

We were definitely killing the orcs, but there were just too many of them. And clearly, they recognized us as their opponent and would naturally fight back.
One of the orcs approached a warrior on the frontline, grabbed his head and crushed it like a tomato. What a brute strength to crush a human’s head so easily. Well, it’s not strange with that huge body.
Another adventurer was lifted and slammed onto the ground to death.
A swordswoman was also lifted by the orc, but in her case, the orc didn’t kill her, it took her to the back instead. Perhaps for the orcs, she was spoils of war or something.
People were screaming everywhere. I didn’t even know anymore if the scream came from the adventurers or the villagers.

There was someone whose neck was twisted off by the orc until it separated from the body. The orc then threw it away and it rolled over here.


Seeing a freshly severed head, Lize jumped away unintentionally.

Kouta「Oi, calm down! Don’t run away! We have to protect the villagers, right?」

Kai「No. It’s getting worse. I think we should fallーBACK!」


An orc ran over here but Kai took a step forward and tried to block its sword.
Yes, sword. Instead of a big club, the orc swung down a sword toward Kai with all its might.
But then Kai knew if he received it straight, he would die, so he took a slight sideways step, parried it with his sword and dodge it to the side. Immediately, he went behind the orc and cut the back of its knee.
After the orc lost its posture and collapsed, Kai cut its neck with his sword.

The army of the orcs pushed us back so hard.
For us long-range fighters, this is really bad.
During that time, Yuuri suddenly opened his mouth.

Yuuri「Kai! This is bad! They’re also coming from behind!」

Responding to his words, we looked behind.
I saw no orcs but fire was rising from the village area behind us, and I also heard people screaming and fighting from that direction.

Kai「Could it be! They’re surrounding the whole village!?」

Yuuri「It seems so」

Kai「No choice then….. Let’s get away for now. You guys too, come follow us!」

When we were hiding behind the building to regain our posture for a moment, Kai made such a proposal.
That might be the wise choice, but that meansー

Kouta「W, Wait! There are still a lot of people who need help here!」

I raised an objection against Kai’s idea to fall back.
There might still be people who were taken away like the swordswoman earlier, we can’t just leave them behind.
Besides, there were people who escaped into their house and hid there. The orcs would definitely destroy the houses and kill the humans inside. We have to save them.

Kai「No. It’s too late. We can’t help them」

Kouta「BUT! You said that your job is to save people in trouble!」

Kai「Yes I said that! But there are also lives that can’t be saved….. Still, if you run with me right now, at least you can be saved」

I looked around the plaza.
Many of the adventurers who were fighting in the front line were killed or taken away. And perhaps some of them had retreated because they knew they couldn’t win.
The casualties from the rearguard were not that much compared to the frontline, but the orcs would eventually get close to them. Many of them decided to run away. But, beyond their retreat route, there would be another army of orcs from the other side of the village.

The orcs were still slowly approaching us. Moreover, there were still many of them.
This is definitely a fight that we can’t win.

Kai「Come with me! For now, just think about how to survive!」

Lize「…………Kouta, let’s run away…….. I don’t want you to die. You don’t want me to die either, right?」

With a gentle voice, Lize urged me to run.
Fiana looked at me and silently nodded.
Majority vote, huh.

Kouta「Khh! Damn it! Dammitー!……………… Alright….. let’s go…..」


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