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Chapter 17 : First Townsman


In the end, the night came before Sara could even see the central gate.
She kept walking while wondering where and when to set up a camp.

「Still, I wanna see what the town looks like. I wonder how long it will take me…」

But, even though Sara can’t enter the town, now that she had arrived at Roza anyway, she felt relieved a little.

「I’m worried about Nelly, but first I have to do something for myself. Well, I’m sure I can live even outside the town tho」

Sara has more than three months’ worth of food.
Also she has the bubble barrier that keeps her safe.
If she wants to sleep outside, there’s the barrier box, so she can sleep everywhere safely.
Moreover, she even can use the town barrier along the wall.

「But, it’s strange… Even though the barrier repels rain, why are there grasses growing near the wall?……….. Hm?」

Sara went off the road a little toward the wall and crouched down.

She found a herb grass near the east gate earlier, but now she found quite a few of them.

「Herb grass, herb grass, fine herb grass, and….. Magic grass?」

Magic grasses are quite rare. Even in Demon Mountain they only grow in rocky areas sometimes.
The side of the town wall was really dry, so it’s maybe quite similar to the rocky environment.

「Ah, I just realized that I was only thinking about going to town. I didn’t think about how to live from now on… Let’s see… If I always set up a camp, I don’t have to pay an inn. But I’ll put it as one of the options for now. And for money, I’ll make money from selling herbs just like I’ve been doing until now. Yosh」

Enter the town -> look for Pharmacist Guild -> meet with Chris -> sell the herbs -> make an ID in the guild with money from selling herbs -> sell the slime magic stones in the guild -> live while looking for Nelly.

Sara decided to go with this.

「Alright. Maybe I’ll set the camp here」

Sara still didn’t know if it was good or bad to set a barrier inside a barrier, but she was afraid if the town barrier disappeared while she was sleeping, so she decided to set up the box barrier like usual.

Usually, she set a camp in the middle of the road, but this is not a mountain road, so somebody might pass by.
She looked for a spot near the wall where there isn’t much grass growing, and set a camp there.

She set the barrier box in a smaller size than usual, turned on a camping light, and sat while hugging her knees.

「Ahh… I’m tired…」

In the middle of silence like this, she worried about Nelly. Is she okay?

Actually, she was always hoping that she would see Nelly running in a hurry at her as soon as she arrived at town and said, “Sorry Nelly, I’m late~”.
But that didn’t happen.

「Not good, not good! Stay strong me! First, I have to take care of myself. I have to eat properly…. But…. It’s kind of troublesome somehow…」

Sara was too tired to have an appetite.
But still, she has to eat something.

「Let’s see what we have here…」

While burying her face in her knees, Sara reached into her bag.

「Hey, you」


Suddenly called out by someone, Sara surprised and was about to jump up while sitting.

When she raised her head, there was a kid in front of her.
Actually, Sara still wasn’t sure what this kid’s gender was, but from the voice, he might be a boy.

Sara hasn’t taken a bath for five days and fell down countless times on the mountain road, so she looked quite dirty now. But, the boy was even more dirty than Sara.

「You. If you’re alone, don’t turn on the light. Your position will be exposed. It’s dangerous」

「Eh? Ah, O, Okay?」

The boy stretched his arm and touched the barrier.

「Barrier box, huh. Hee… you have a good one I see. Well, I’m sure you’ll be safe with this」

After he said that, the boy tried to leave with staggered legs. But then he stopped and looked back at Sara again.


「W, What?」

「Don’t you feel any pain?」

「Eh? No….?」

That question made Sara feel a little deja vu.
She felt as if she had been asked the same question.

「Feel suffocated?」

「Not at all…?」

Now Sara remembered.
On the first day she came to this world, Nelly asked this question to her.
After that, Nelly asked if Sara was an ‘invited person’. But the boy didn’t say anything about the invited person.
*/ Nelly asked this question in chapter 3

「I see」

After he said that, he sat down weakly on the ground.

「When I thought the air was nice, I saw a light and came here. Haha. It’s been a while since I chatted with a child at the same age」

He said ‘chatted’, but all that came out of Sara’s mouth was like “What?” or “Eh?” tho.


The boy held his stomach, got up and tried to walk away.

「Hey, wait! Are you hungry?」

Sara spontaneously asked him so.

「Not really…」

*Stomach growling* Guuuuuuー

His stomach answered honestly.

For some reason, Sara imagined in her mind Nelly said, “You can’t even take care of yourself. Don’t bother helping others”.

「Wanna eat together?」

The boy turned around. He looked like he didn’t believe what he just heard.

「Y, You… What are you talking about? You also have circumstances, right? For being alone in a place like this…」

「Yeah. But I have food. So? You want some?」

“I can’t leave a hungry person alone!” Sara answered the imaginary Nelly in her head.
Then Nelly would definitely say, “Well, if you understand the consequences, you can do what you want.”

Because Sara didn’t have an appetite, she only put out a cup of soup and plain bread for herself.

Then she put out a lunch box for the boy who walked unsteadily toward her.

「That’s… a guild lunch box…?」

「Nope. I only reuse the box」

Sara gently put out the lunch box outside the barrier.

But the boy seemed unsure to accept it.

Sara noticed that and saidー

「Ah. Do you need a fork or a spoon?」

「No. I have it」

The boy finally took the lunch box, sat down and opened the lid.
After he swallowed his saliva, he hurriedly took a fork out of his pouch.

Sara wondered, why even though he looked like a beggar with a hungry stomach, he has a storage pouch which is an expensive item?

But actually, the boy also thought the same to Sara because Sara’s clothes looked really dirty.

After he enjoyed the smell of the steam rose from the lunch box, he started eating, slowly at first, but then he ate quickly until the lunch box became empty.

Sara was amazed looking at how he was eating and thought “Ahh. Just how hungry he is.”

He told Sara to not turn on the light, but they couldn’t eat in the dark, so Sara kept the light on.

「Ahh~ Thank you! It’s very delicious! This is my first time eating such a delicious meal!」

He delightfully ate the soup Sara made and the cockatrice meat Sara baked.
Hearing someone other than Nelly compliment her dish, Sara felt really happy.

「Wanna drink tea too?」

「Really? Can I?」


Sara took out a cup for the boy. Using water magic, Sara pour water in it and then warm it up. After the water was warm enough, she put tea leaves into the cup.
The boy made an amazed looking face while watching Sara preparing the tea.


「Yes, please」

Just like she made tea for Nelly, Sara poured a spoonful of sugar.

By the way, Sara didn’t drink tea at night because she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

「Here you go」

「Thank you」

After he finished drinking tea, the boy took out something from his pouch, and gave them to Sara.

They were round metals. One was bigger with a hole in it, and five were smaller.

Sara tilted her head.

「What is this?」

「Huh? It’s money. A guild lunch box is 1,500 gils if you return the box, right? Well, your meal was much better than the guild one tho」

That reminded Sara. Nelly once told her that a guild lunch box was 3,000 gils. 1,500 gils if you return the box.

Sara stared at the coins.

「So… this is what money looks like」

「You…… Have you never seen money?」

「A… Aha ha…」

Cold sweat ran down Sara’s forehead.




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