3-10 : Feudal Lord’s Bad Habit


The feudal lord has been known as a lustful man since he was young.
Long ago, he always bought whores as many as he wanted using people’s tax money until eventually he couldn’t be satisfied with just whores and started to use the power of money and authority to invite town and village girls to his bed.
After he married twenty years ago, he became quiet. But then his wife died a few years ago, and he returned to his old bad habit even though he had a son who was at a good age to be an heir.

Sometimes, he went out to hunt for a woman in this town and took them to his mansion. He also used ‘seeing the condition of the villagers’ as an excuse to go out to the villages in the region to look for village girls.
It seemed that the women who were taken wouldn’t come back in most cases.
The rumors said that the women were living luxuriously but as his servants or concubines. However, it was just rumors. No one knows what actually happened inside his mansion.
And what made it worse, it seemed that his son had the same habit. Both parent and child had been doing similar things for the past few years.

Fiana「The only thing they do every time they go to the village is looking for girls. Don’t you think it’s terrible?」

Said Fiana with a low voice so that only Lize and I could hear it.

I see.
Now I understand why the feudal lord has an extremely bad reputation.

After we were done talking about the feudal lord, we arrived near the guild.

Kai「Look. He’s the feudal lord」

There was a man standing on the street in front of the guild. It seemed that he was giving a speech.
As Kai said, he was quite old and not good looking in my opinion. Perhaps because he lived with being absorbed in self-indulgent pleasures, he was a little fat and looked sloppy.

While surrounded by a few guards, he raised his voice.
But it seemed he wasn’t good at speech.

Lord「Listen, folks! This town is in danger! If you don’t kill those orcs, soon you’ll all die! You will all DIE! Understand!? That’s why you all have to join the subjugation team and kill all the orcs! Do you all understand!?」

Lize「Uwaa….. He really sucks at making a speech」

Lize bluntly said what she was thinking. I was glad the lord didn’t hear it.
And I was sure everyone thought the same thing.

Yesterday, Kai told Galdos it might be necessary to gather volunteers from the townspeople to join the orcs subjugation squad if the number of adventurers wasn’t enough. And it seemed that the feudal lord was in charge of gathering people, but honestly, his speech was terrible, so I didn’t think there would be many people volunteering.
His voice was trembling, and he just said what he wanted to say and then waited for the people to work.
Furthermore, the feudal lord had no dignity in townspeople’s eyes. Above all, the people knew about all his bad deeds so far, so I thought getting the support from the townspeople was most likely impossible.
In fact, the people walking down the street were just glancing at the feudal lord for a moment and they returned to their daily work.

Kai「In the first place, it seemed the people in this town had no sense of crisis since the attacked village was far away from here」

Said Kai languidly.

For me, who have actually seen hell in that village, the way how the people in this town react made me sad.

I looked at the feudal lord’s direction once again.
I found one of the soldiers surrounding him was different from the others. That soldier wore gorgeous heavy armor, and when I focused on the face, she was a woman. I looked at the other soldiers; they were all male, so she was the only woman soldier there.

Kouta「A woman soldier?」

Kai「She’s not a soldier, she’s a knight. Even though they also work under the feudal lord, they’re different from the soldiers, but… well, you can think of them as soldiers too. More importantly, let’s enter the guild」

Kai made an expression like “as if I have time to listen to this lord” and went inside the guild building.
We followed him behind.

Compared to the dull sight outside, the guild seemed to be in a hectic situation.

Galdos「Oh! Kai, you finally came! I’ve gathered as many personnel as possible, still, I don’t know if we can win against the orcs」

Even Galdos didn’t know if we could win, huh…

After that, Galdos told us that the adventurers and villagers who escaped with us finally reached this town last night. This made the truth about the orcs attacking the village even stronger. It wasn’t that the guild doubted Kai, but it seemed that the feudal lord was just taking it as a plebeian’s bullshit. And it seemed that he finally moved his ass out of his bed after hearing additional testimony from nearly 20 people who escaped from the village.

Galdos「But that man still doesn’t wanna lend us his soldiers. He said we can’t ignore the safety of this town. I don’t know what the hell he was thinking in this emergency situation……. After I kept persuading him and promised that I’d return his soldiers, he finally lent us some of his men. Still, it wasn’t enough….. I don’t know what else I can do…」

In the first place, many adventurers went to the village and died there. The only ones left were newcomers who couldn’t fight orcs yet, or some middle class adventurers who actually didn’t wanna go because it didn’t worth the reward money.
Originally, this town wasn’t big, so there were no high-ranked veteran adventurers here from the beginning.

Lize「Hey, hey, Kouta. Don’t you think it’s our turn to shine?」

Kouta「Huh? What the hell are you talking about in this situation?」

Despite being in a serious situation, Lize looked relaxed.
I was sure she didn’t stupid enough to not understand the situation.

Lize「Well you see, I think with your tremendous amount of magical power, you can make an extremely huge fireball and burn the orcs at once!」

Kouta「I see… Indeed, if I do it with all my power, I feel like I might be able to kill many orcs at once」

Lize「Not only that! Maybe you can even burn the entire village in one shot! I know Kouta is really strong!」

Kouta「If I can do that, the fight will be over quite fast….. No, wait…. I can’t burn the whole village. There may be survivors still hiding somewhere in the village waiting for help」

Besides, even though the village had been destroyed by the orcs, some of the village property still remained, and I felt that it had to be kept for the surviving villagers later.

Lize「Hmm, you’re right……… If the fireball is too big, then how about using fire magic that won’t cause damage to the surroundings? I mean, use a smaller and thin flame but in a large number」

Kouta「What kind of magic is that?」

Lize「The arrows of flame. Fire arrow!」

Kai「Oi Lize, it’s about time to leave」

Lize「Ah, okay!……… Well Kouta, I’ll teach you this magic later」

Lize immediately rushed toward Kai and others.

That’s right. Let’s move early. Before the orcs attack Fiana’s village.


The subjugation squad gathered and left the town from the front gate.
There were about ten guild adventurers including us, and a dozen soldiers owned by the feudal lord. Galdos the Guild Master led the squad himself.
Even though the soldiers were only about a dozen, the lord said that was the amount he could lend. He said the rest of the soldiers had to be left for the town security and of course, his mansion security. Well, that might be right, but still, the number of soldiers he lent us wasn’t enough.
In the end, no volunteers from the townspeople, so this was all we had.
By the way, I thought the number of adventurers gathered in the village yesterday was about twice our number.

I wondered if we could win this fight…




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