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Chapter 62 : Vanilla Scent


「Well, this is my first time seeing the VR safety mechanism working」

「I, I’m really sorry…!」

「Nah, it’s okay, it’s okay. Everyone has their own phobia, in your case, it is a spider. Don’t mind it」

「That’s… but…」

「I really don’t mind it, so don’t let this bother you. Alright, this talk is over, let’s forget it, okay?」

「Uhh… Okay…..」

「And this is the Orichalcum I got. This is the finest one, you know?」

「Uoooー I really appreciate it! Thank you, Buncho-san!」

「In exchange, you have to order the guitar at my store, promise?」

「Of course!」



A problem occurred, but Mallow finally secured the metal material thanks to Buncho.
Now she already had two materials needed to make a guitar.
So, there was only one left.
The string.
But the information about this item was still not available yet.
She had searched the information on the game guide forum, but found nothing. The pages about the highest quality materials in this patch were still blank.
She knew that it would drop by defeating a dragon-type monster, but there were many unclear points.
The strings were often made of polyester or silk, but for the electric guitar, she needed the string that was made of nickel or steel alloy.
It’s strange to think that the living things would drop materials for making a guitar. As expected from a fantasy game.
Well, almost everything in this game world was strange tho.


Mallow was lost in thought as she walked through Gun City of Area 3.
She was wondering about where to get the string.
What inside her head was all about the string.

(Should I randomly kill all the strong dragon-type monsters? Hmm, but it’ll take too long. Besides I’m not sure if I can kill all of them. Well, I can use zombie tactics like when I was fighting the Golden Dragon tho. But my financial situation would be in danger. I don’t wanna be poor because of the death penalty)


(Come to think of it, there’s a rumor that the Golden Dragon has finally been officially implemented recently. Maybe I can kill it first?)

While Mallow was thinking like thatー

「Hm? What’s wrong with that girl?」

A player caught Mallow’s attention.
Her name was『Soufflé』.
She was wearing a pretty interesting costume.
It looked like a pastry chef’s uniform.
White and pink colored frills and ribbons boldly decorating the uniform.
A tiny chef’s hat-shaped ornament attached on her head.
She had white hair and pink eyes.
Her body was a bit short and slender.
She was as short as Bolg, but she looked more like a child compared to Bolg.

(Bolg-san is also short, but she’s like an adult)

Mallow was curious about this player not because of her appearance.
But because she was looking around restlessly, and looked so worried
Mallow had a guess that this girl might get lost or separated from her party.
Whichever the reason was, Mallow wasn’t a heartless person to leave a girl alone like this. Besides, she wasn’t busy at the time, so she decided to help her.



When Mallow approached her, she was surprised and jumped exaggeratedly.
It seemed she was on high alert.
She behaved like a small animal.

「W, Who are you?」

「My name’s Mallow. I call you because you seem to be in trouble, but am I bothering you?」

「That’s… S, sorry…」

The girl bowed apologetically.
Mallow didn’t get a good impression from her behaviour.
It seemed like she was always apologizing like this on her daily basis.
Mallow wondered what kind of daily life this girl was living, and imagined a gloomy life.
She hoped it was just her imagination.

「I, I’m good. Don’t worry」

「I see. But you look free, so would you like to talk with me for a moment?」

「Y, You want to talk with me?」



The girl became silent for a moment.
And then with a small voiceー

「O, Okay…」

She accepted, even though she looked reluctant for a little.
Mallow regretted that she might be a little pushy to her.
But anyway, she switched her mood to talk to the girl.

「By the way, Soufflé-chan, what are you doing in this game?」

「I, I’m…」


「I’m making sweets… a little」

「Hee. I see, so that’s why I smell sweet scent」

When Mallow approached her, she smelled vanilla scent.
The scent of delicious sweets coming from her, making Mallow drooled.

「What are you making?」

「I… make various kinds of cakes. Recently, I also baked canelé」

「Heee, looks delicious. I might want to try some」

「…..Ma, Mallow…san?」


「Don’t you think I’m weird?」

Because Soufflé was shorter, she asked Mallow with an upturned eyes.

「W, Well, you see… In this fantasy world, all I’m doing is just making sweets without even going on an adventure… Don’t you think it’s weird?」

「Fufu, I think there’s nothing wrong with that」

Said Mallow while laughing a little.

「I had been cutting trees without doing anything else for a long time, you know?」

「C, cutting trees?」

「Yeap. The ‘thwack, thwack’ thing on the trees, and I had been doing it alone. That’s why it’s okay if you have a passion for making sweets. It’s even more girly than what I was doing」

「Is..that so?」

The girl suddenly opened the menu screen and started operating it.
And what she took out was a sweets that had the same name as hers, a soufflé cake.

「Umm, Mallow-san, you wanna try this?」

「Eh? Can I?」

「Y, Yes. I’ll be glad if you try it」

「Okay then, itadakimasu!」

Mallow took the plate from her, and cut the cake into a small piece with a fork.
The soufflé cake was so fluffy and soft yet elastic, so it quickly returned to its original shape after Mallow cut it.
She stuck the fork into the piece and carried it into her mouth.





Mallow shouted spontaneously.
With just a bite, the fluffy shoufflé cake melted like a foam, but still left the sweetness in her mouth.
The sweetness was so delightful, it literally melted her tongue.
The taste of sweetness she had never tasted before.
Even though it was inside the game, the taste was so realistic.
It must be really difficult to make a cake like this in the real world.

「To make a delicious cake like this, Soufflé-chan, you’re amazing! You’re like a pastry chef!」

「T, Thank you, I’m happy that you like it」

Soufflé’s cheeks turned red, and her lips wriggled a little.
She seemed to be trying to suppress a smile, but before she noticed, she let out a smile in the end.
Her smiling face was really cute.
While eating the soufflé cake, Mallow thought it would be great if Soufflé could always smile like this.


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