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3-7 : The Guild


People inside the building looked at Kai when he opened the door and entered the building.

「Yo, Kai. Didn’t you go to the orc subjugation quest?」
「You come back so early」
「Oi, don’t tell me you forget something and come baー」

The adventurer man who said he forgot something seemed to be joking, but then he realized that something was wrong from Kai’s expression and closed his mouth.

Something must have happened if Kai returned too early. Kai’s serious expression also made the people inside believe it.

Kai「Serious trouble happened. Let me through」

There were several people lining up in front of the receptionist, but Kai ignored the line, walked in and talked to a woman who seemed to be the receptionist.

Kai「The West Village. The village that posted a quest to subjugate the orcs was destroyed by the army of the orcs. Many guild adventurers have also died……. I wanna talk with the Guild Master」

The other adventurers inside the guild were getting noisy.

The receptionist woman left the place in a hurry, and then came back with a man who looked like an elderly person, but his well-trained body didn’t make him look that old.
So this muscle old man is the Guild Master, huh.


Galdos「Yo, Kai. I heard from her what happened. Tell me more. Let’s go to the reception room on the second floor………. Are these two your companion? Could they be the surviving villagers?」

The Guild Master called Galdos stared at us.
Lize and Fiana looked at each other.

Kouta「*whisper* It would be bad if he finds out we’re lying, so tell him the truth that we’re travelers」

Lize「N, No. We’re not villagers. We’re travelers. JUST a pair of traveler girls. Nothing weird」

As always, Lize was bad at disguise, but Galdos didn’t ask any further. Well, it wasn’t the time for that because there was a more serious problem to deal with.

We walked up the stairs to the second floor and entered the reception room.
Since we came with Kai from the village, Galdos also wanted to talk with us and let us follow.
It seemed he didn’t notice my existence, so I didn’t have to bother talking. Besides, Kai didn’t mention me from the start either. I decided to stay still like a doll attached to Lize’s shoulder bag belt.
Inside the room, there was a chair for the room master, a table, and a long chair for three people.
Even though I wasn’t included, we were four people. Lize, Fiana, Kai and Yuuri. So someone has to stand up.
When I was about to tell Lize to stand up, Yuuri said he would wait outside because he didn’t talk much in the first place.
With Kai sitting in the middle of Lize and Fiana, we began to talk in detail. He was the main speaker while Lize and Fiana only supported his explanation sometimes.
Kai told Galdos what we went through. He also told him that he asked the gatekeeper soldier to send help to the surviving adventurers and villagers.

After hearing what had happened, Galdos closed his eyes and thought for a moment.

Galdos「If what you told me is true……… I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t believe it, but the story is too big to be accepted. Anyway, if it’s really true, we have to take measures as soon as possible. By turning the west village into their new base, the orcs will gain power, and I think they would be attacking another village eventually. Either this town or a village on the other side」

Fiana’s face turned pale. The village on the other side was her village. But, she tried to stay calm because knew she couldn’t talk much since we had called ourselves travelers.

Galdos「I have to form a subjugation team immediately. But, I doubt we will have enough strength even if I gather all the remaining adventurers in this town…」

Kai「If so, can you recruit volunteers from the residents? And maybe we can ask the feudal lord to lend his army」

Galdos「That would be difficult…. I don’t think that person can lend his army easily. But… I don’t know this time. I’ll talk to him directly. This problem may be more serious than we thought. I know we have to hurry, still, we can’t move on our own judgment. I have to talk with various people first」

Kai「But that’s……..! Ugh….. I understand. It can’t be helped…」

Kai sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

Not only him, all of us wanted to make a move right away.
However, many people might be killed due to unpreparedness, and that must be avoided at all cost.

Galdos「Don’t worry. I’ll do something about it. I’m going to talk with some important people in this town. Meanwhile……….. You guys should eat and rest」

Galdos said with a smile to comfort us.

Galdos「From what you told me, I bet you haven’t slept and eaten since last night, right? It’s already past noon. For now, go to the cafeteria. I’ll pay for your meal and inn so you don’t have to worry about it」

He was right. We were too busy running from the orcs until we didn’t sleep and eat at all.
I didn’t need to eat, so I wasn’t hungry, but everyone else missed their supper yesterday, so I thought they must be really hungry now.

*Stomach growling* KuUuuUuuUー

Now that everyone was aware that they were hungry, someone’s belly rang.
Yup. We already knew whose belly was that.
Everyone seemed to think the same and gather their gaze at that person.

Lize「W, Wait! That wasn’t me! It’s not that I’m hungry……. No…. I’m really hungry, but…!」

Galdos laughed seeing us.


The cafeteria Galdos told us was inside this guild building, and it seemed that it was also a place for the adventurers to interact with each other.
Heading there, we left the room with Galdos and walked down the stairs to the first floor.
But, wait… Where’s Yuuri? He said he would be waiting outside.

When we got into the cafeteria, we saw Yuuri. It seemed he waited for us here. Or rather….. He was brought here by the other adventurers. They surrounded him, trying to find out more about what happened in the village from him.
Yuuri, who didn’t like talking to people, seemed to be in trouble. When he saw Kai, he looked relieved.

Yuuri「Kai….. Help me……」

Kai「Sorry. I should have expected this to happen」

Galdos「Oi you guysー! Let these people rest for now! I know you all worried, but I’ll explain it properly later!」

Galdos drove the adventurers away so we could eat peacefully.


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