3-9 : About the Feudal Lord


After we handed over the form, the receptionist woman asked us to wait for a moment.
While we were waiting, Kai told us about the guild.

Guild was an institution established by the country that arranges jobs for adventurers.
There were similar institutions in each country, and people also called the institution as ‘guild’ in other countries.
It’s not completely compatible, but if you have some experience as a guild member and have a guild ID, you can use it in other countries.
Of course, in this country, a guild ID card was a formal identification card, so once you got it, you should avoid losing it.

The guild existed to give jobs to adventurers, travelers, outlaws, or anyone who were confident in their skills.
Jobs were often requested by individuals or the private sector, but there were also considerable numbers of jobs from the government.
The requests were usually to subjugate monsters, collect valuable resources, and maintain security.
By establishing the guild, the country could entrust the work to protect the safety of the people to adventurers, reducing the cost, and also, so that the adventurers could make money.

Adventurers registered in the guild will be ranked. There were 10 ranks, 10 to 1, the lower the number, the higher the rank.
After registration, everyone started from rank 10 and went up as they completed the requests.

Kai「You can easily tell which rank you are in by looking at the guild ID card. You can tell by the material used to make the card and how many lines were drawn on it. For example, rank 10 will get an iron card, and if your rank goes up, look at this….. This is Yuuri’s card, he’s rank 8」

Kai showed us Yuuri’s card. Information such as name and registration number were engraved on a small iron tag.
There were two lines drawn diagonally with a brown colored coating like copper.

Kai「If your rank goes up, you will get a line drawn on your card up to two lines. When you reach rank 7, the card itself will be made of copper. And if it goes up to rank 6, a silver line will be drawn…… Here’s my card. I’m rank 6」

This time, Kai showed us his card. It was a copper card with one silver line drawn on it.

Kai「If I reach rank 5, there will be another silver line drawn on my card. And then rank 4 is made of silver and will be drawn with a golden line each time the rank goes up. Lastly, rank 1 is made of gold….. However, the number of people who can be rank 1 adventurers is decided by the country. So, until there’s a free slot, rank 2 adventurers will stay at rank 2 no matter how they gain experience. Actually, if you survive long enough to be an adventurer, becoming a rank 1 is possible, but well, system is system, can’t be helped」

I see.
Of course, you would have to go through the dangers million times and survive it before you reach rank 1. So in my opinion, becoming a rank 1 adventurer was nearly impossible after I saw many adventurers die in the village last night.

Kai「Depending on your rank, there are requests that cannot be accepted, so it’s important to start with simple requests and gain experience. But… we have to deal with the orcs now, so all the adventurers in this town will be gathered no matter what rank they are」

As I thought, it was a state of emergency.



After a while, the receptionist woman returned and handed Lize and Fiana an iron card for each of them.

With the registration done, we had nothing else to do today, and immediately, drowsiness attacked us. Well, we haven’t slept for a long time, so of course.

Thus we headed to the inn that Galdos told us.
Unlike the village, there were several inns in this town.

After we told the inn owner that Galdos had already reserved rooms for us, they let us pass through to our rooms.
They prepared two separated rooms. One for the boys: Kai and Yuuri, and one for the girls: Lize and Fiana.
Me? I’m with the girls of course.

As if they longed for a bed for a long time, Lize and Fiana fell asleep as soon as they dove into the bed.
I also lost my consciousness as soon as I fell to the bed from Lize’s shoulder.





It was morning when I woke up.
I didn’t know how many hours I’ve been sleeping, but I slept really well. I felt very great.

Lize「*Yawn* Uwahhhー G’morning… I’m hungry…….」

Fiana「Good morning…」

Kouta「Ou. Morning」

Lize and Fiana woke up at about the same time.

And then, we heard someone knock on the door.

Kai「Good morning. Are you guys up? It seems the guild and the feudal lord will form a subjugation squad soon. You guys will participate, right?」

After hearing Kai’s words, three of us looked at each other and nodded.


We went to the guild while eating the bread that Kai bought for us so that we wouldn’t miss the meal again.
It seemed Kai still didn’t know the details, but the feudal lord surprisingly showed a supportive attitude toward the orcs subjugation.
Well, one of the villages was destroyed already, so I thought it was normal if the people with authority would act, but both Kai and Fiana made a doubtful look for some reason.

Kouta「Kai… Why did that feudal lord have a bad reputation?」

Because Fiana was a traveler in Kai’s perspective, I asked Kai instead.

After thinking a moment, Kai answeredー

Kai「I’m also a traveler and haven’t stayed in this town that long, so I’ve only heard rumors about him. To put it simply, he doesn’t wanna work for the people’s sake」

The person who had the power to rule this region, where several villages were surrounding a town as the center, inherited the position as a feudal lord from their ancestors. And this system applied in almost every region and country.

According to the elders who lived in this town for a very long time, two generations before the current feudal lord, was a great man.
He was successfully developing and maintaining this area even though there were no special resources in this area.
People respected him.

But the current feudal lord was only enjoying inheritance. All he had been doing was wasting tax money and annual tribute paid by the people for playing around. He was already quite old, and it seemed that he had been doing that since he was young.
Naturally, the financial situation had become worse and worse. That’s why he gradually became an extreme miser who didn’t want to spend money on anything other than his own luxuries. For example, he hates to use soldiers to exterminate beasts such as wolves that threaten the villages because it would cost money. Therefore, the people had to manage it themselves even though they kept paying taxes.

While listening to Kai, Fiana nodded.
The wolves attack in Fiana’s village was a good example.
He didn’t want to send help to Fiana’s village because it costs money.
What a terrible person.
What the hell did he think the tax was for?

Because he was such a terrible ruler, the country provided assistance to set up a guild in this town so that the people could protect themself. And about three years ago, the guild was finally established.

Kai「And one more thing about why people don’t respect him……….. He’s always fooling around with women」

Said Kai with a disgusted tone.
Fiana nodded again.




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