Chapter 15 : The Way to the Town


For some reason, the alpine wolves kept following Sara until she got the forest wolf’s territory.

「You guys are stronger, don’t fight with the forest wolf!」

Garr! Garr, garr! (Go away weaks! This is our prey!) – alpine wolves

Grrr!? Garr! Garr, garr! (Hahh!? You go away! This is our territory!) – forest wolves

Garr, GAARRRー! (We said, GO AWAYー!) – alpine wolves

Kyaingー! (Hiiiyyyー!) – forest wolves

「Haahh… I bet these guys are telling the forest wolves not to steal their prey…..」

Although the forest wolves resisted a little at first, they went away in the end after they knew they couldn’t win against the alpine wolves.

After that, Sara continued walking.


In order not to hurt her feet, Sara took a break from time to time.
Eat lunch properly, boil tea, and rest for a bit.

She didn’t use the portable stove to boil tea because it would be a waste of time. Besides, she had magic.
She took out a cup, poured water in it, warmed the water with magic and dropped tea leaves directly into the cup.
When the leaves sank, she drank the tea slowly while avoiding the leaves.
After that, she ate a sandwich that actually she made for Nelly.

「Nelly won’t be satisfied with only one sandwich tho. Fufu」

After she finished eating the sandwich, Sara looked for a good place to camp before the sun set.
Nelly once told her not to move at night because she wouldn’t be able to see the path properly at night.
Well, since no one else was using this mountain road, she could camp anywhere she wanted actually.

After she found a good place, she set up the camp, turned on the camping lamp and took out the guild lunch box.
The inside was a dish she made as close as the original guild dish.
A fluffy bread, hot soup, and sautéed chicken.
Yes, she used chicken instead of orc meat, and that was the only difference.
But Sara tried to remember what kind of ‘chicken’ she used. She didn’t remember.
It must be cockatrice or something. Or maybe, it was a giant deer meat instead of chicken?

After a year of training, she became able to walk all day long.
However, she never camped alone. There was always Nelly next to her, laughing together, having a good time together.

Sara thought, what a lonely night when there was nobody to talk to.

Grrrr, garrrr, garr

「Uhh… Indeed I want someone to talk with, but not the wolves…..」

But, the voice of the alpine wolves, which she listened to every day for two years, sounded somewhat gentle on her ears.

「Not good, not good! My heart will become weak. Let’s just go to sleep now」

When she laid on her back and faced the sky, she saw constellations she didn’t know blinking beautifully.


Sara closed her eyes.





Sara was able to stay for three nights when she was training with Nelly.
In other words, until the second day, she walked the path she had been on when she was training, but it would be the new path on the third day.

Sara remembered Nelly once said, “Sara, with your feet, you would reach the foot of the mountain at the end of the third day. On the fourth day, you would be walking across the grassland and you would reach Roza Town at the end of the fifth day.”

It was the morning of the third day.
The alpine wolves were still following Sara.
She was glad that she wouldn’t be attacked by other monsters thanks to them, still, if they saw her come out of the barrier, no doubt that they would eat her.

The road Sara was walking was not the same as the mountain road to the mountain hut. It was properly leveled so it wasn’t difficult to walk.
Still, it was a mountain road, sometimes there were slopes, and sometimes Sara slipped and fell. By the time she reached the foot of the mountain, her clothes were all dirty.

The path on the third day was mostly forest.
Sometimes, strange creatures jumped at Sara from the top of the tree, but thanks to the barrier, those creatures bounced off and were eaten by the alpine wolves. They ate the creatures really fast, Sara didn’t get to see what the creatures looked like.

「Finally… I passed the forest!」

And by the time the sunbeams that came through the trees became weaker, she finally passed through the forest.
*/ in Japanese, they called it “komorebi”, it was the sunlight coming from the gap of the trees and looked like a beam.

「Uwaaー Flat ground!」

Grassland spread out before her.
There were small hills and small forests here and there, and the path that sewed between them.
The town that could be seen from the mountain disappeared. Probably because Sara was on the same level as the town.

A short distance away, there was an open space, and the small path has expanded to a width that probably allows one car to pass through.

「Come to think of it, I wonder what kind of transportation exists in this world」

Sara tilted her head.
Nelly was always walking to the town.
And she never told Sara much about this world.

「Hmm… We use magic stones for toilet, bath and cooking at the hut, so there may be a car using magic stones in this world. Anyway, I won’t know anything until I reach the town」

After that, she wondered where to sleep tonight.

「Maybe I’ll camp at that open space tonight」


「I don’t need the wolー eh?」

The alpine wolves stopped at the forest entrance.

「I see. The habitat is different, so this is the limit of their territory, huh」

Grrr! Garrrrr!

After growling while showing their teeth, the alpine wolves turned around and returned to the mountain.

「Uwahh…. They still want to eat me until the end huh. But…」

Sara waved at them.

「Thank youー! And goodbyeー!」

Well, thanks to them, Sara was able to come this far without much trouble being attacked by other monsters.

「Well then, let’s set the camp at the open space」



Something hit the barrier from the front.

「A… rabbit? It’s big!」

A big gray rabbit laid weak in front of her.
Sara made a sad expression and crouched down.

「Did it hit the barrier and die? I’m sorry mr. rabbit…..」


「W, Whatー!?」

There were several giant rabbits coming one after another like bullets, and they were bounced off by the barrier in the end.
Some of them died instantly, and some of them ran away weakly.

Still in shock, Sara looked at the rabbits.

「If I look closely, their teeth are sharp and have thick nails. Also, what’s with that horn? They look like rabbits, but they are probably carnivorous. In other words, they think I’m their prey!?」

Perhaps they were also some kind of monsters.

Sara sighed, lowered her backpack and put the dead rabbits inside.

「This bag is convenient, I don’t have to touch the corpse, it’ll automatically transferred into the bag, but…….」


「Uhh… They just keep coming. I wanna just leave the corpse but… Nelly teach me to respect their life and properly use them…」

In the end, it was almost dark by the time she got into the open space that was supposed to be nearby.

Strangely, it seemed that no monsters wanted to enter the open space.

「I heard sometimes there are people heading the Demon Mountain to hunt monsters. Maybe there’s some kind of barrier they left here as their base that time」

It was strange, but it increased Sara’s safety.
However, she still set the box barrier in the middle of the open space and spread the mat there.

She felt really tired from walking and didn’t want to eat meat for some reason, so she took out only the bread and soup.
She didn’t want tea either, so she only drank water that was warmed a little with magic.

This widened road might be the main road to the town, but Sara felt a little more restless here than the mountain road, because it seemed as if the road had no end, also it was kinda spooky.

「It’s okay. It’s alright… Just two more days. At the end of the second day, I’ll reach Roza Town. When I reach the town, I’ll meet Chris at the Pharmacist Guild. Don’t depend on anyone except Chris, because no one can be trusted in that town except that person. Un, don’t worry. I remember what Nelly told me」

During two years of living in the hut, Sara made a fair amount of money from collecting herbs. But most of it had become a storage pouch, backpack, camping equipment, ect. However, there was still enough left.
Besides, she still had slime magic stones and monsters that she killed by accident during camping practice.

「But… I gave those monsters to Nelly and entrust it to her…」

The plan was Nelly would give Sara the money from selling those monsters when they went to town together.

「It’s because I think I won’t spend much money in the mountains… Ahh, I should have told Nelly to give the money before she left」

In other words, Sara was penniless right now.

However, it was too late to regret it.
Besides, she never thought Nelly would be gone.

「The price of herbs will never change, so first, I’ll sell the herbs to the Pharmacist Guild, use the money from selling the herbs to register to the guild and create an ID card. After making an ID card, I can sell the slime magic stones. Sounds like a perfect plan」

She had a lot to do when she got to the town.

「But, I don’t know what kind of town Roza is in the first place. And I don’t know where the guild is. Nelly told me I can register if I’m 12. But… am I gonna be alright there…?」

Sara just realized that she didn’t ask Nelly anything about the town even though her goal was to go there.

「The currency is called ‘gil’. A wyvern can be sold for 10,000,000 gils. I know a wyvern price but I don’t even know how much a slice of bread costs…」

In other words, she didn’t know prices of commodities in the town at all.

「I have Nelly with me all this time, but I wonder why I didn’t ask her a lot of things… Ahhー I’m such an idiot!」

Sara was really enjoying her peaceful life with Nelly until she forgot about this important thing.

「I want to take a bath…… I should have ask Nelly to buy a tent that has a bathroom…」

Even though there were only horned rabbits looking at her, still, it was awkward for her to take off her clothes outdoors. Even more when the alpine wolves were still around.

「Two more days…..」

She had no choice but do her best heading for the town.




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