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Chapter 19 : Pharmacist Guild


「Yo. Good morning」

「Good morning」

Allen’s face when he looked at the morning sun was dirty as it was at night, but when Sara looked closely, he had a beautiful face.

He had sand-colored hair and slightly grayish blue eyes.

「You want some breakfast?」

「No.. I…」

「Here. It’s only a sandwich tho」

「…….Thank you」

After Sara put away her box barrier and mat, she poured tea for two and handed a sandwich to Allen.

「Hmm~ This is good!」

「It’s cockatrice breast meat, you know?」

It was Nelly’s favorite.

「Cockatrice? It’s a high level monster in the dungeon!」

Why did the monster that should be in the dungeon was in the Demon Mountain?
Sara didn’t think Nelly was lying, so they must have had two habitats, maybe?

「Yup. The one that looked like a chicken」

「Yeah, chicken. Un. Delicious!」

Sara handed a cup of warm tea to Allen who was delightfully eating the sandwich.

「By the way, I’ve been curious since yesterday. How did you do that?」

「Do what?」

「Warming the water to make the tea」

「Ahh. I used magic. “Be warm!” like that」

Come to think of it, Sara remembered that Nelly also wasn’t good at complicated magic.

「Heeー Impressive. Can I try to imitate it later?」

「Yes. But be careful not to burn your hand」

After they finished drinking the tea, Sara cleaned up the cups, put them in her pouch and stood up.

「Eh? Are you going to town already?」

While fidgeting, Allen asked Sara.

Sara smiled at Allen and saidー

「It would be troublesome to come back again from town, so I’ll teach you about herbs now」


Allen’s face turned bright.

While walking toward the main road, Sara took out the herbs catalogue from her pouch.

「Look. These are herbs. Can you tell the difference?」

「Hmmm… Somehow?」

「Well then, try crouching here」


Allen crouched down.

With only a glance Sara knew there were a lot of herbs here and there.

「These are herbs?」


Allen nervously brought his hand toward the herbs.

Meanwhile, Sara also picked some herbs that grew in a different cluster.

Since herbs grow in clusters, you can easily find ten of them at once.

「We can’t pick them all because they can’t grow anymore, so leave half of them and look for another one」

「I see. Got it. But still, I don’t know why people in town said they are short on herbs even though there are a lot of herbs here」

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Yeah. Because the royal capital needs them and it’s hard to distribute」


In a short time, Allen collected about 100 herb grasses (10 bundles. 10 grasses in each bundle) as well as Sara.

「Shall I teach you about poison grass and fine herb grass too?」

「It would be difficult to do it all at once, so it’s fine for today. Well then, where do you want to go, Sara?」

「Umm. I was told to go to the Pharmacist Guild and meet with Chris」

「Chris-sama? Good timing, we can also sell these herbs there. Let’s go」


For Sara, Allen’s existence was really encouraging.





After an hour of walking, they arrived at the central gate.

The gate was large enough for two carriages to pass each other.
However, it looked small compared to the size of the town.

「They made the gates small so that they can protect the town when the dungeon overflows」

「I see…」

The dungeon can overflow?

It had only been half a day since Sara met Allen, but she got more information than her two years with Nelly.

「We can go in and out freely during the day」


Sara looked up at the gate with excitement and walked through the gate with her mouth open.

「Yo. Allen!」

「Good morning!」

A gatekeeper man called Allen.

「How was it? Did you save up the money?」

「Just a little more and it’ll be enough!」

「I see. Do your best!」

After he said that, the soldier stared at Sara for a moment and let her through.

There was a big fountain in front of them right after they passed the gate.

「We can wash our face here」

「Can we?」

「Yeah. Even though the rainwater can’t pass through the town barrier, we got water overflowed from the northern mountain. Thanks to that, there are many fountain like this all over the town, so we can use it as much as we want」

Allen daringly washed his face in the fountain and wiped it with his sleeves.

Sara looked around but no one blamed him, so she also washed her face in the fountain.

「The guild is right there on that side, but the Pharmacist Guild is deeper. We have to walk a little from here」


Sara replied while looking at the surroundings.

Something similar to a horse, but not a horse, was pulling a carriage.
There were many three-stories buildings, even the tallest building was also three stories.
Fountains all over the place.
And the streets were wide but also intricately winding.

「Be careful not to get lost. You can tell where you are if you remember the characteristics of each fountain」



After walking about ten minutes from the gate, they arrived at a particularly large fountain.
Sara didn’t even know which way she had come from.

「That big fountain is the landmark of the Pharmacist Guild. Look. The building is right in front of the fountain」


The building had a large sign of a picture of a herb.
The atmosphere was like a small factory and it was probably vast on the inside.

They passed through a double door that appeared in western movie, and immediately, a voice called for Allen from the counter.

「Yo, Allen! It’s rare seeing you here. If you have a business, say it from there!」

He was a man who was leaning his elbows on the counter. He seemed to be free.
Looking round the inside, Sara saw a long counter on the side, and there were shelves behind the counter.
Many glasses filled with liquid that seemed to be the potion were lined on the shelves.
From the inside of the store, Sara could hear rattling noises and people talking. Probably they were making potions in the back of the store.

He said, “say it from there” to Allen. Sara wondered it might be because Allen would crush him with his pressure if he talked with that man at close range.
Allen seemed used to it.

「I also have a business, but I brought this girl here today because she has business with Pharmacist Guild」

After Allen said that, Sara stepped forward.

Looking at Sara coming, the receptionist man stepped back for some reason, but when he noticed something, he stepped forward again.

「Ah, sorry. Since you came with Allen, I thought you also had high magical power. And? What’s your business here?」

「Umm. My name is Sara. I live in the mountain with my older sister, but she didn’t come back after she went to Roza」

「Hee. Older sister, huh. What’s her name?」

「Nelly. She is mid-20s and has beautiful red hair and green eyes」

「Hmm. Her characteristics are similar to Red Reaper, but… her name and age are different. I guess I don’t know her.」

The receptionist man looked to be a little troublesome, but he thought about it properly.

And what is that Red Reaper?
Is that a god of death in this world?

He didn’t know Nelly, but Nelly was supposed to sell Sara’s herbs here every time she went to Roza.
Sara didn’t know what was going on.

「Ah, she told me if she didn’t return from town for five days, I have to meet with Chris from the Pharmacist Guild」


The receptionist man narrowed his eyes and spoke with a cold voice.

「Chris-sama is not in this town now」

「Not here?」

「That person is out of town for some reason. I can’t help you with this」

「You know when that person will come back?」


Sara was at a loss right now.
Nelly told her to rely on Chris and not to trust anyone other than that person.


Allen beckoned Sara at the entrance.

「Let’s go to the Hunter Guild. Let’s see if you can find a clue there」

「Okay… Let’s go」




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