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Chapter 16 : The Town is Visible Now!


When Sara walked on the mountain road, she had to walk through countless hills and slopes, ups and downs, but now that she walked on the flat ground, she felt that the walking distance was much longer, and when she took a break for lunch, her legs were a little in pain.

「The soles of my feet hurt….」

She was like a fairy tale girl who danced too much, but not her thighs that didn’t rise every time she breathed up like in the fairy tale. In Sara’s case, her feet would hurt every time she took a step.
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「Uhh… The gray rabbits…」

She got used to rabbits hitting the barrier.


「Eh? I feel like there are more of them than usual… Uwaa…」

Sara didn’t like being attacked during breaks, so she inflated the barrier a little more wider.
Suddenly, a large number of big white balls walked toward her.

She looked at those white things closely.


They were covered with thick white wool, and had rounded horns in their heads.
Without a doubt, they were sheep. But those sheep were much larger than the normal sheep Sara knew.

The flock of sheep slowly avoided Sara’s barrier. It seemed that they thought of it as a normal obstacle.

As Sara watched the flock of sheep slowly passed her, the horned rabbits were trying to attack the sheep.

「Mister Sheep! Watch out!…… Eh?」

When the rabbit’s horns were stabbing the sheep, it actually got caught in the sheep’s wool. While the rabbits were caught and couldn’t move, the other sheep were hitting the rabbits with their rounded horns or kicking and sending the rabbits flying.
Eventually the sheep disappeared without being killed by the rabbits.

「Those sheep are strong!」

Now Sara was even more clueless about the monsters in this world.
Which one was stronger, which one was weaker.


「I’ve rested enough. Let’s continue walking」





On the fifth day, after walking through the fourth day, finally Sara was able to see the town.

「Ah! The town!」

Perhaps because it was closer to the town, the hills had decreased, and the plains with trees continued as she walked toward Roza Town.

She was able to see the town from here, but it was probably still 10km away.

「A wall?」

When she saw it from the mountain, she could only see the building faintly.
But now that she saw it from the plain, she could see a high wall surrounding the town.

「Anyway, let’s keep going」

It’s worth walking when you can see the goal, so Sara tried her best walking until the sun was about to set.
And finally she reached the town.

「So it’s Roza Town huh」

She finally reached the town, but she stopped. She was in trouble.

「Ehh? Why is the gate closed?」

The road Sara walked on led her to an open space in front of the wall. She was sure that Roza Town was beyond this wall. But, a large gate on the wall was closed.

Above the gate, there were two people who looked like soldiers were chatting with each other.

However, the sun would set in the next two hours, so she couldn’t waste anymore time.
Sara decided to approach the gate and call out the soldiers on the top of the gate.

「Helloー! Excuse meー! Sirー!?」

One soldier looked down and stared at Sara. The other one looked at the surroundings, nudged his partner’s body with his elbow and finally also looked down at Sara.

「Excuse me Sirー!」

「What? You have business here at the east gate?」

East gate? So there are several gates?
Nelly didn’t tell Sara about this.

「I want to enter the town!」

The soldiers made a gesture like “good grief…”, and it irritated Sara.

「You don’t know!? Even though you live outside!?」
「I bet she’s a new recruit who just came here by mistake while looking for herbs」

Both are incorrect tho.
But Sara was so tired that she didn’t feel like yelling to the soldiers at the top of the wall to explain.

Apparently, one of the soldiers was kinder. He told Sara in an easy-to-understand manner.

「The east gate will remain closed unless there’s a case of emergency. More importantly, hurry up to the central gate! You won’t be able to enter the town at night」

「Ehh!? I can’t enter at night!?」

And Nelly also didn’t tell Sara anything about this.

Seeing Sara who looked confused, the other soldier, who wasn’t kind, shrugged his shoulders and saidー

「Oi! Are you really a new recruit? Why the hell a child come to Roza in the first place?」
「If she’s a new recruit, maybe she really gets lost…」

The kinder soldier scratched his head, and then leaned out of the wall a little and politely explained to Sara.

「Little missy, listen. ‘The third’ is over there, so walk straight toward that direction along the road. Don’t go across the road because you’ll be outside the town barrier and it will be dangerous」

The third?
Sara still didn’t understand what it was, but she nodded.
What she understood was: she had to go to the left side of the wall, and that the town barrier extended to the outside of the wall until it reached the road alongside the wall.

「As you know, you can enter the town during the day even without an ID. If you’re 12, I hope you can make an ID in the guild as soon as you enter the town」
「Yeah, if you don’t die in the middle of the way!」
「Stop it dude! You scare her!」

The person other than Nelly she met for the first time was unexpectedly kind.
Forget about the other one…

「Thank you, mister kind soldier!」

「Ou. Be careful on your way!」

Sara started walking while thinking to camp outside again if she couldn’t get inside the town tonight.

While watching Sara left, the two soldiers were talking leisurely.

「Our duty is to guard this area, right?」

「Huh? What the hell are you talking about? Of course」

「Don’t you realize? That missy appeared from that direction…」

「Don’t be stupid! You know that a lot of horned rabbits live there, don’t you? The people who can pass them other than the Red Reaper, were only Chris-sama and some of the guild high rankers, you know!?」


Still, he didn’t understand why the girl, who should be coming from the central gate direction, appeared from the open space…

「Let’s back to work seriously」

「Yeah… we should do our best until the Red Reaper replacement arrives」

「Oi, look. What the hell is she doing? She crouches down and pick a grass?」

「Haha. I bet little missy got lucky and found a herb grass」

After picking the grass, Sara continued walking.




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