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3-5 Werewolf


When I agreed to withdraw, Kai looked relieved.

Kai「Thank you. I’ll definitely take you all to a safe place. Yuuri, we’re counting on you」


I wondered what Kai was going to do with this little wizard.
Yuuri took his robe and handed it to Kai.
It was the first time I’ve seen him without his robe, but he was wearing much lighter clothes than I expected.
His upper body was naked. He was only wearing short pants and simple shoes.
I had an impression that he looked like an exhibitionist, but I kept silent. Besides, he was hiding “it” properly, so it’s okay, and I didn’t know if there was any such pervert culture in this world.

Yuuri「Ga, garr….」

Soon after, Yuuri’s body gradually changed. His body grew bigger and bigger, became a solid body. Then, white hair grew from all over his body. His fingernails and toenails became sharp claws. Triangular ears grew on top of his head. His mouth pointed out along with sharp fangs grew inside it.
His body kept getting bigger and bigger until his pants torned apart, but it was still ‘safe’ because his body turned into a non-human body.


A giant white wolf stood on four legs and stared at us with bright red eyes. The size was one size larger than the boss wolf I killed in Fiana’s village that time.
After seeing his transformation, we were on guard for a moment, but it seemed that the character of a quiet boy hadn’t changed, so we didn’t feel any hostility from him.

Kai「He’s a werewolf. A clan of wolves that can transform their bodies into human form. This is Yuuri’s original appearance. Alright then, get on him! He can carry about three people with ease」

Kai wore the robe Yuuri handed to him. He looked like a wizard now.
He hoped and straddled onto Yuuri’s back. Lize and Fiana hesitated at first, but then they followed Kai hopped onto Yuuri’s back and sat behind Kai.
And as always, I was on Lize’s shoulder.

Kai「Yuuri, go! Hold on tight, girls!」



Except Kai, three of us made a surprised voice because Yuuri suddenly started to run.
Lize and Fiana tried their best to hold on to Yuuri’s body so they didn’t fall off.

Yuuri ran toward the adventurers and villagers who were still alive in the front and stopped.
Then Kai shouted in a loud voice.

Kai「All of you, listen to meー! The army of orcs have surrounded this village! At this rate, you all are going to die! We should escape this village for now and aim for Wakea Town! We’ll break through the orcs between the roads leading to the town! If you don’t wanna die, follow us!」

We couldn’t afford losing more time to persuade them all, that’s why Kai said as clearly as possible if they didn’t follow us, they’d die. Well, even if they followed us, they still might be dead on the way tho.

While feeling the pressure from the giant wolf, the adventurers seemed to find hope in our strength and many of them followed us.
But many of the villagers were reluctant. It seemed they actually didn’t want to leave the village where they were born and raised. Maybe for them, this village was their world. Well, I know how they feel, but still, death is the only one that will wait for them if they don’t get out of this village.
Please, I want all of them to listen to Kai and follow us.

After that, Yuuri, we were riding on, started to run.
We passed the tavern from earlier, but due to the orcs attack, the building was completely destroyed and the inside was on fire. There were several corpses lying around the entrance. It seemed there were still some adventurers desperately fighting the orcs to protect the villagers inside, still, the difference in strength was clear.
Yuuri ran through the tavern wall, got inside and saved a villager who was about to be attacked by an orc.

Kai「Oi you guys! Follow us! We’re escaping this village!」

Responding to Kai’s shout, many of the adventurers inside the tavern left the battle and followed us.
However, there were also several of them who remained because they couldn’t leave their injured friends and the villagers. Couldn’t be helped, it was their own choice.

Yuuri ran with the adventurers and the villagers following behind. We went through the buildings area and entered the edge of the village where there were so many fields lined up.
If we kept going like this, we would soon enter the forest.
And after we ran through the forest, we would find the road to the town.

But, before we entered the forestー


A wall of orcs greeted us with a loud howl ahead.
They approached us, tried to stop us.
A few adventurers ran forward quickly and tried to hold them, still, their strength was inferior to the orcs.
Anyway, we have to break through this wall of orcs.

Kai「Lize! Get rid of them with your huge magic!」

Lize「E, Ehh!? M-Me!?」

Kouta「Calm down! I’ll do it!」

Perhaps Kai thought Lize was a strong witch after seeing me, her familiar, shot powerful fireballs. But we didn’t have time to explain this big misunderstanding.
Lize held onto Yuuri’s body firmly with one hand while the other hand held my body forward toward Kai. I moved from Lize’s hand to Kai’s shoulder and chanted the magic while glaring at the orcs in front of us.

Kouta「O Wind, blow! Rip! Tear! Wind cutterー!」

The blade of wind flew toward the orcs faster than Yuuri’s feet.
I imagined the trajectory to be like a boomerang, and it cut several orcs horizontally by the neck at once. As a result, a big opening was created in the middle of the wall of orcs, and Yuuri immediately ran through it.

Kai「You guys! Now is the chance! Go! Go!」

The orcs tried to rebuild their formation, but the adventurers and the villagers had successfully passed through the siege before it happened.

Fiana「Lize-san! Can you hold my body?」

Lize「Why do I always get this kind of role!?」

Lize held Fiana’s body firmly while Yuuri kept running and swaying.
Fiana shot arrows toward the orcs behind to assist the people to run.
Immediately, I moved from Kai’s shoulder to Lize’s shoulder, and climbed up to Fiana’s head. Then I casted magic and killed the orcs with fireballs

It seemed our pace was faster than the orcs.
I kept shooting magic until the orcs disappeared in the darkness of the night.



After we got far enough to the point where the orcs wouldn’t follow us, Yuuri stopped.
We waited for the people who followed us to catch up. There weren’t many of them. Adventurers and villagers were only twenty people in total. The number of adventurers who came to the village must have been several times more than this. It can’t be helped…

Kai「We’ll be going to Wakea Town first. After I explain the situation to the guild, I’ll ask them to pick you guys up」

Said Kai to several adventurers who seemed to be reliable among the people who followed us.
He also told them to look for another village and rest there while waiting for the help from the guild, and warned them to just run away if the orcs were chasing.

Kai then turned to us while we were still on top of Yuuri’s back and talked with a small voice.

Kai「Maybe the orcs are busy looting and destroying the village and don’t have time to chase after these people tho」

He said with a small voice maybe because he didn’t want the villagers to hear what he said. Because it would make them even more sad.

After that, Yuuri turned toward the direction of the town and started running again.


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