3-8 : Our Determination


Compared to the village, the food menu in this town was quite luxurious.
They only serve like bread and soup in the village, but here, meat dishes and fruits were also served. There were no fish dishes tho. Maybe because the sea was far and preservation technology was still not developed in this world.
I was sure there were magicians who could use magic to freeze things, but it seemed there were only a few of them. Moreover, there were probably very few people who wanted to take the trouble using magic to just eat fish.

Anyway, it seemed that everyone was very tired physically and mentally; they brought food to their mouths so quickly, especially Fiana, because a luxurious meal like this was very rare in her village; her eyes were shining while eating delightfully.

After they finished eating, everyone looked sleepy. I was sleepy too. But before I told them let’s go to the inn that Galdos told us, Lize spoke with a slightly serious tone.

Lize「I want to register to the guild as soon as possible」

Fiana「Yes. Me too. Kai-san, please tell us how to register」

Kai「E, Ehh?… Well, it’s fine, but…」

Kai opened his eyes wide. He looked surprised.

Kai「But, you two… No, with Kouta, it makes you three, are just travelers, right? Is there any reason for joining the guild?」

Fiana「You see, we need money for traveling expenses on our journey. We had decided before going on a journey to make money in the guild」

Thanks to Fiana’s explanation, Kai might be thinking we were just normal travelers. Well, it couldn’t be helped, we couldn’t tell him that we were on the run nor explain to him in detail.
Anyway, we already decided to join the guild, there was no change of plan.

Kai「I see. But, an adventurer’s job is really dangerous, you know? Well, it’s rarely as terrible as we had experienced in that village, but you saw many adventurers dying there, didn’t you? You might end up with that fate, you know?……………But… are you guys still wanna do it?」

This was probably the biggest reason why Kai was surprised.
The tragedy in that village was really terrible. It wasn’t that we had no fighting skills, but still, we were just a group of immature girls and a familiar, and we experienced how terrible the tragedy was. Kai was surprised because we still want to join the guild even though we would be diving into such hell again in the future.
However, three of us had the same intentions.
We didn’t talk about it in particular, but we seemed to understand each other.

Kouta「Kai, you said that an adventurer’s job is to help people, right? After seeing those people murdered by the orcs, I can’t just do nothing! I also want to help people, you know!」

I stood on the table and stared straight at Kai’s eyes.
Indeed monsters are scary. There might be times when I want to run away. However, my desire to help people will never change.

Fiana「Kouta-san is right! Besides, if we leave the orcs alone, they will destroy other villages and the damage will increase even further」

In Fiana’s case, there was a possibility that her village would be attacked next, so she had no reason to hesitate to fight.

Lize「M, Me too!」

Lize couldn’t put it well into words, but her feelings were conveyed.

Looking at how serious we were, Kai thought for a moment and then nodded.

Kai「You guys… Alright, I understand. Either way, we need more people. It would be helpful if you guys fight with us. But…….. Please promise me this one thing………Don’t die」

Kouta「We promise. We’ll run away if we know we’re going to die. You can keep our words」





About ten minutes later, Lize was thinking in front of a paper she received from the guild receptionist. That paper was a registration form. She had to fill it before the guild could register her as a new member.
There were only four pieces of information she had to fill in: name, race, age and class. That’s all.
Lize filled race with “human” and age with “16”. After that she filled name with “Lize”.

Kouta「Are you sure you wanna write your name “Lize”?」

Lize「It’s okay. Besides, my real name is Lizelotte….. There’s no one other than you guys who called me Lize. My family and my friends called me Lizelotte. I never like it because it’s long. That’s why, from now on, I’m Lize, just Lize」

Kouta「I see」

She wrote without thinking much so far. But when she was about to fill class, she looked unsure.

Lize「Hmm…. Is it okay if I fill it with “magician”? I’m still immature as a magician. Well, I’m sure I’ll be a great witch in the future tho. Maybe I’ll fill it with “witch” instead of “magician”? Hmm…」

Kouta「So you still have that confidence, huh」

Indeed Lize didn’t have the ability to be recognized as a witch or magician. Moreover she looked like a normal village girl and didn’t look like a witch at all with her clothes now.

Kouta「Well, I think a magic entertainer or a seamstress suits you better than a witch」

Lize「You meanie….. That’s not truー wait…. That’s maybe true…」

However, because it would become her occupation as guild member, she couldn’t just say she was good at magic tricks and fill it with “magic entertainer”.

Kouta「Then, how about this: because I’m your familiar and I can use magic, so I think it’s okay to say if you are a witch」

Lize「Waaaiiー for Kouta to say something like that! I’m really happy!」


It’s cool to be happy, but it’s not cool to hug me so tightly!


Fiana「Kai-san. Is there an age limit for joining the guild?」

Kai was helping Fiana to fill out the form. She seemed to be unable to read and write letters.
And when Fiana was about to write her age, it seemed she just realized that she was still a child and wondered if it was okay.

Kai「Well, actually you have to be 12 years old, but the guild doesn’t bother to investigate your age, so I think it’s okay to lie a little about your age. Yuuri is actually still 11, you know?」

Kai glanced at Yuuri who was sleeping while leaning against him.

Fiana「Really? Actually I’m 11 too」

Fiana and Yuuri seemed to be the same age.
She wrote “12” in the age column without hesitation and “Archer” in the class column.

Fiana「By the way Kai-san, how old are you?」

Kai「Me? I’m 17」

Fiana「So you’re only one year older than Lize-san? Heeー Even though the difference is only one year, you’re much more mature, Kai-san」

Lize「Hey, Fiana-chan. Why do I feel that you just make fun of me?」

Well, she was indeed making fun of you…

Anyway, after both of them filled out the form, they just had to take it to the receptionist and the registration would be complete.




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