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After Mallow defeated Hamgoro, they were heading to the mine to escort Buncho mining the ores.


Chapter 61 : To The Mine


After the three of them finished their preparation, they headed for the cave dungeon. To be exact, the mine.
The mine is in Area 1, in the opposite direction of the Black Forest.
It’s not far from the safe area town, Flower Garden.

After a few minutes walking through the open-world meadow, they finally reached the mine.
But something had been bothering Mallow’s mind.



When they arrived in front of the mine, Mallow asked Hamgoro.

Mallow「Umm… What’s with that weapon?」

Hamgoro「Huh? Is it bad if I wield a sword?」

Mallow「No, not bad at all. It’s just…」

Currently, Hamgoro had changed his equipment from a rifle to a one-handed sword.
To be precise, he was holding a one-handed sword and a shield.
The type of weapon favored by beginner to expert players.
However, it felt strange when equipped on a player who had been using a rifle as the main weapon.
This game used the skill system to determine which weapon you can handle. So basically, you wanna master one weapon based on the type of your skills.
Therefore, you are free to fight with different weapons but not as good as your main weapon.

Mallow「Can you really fight with one-handed sword?」

Hamgoro「Yea. No problem」

Answering Mallow’s concern, Hamgoro said that with a light tune.

Hamgoro「Because I have some titles and skills that can increase my short-range damage, so I’m also good at handling this type of melee weapon. And we’re not here for the boss battle, but escorting Buncho, so I thought shield would be good」

Mallow「Is that how it works?」

Buncho「Don’t worry. He’s good. Despite his looks, he can handle one-handed sword really well」

Mallow「If Buncho-san said so…」

Mallow was still a bit worried.
So she thought she had to do her best a little bit more.

And finally the three stepped into the mine.
Inside of the mine was illuminated by gas lamps, so it was unexpectedly bright.
The path was relatively wide, enough for Mallow to swing her big axe around.
Well, Buncho and Hamgoro were with her this time, so it wasn’t a good idea to carelessly swing it around.
She had to consider the damage to her surroundings.

Mallow「…! Hamgoro-san! Buncho-san! Enemy appeared!」

Mallow found a goblin spawned ahead.


Buncho「I’ll use this to support you both」

Buncho took out something that looked like a flute made of wood.
It seemed to be a prototype Buncho made herself.
The ability wasn’t that great, but it functioned well as a musical instrument weapon.

Buncho「【Sound : Attack Buff】」

Buncho put the flute on her mouth and started playing a melody.
Pyororo~♪ Pyororo~♪
It was just a random melody, not even a song, but enough to give Mallow and Hamgoro attack power buff.
After receiving the buff, Hamgoro held his one-handed sword tight and rushed inside the mine.

Hamgoro「Eat this! Oraa!」

He swung his sword down towards the goblin’s head.

He didn’t use the skill probably because he didn’t have any one-handed sword skill. Or perhaps he just didn’t wanna waste MP.
Whichever it was, the goblin was killed and popped the drop item, and then Hamgoro picked the item.

Hamgoro「Yosh, that should do it」

Mallow「Well done, Hamgoro-san!」

Hamgoro「Ou! You can praise me more」

Buncho「Hyuu~ You looks like a real man!」

Hamgoro「…… Is that even a praise?」

As they were killing enemies on the way, they were going deeper and deeper, heading for the destination, the mining site.
Inside the mine was really like a maze, but the mine map had been created by volunteer players and had been on the market so everyone could use it.
Thanks to the map, they didn’t get lost.
Using the shortest path, they proceeded smoothly.
Because this dungeon was in Area 1, which was implemented early in the game, the enemies that spawned on the way were extremely weak and not even a hindrance to them.
Maybe Mallow alone could escort Buncho no problem. No, even Buncho, who had no defense, might be able to walk through this mine alone.
However, there might be powerful enemies that had been implemented by the update.
Better safe than sorry, right?
They proceeded carefully without letting their guard down.

……………Only weak enemies appeared.
By the time there was no longer alert to the surroundings, the three arrived at the destination.
It was a huge space.
Illuminated by sparkling ores and crystals all over the places, it was as bright as midday.
That was exactly the place where they were aiming.
The area where you can mine orichalcum, damascus steel, and many kinds of jewel.

Buncho「Yooosh! I’ll start mining right awayー」

Saying that, Buncho took out a pickaxe and began to hit the bulges that spread all over the place on the wall.
The more she hit, the more items popped out, and Buncho automatically extracted them into her storage.
When the bulge disappeared, she moved to a different spot and started swinging her pickaxe again.
And it continued.

Meanwhile, Mallow and Hamgoro should be watching if enemies were coming, but there was no information that monsters would appear in this area, so they were just chilling.

Mallow「Ha-ahh… I was expecting there are new powerful enemies implemented in this area tho…」

Buncho「Well, this is a dungeon for beginners in the first place. So, there’s no way a powerful enemy will come out here」

Hamgoro「Are you sure? Despite what you say, I have a bad feeling about this place tho….」

And, as if in response to Hamgoro’s mutterー




Something fell from the ceiling.
It was a cow-sized creature.
White fur covered its whole body.
It had eight legs, and also many eyeballs.

…….And actually… it was Mallow’s most hated creature.

Mallow「S, s, sーー!」

Well, this is a game, not reality tho, but still.
Mallow stiffened and stared at what appeared in front of her for a moment.
She gradually recognized that what was in front of her was a giant spider.


『An abnormal heart rate has been detected. The player will be forced to log out』

Hamgoro「Eh?? Eeehhhh!? Mallow-san!!??」


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