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Chapter 12 : Speaking of Adventure, It’s Gotta Be Dungeon!


「This is the place I can’t come, you say!? Because I’m level zero, you say!? Who are you to decide that!? Besides, I’m different from a year ago, you know!?」Hanna

Cecil’s perfection almost broke my heart, but I steeled myself to confront her.

「Huh? How could you change in just one year after you didn’t grow up at all in two years at school?」Cecil

「Ehh~? Don’t you know? “If you didn’t meet a woman for three days, you should take a closer look at her.” Even an honor student like you didn’t know this phrase?」Hanna

*/ originally, it’s man, not woman. It means : a man can change completely in three days. It was originated from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”

「Huhh? Take a closer look at you? You only deserve my half-open eyes, you know!」Cecil

「Then you only deserve my white eyes!」Hanna

「Fuーn, then I’ll also use my white eyes!」Cecil




Cecil and I were burned in a mysterious rivalry and ended up glared at each other with white eyes.

「Hey, Cecil, calm down, chill」Rozelia

Suddenly, Rozelia interrupted us.

「You don’t have to take her seriously. She won’t be able to pass the exam after all」Rozelia


Cecil was convinced at first, but after thinking a little, she shook her head.

「No. There’s a possibility to the leftovers to be able to pass the exam」Cecil


「Yeah. In this Tiaret City, the exam is to defeat monsters and collect their magic stones. March-san, the exam this time is will be the same, right?」Cecil

「Yes, you’re right」Receptionist Onee-san

So her name was March huh.

The carefree looking receptionist onee-san explained the contents of the exam.

From now, we were going to go to the “Cave of Darkness”, which was about an hour’s walk to the west, and then defeat the monsters there.

When a monster dies, its body will disappear and turn into a crystal called “magic stone”.

If you take one of them back, you will pass the exam. Pretty simple.

However, the problem is that the type of magic stone determines your adventurer rank.

For example, if you bring back a magic stone of a “Cave Mouse”, you will become an adventurer with the lowest starting rank which is F.
But if you bring a magic stone of a “Deadly Poisonous Scorpion”, which is considered to be the most difficult enemy in Cave of Darkness, your rank will start from D.

Depending on your rank, you will be able to receive high-reward requests, so of course everyone will aim for the top.
As a result, those who aim for D rank don’t need the magic stone from the cave mouses that they defeated on their way to the deep part of the cave.

What Cecil meant by ‘leftovers’ was the people who did nothing but only bring back the leftovers cave mouses magic stone.
In other words she thought that I would do nothing and bring a cave mouse magic stone.

「That’s rude! Then, I’ll be the one who brings the best magic stone among everyone! You won’t complain if I do that, right!? 」Hanna

There’s no one who wants to hand the best magic stone to others, so the suspicion that I will bring a leftover magic stone will disappear completely if I do this.

「Fuーn. If you don’t get the best one?」Cecil

「Then I’ll refuse to pass the exam and will never try to be an adventurer ever again. How ‘bout that?」Hanna

「Hmph. Go ahead then. I believe it would be impossible for you tho. Obviously」Cecil

And then, I just realized that I disadvantaged myself with doing this.
Moreover, Cecil didn’t say anything what if I won the bet!

But… Oh, well, whatever…





The one hour of walking to the exam site, the Cave of Darkness, was a great pain for me.

I walked along with the people who have been insulting me for two years.
Despite me being silent, everyone seemed to be having fun. Haah… I really had no friend.

「That donketsu. Her dumbness doesn’t change at all」
「Who does she think she is to challenge Cecil one more time」
「Hey, you guys remember one year ago she rushed like an idiot when she challenged Cecil?」
「I remember she rushed like a wild boar! Her weapon was a rapier, but her footwork was just, pffftt!」
「Dosun! Dosun! Like this?」


I couldn’t hear them well, but I was sure they were talking about how I fought Cecil a year ago.
About me recklessly dueled with Cecil, the top student of the school, and then dropped out of school.

Moreover, a year later I reappeared with a blunt weapon which they thought was lame.

Aa-ah… What kind of punishment game is this?

If only Cecil was here, I thought everyone would quiet a little, but she was already a top adventurer, so of course she didn’t have to take the exam.

We made a bet, so I think she should come!

Maybe she thought that I’ll lose anyway so she didn’t bother to come.

She was sure that Rozelia would be the one who brought back the best magic stone.

Rozelia had the worst personality, but she was good at magic.

It seemed that the veteran adventurer man who became our examiner today was also looking forward to her success.

And finally, the endlessly long journey (for me) was over.
We reached the entrance to the cave in the middle of the woods.

「Before we start the exam, remember not to do the impossible. If you can’t beat the monster, run back to the entrance. Got it? Alright, go now!」examiner

After the adventurer man said that, everyone rushed into the cave all at once.

I was sure that everyone already fought monsters in third-grade training.
There was no sign of fear or hesitation on them.

As for me, I was a little scared to be honest.
I said I will bring the best magic stone, but I have never fought a monster before.

My blunt weapon skills will be useful, right? Right?

「What’s wrong? You go too, hurry!」examiner

Prompted by the adventurer man, I finally entered the cave.

No. I’m sure I’ll be fine.
What level do you think I am?
It’s 100 million, you know! 100 million! There’s no way I can lose to any monsters!

After I talked to myself, I proceeded toward the cave.




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