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3-6 : The Center of the Region


Yuuri’s running speed was definitely faster than a horse, but still, the distance between the village and the town was quite far away.
Even though we ran all night, the sun was already rising by the time we arrived at the town.

Unlike a village, there was a gate that blocked the road to go inside. Right next to the gate was a post and several men who looked like gatekeeper soldiers.
Noticing a giant white wolf running toward the gate, the soldiers were on guard, but then Yuuri stopped far away from the soldiers.

Kai「Calm down. We’re not suspicious people. I’m an adventurer from the guild. These guys are my companion and I promise this big one won’t hurt anybody」

Protecting the town on the other side of the gate was the gatekeepers’ job. So of course, it was natural that they were on guard if a giant wolf approached.
Kai understood that and he might be used to this kind of situation. He waved his hands, showing that he had no intention of attacking. We also got off Yuuri’s back and followed Kai.

Kai told the situation of the village to the soldiers briefly, but enough to make them understand the seriousness of the situation.
He told them about the large number of orcs attacking the village. Also about twenty survivors were heading here on foot, so he asked them to send a pick up for those people. And lastly, he told them that the orcs were likely to settle in the village and make it as their new home.

The soldiers were surprised and looked at each other. They probably knew that many adventurers had headed for that village, and maybe some of them were the one who was sent the adventurers off from this gate. They still didn’t believe that those strong adventurers were annihilated by the orcs. However, they had no choice but to trust Kai, because he was one of the adventurers.

From what we heard from the conversation between the gatekeepers, for now, they would ask the feudal lord’s decision.
Oi, oi. Is it okay? At Fiana’s village, I heard bad rumors about this feudal lord that this person was so unreliable.
It seemed Kai was worried about the same thing and shook his head.

Kai「Anyway, please send a pick up for the survivors first. After that, I leave the rest to you. I have to inform the guild about this, so please let us in………. And what I mean by ‘us’ is also my companions here」

The gatekeeper soldiers already gave Kai a permission to get inside. But… they looked at us. To be exact, at Lize and Fiana.

Soldiers「Are you two village girls from that village?」

Lize dressed like a village girl while Fiana dressed like a village hunter. So, of course they would misunderstand.
It would be troublesome if we had to explain that we were just a traveler, so I thought going along with this misunderstanding was the best choice.
I whispered to Lize to say she was a village girl.

Lize「Y, Yes! We’re from the village! We’re just normal villagers who were saved by Kai-san! I’m not a witch and I can’t use magic because I’m JUST a normal villager!」

Fiana「Please ignore what my sister said. She was just shocked that our village was destroyed and became a little weird」

Lize「Fiana-chan… That’s rude…」

As usual, Lize said things that didn’t need to be said when she was nervous.
Fiana immediately gave a follow up by pretending as Lize’s little sister.

She was in a state of confusion. She was shocked. She was a little weird.
I had a feeling that Fiana would use this kind of excuse from now on.

Soldier「I, I see….. That must’ve been tough. I hope you can relax and get some rest in this town…….. But, do you have money? I’m sorry, but according to the rules, if you don’t have a guild card or a citizen ID card, we have to treat you as a traveler and charge a gate entry fee to you」

Lize「Don’t worry. We’ll pay」

The feudal lord’s reputation might be bad, but it seemed the soldiers working in this town were good people.
Lize took out some money from her bag and paid the fee for two people. Well, we needed it to enter the town, besides it wasn’t that much. It was a necessary expense.

After that, I looked at Kai’s direction. He was putting the robe he wore on Yuuri who turned back into a human.
When Yuuri transformed, his pants were torn apart, so naturally, he would be naked when he returned to human form. That’s why he never wore so many clothes under his robe in the first place. Yuuri, I’m sorry that I was thinking that you looked like an exhibitionist before!

Kai「Are you guys done with the procedure? Well then, let’s hurry to the guild」

Right. We have to tell this to the people in the guild as soon as possible.
We went through the gate and entered the town.

This town was surrounded by forests just like the villages.
The inside was also similar to the villages. The central area where there were many buildings was surrounded by the fields that spread around the edge of the town.
Other than the gate, the difference from the village was that there were fences that spread around and separated the town from the forest.
I wondered if the fences were enough to prevent invaders from the forest.

Lize「In a big city, they use a tall and sturdy wall instead of fences. If I’m not wrong, it’s called fortified city」

While listening to Lize’s explanation, we reached the central area / the main area of the town.

I was wrong.
I thought the difference from the village was only the fences and the gate.
But, It was how big the population was compared to the village, and also the economical scale was much greater than the village.

So many people were going back and forth between buildings.
Of course, compared to big cities in Japan, there were not so many people tho.
But for Fiana, who grew up in a small village, this town looked like a different world. She opened her eyes wide in awe, seeing so many people around. It must be her first time seeing this many people and many magnificent buildings. Maybe seeing things like this was one of her reasons to go on a journey with us.

Fiana「Lize-san! Look! Isn’t that a beastman? It’s my first time seeing them!」

Following Fiana’s gaze, I was surprised a little.
There was a person covered with fur all over their body and a pair of nekomimi on their head. That person walked on two legs. They were definitely a human being, but what’s with those characteristics that looked like a cat?

*/ Nekomimi = cat ears

Lize「Yup, you’re right. That’s a beastman. There aren’t many different races here compared to big cities, but if you try looking for them, you might find some of them even in a town like this」

Lize spoke as if she was used to seeing them.
Well, come to think of it, Lize came from the biggest city in this country where most of the people in this country lived. It was also the place where many different cultures met.
It was the same feeling when I saw many foreigners in Tokyo.

Kai「We’re here. This is the guild」

Kai stopped in front of a two-story building.
Nothing special compared to the surrounding buildings, but it looked more well-built than the village buildings.
There were several people inside the building.

Finally, we arrived at the guild, huh.
We were already planning to join the guild before we left Fiana’s village, but I didn’t expect to be coming here because of this kind of circumstances.
However, I couldn’t help but hesitate to be an adventurer after experiencing the battle with orcs in the village.
Well, I could think about it later.

We followed Kai and Yuuri. They entered the building as if they were used to entering this place.


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