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Chapter 16 : A Priceless Feelings


We got into big trouble in the middle of the exam, but we returned to the city without missing a single student.

Rozelia’s injury had already been healed by the healing magic of her classmates.

Everyone had a magic stone in their hands, and even after being in danger of life and death, their expressions were bright.

When we arrived at the Adventurer Guild, Cecil rushed to Rozelia with a joyful expression.

「I heard it. It seems that you have defeated the Rock Dragon that suddenly appeared. It’s Roze for you!」Cecil

It seems that information about the Rock Dragon had spread to the guild.
But… with some incorrect information mixed…

「N, No… Cecil…」Rozelia

「Eh? The magic stone you bring… is that from the Deadly Poisonous Scorpion? Why?」Cecil

Rozelia picked it up from the rubble she was stuck in.

And the scorpion was burnt to death by the dragon’s fire breath, so she didn’t actually defeat it.

Cecil turned to me as if she remembered about our bet.

Of course, in my hand was a big gray magic stone that had one size larger than the other magic stones.

Cecil distorted her eyebrows after seeing the magic stone in my hand.

「Roze….. You are too kind. You gave her the best magic stone out of sympathy, right?」Cecil

Uwaa….. She really got it all wrong…..
Rozelia isn’t such a good girl who wants to give away her magic stone, you know!?

「Didn’t I always tell you? Adventurers are depending on their own strength. Those who have no strength will not live long after they become adventurers」Cecil

Her wrong guess became a wrong imagination and evolved into a misguided lecture…

Hmm… Is Cecil a natural airhead…?

She didn’t even think of the slightest possibility that I was the one who defeated the Rock Dragon.

「U, Um… C, Cecil…」Rozelia

Rozelia tried to say something, but suddenly the classmates made Cecil’s misunderstanding even worse.

「No. Cecil. Hanna knew Roze couldn’t move her leg and stole the magic stone from her, you know!」
「In the end, as Cecil said, she passed the exam by stealing the magic stone shamelessly」classmates

The classmates said as if they were watching what actually happened…
Even though they were the one who ran away in panic that time…

In the first place, it was Rozelia who brought the magic stone from the monster she didn’t even defeat, not me.

But the dark elf who could resolve this misunderstanding was just flustered and didn’t tell everyone the truth.

Well, I understand her feelings.
It must be so lame to be saved by someone like me.

I can just tell them the truth myself, but… definitely no one will believe me, so it’s useless to do.

Besides, if I tried to act cool by saying “I’m amazing to be able to kill that dragon”, Boss would definitely say, “It’s something men should never do!” Well, I’m not a man tho…

「…..Oh well. Indeed you brought back the best magic stone. I’ll admit you to become an adventurer」Cecil

Said Cecil while glaring at me, showing hostility.

「But don’t ever forget. As long as me and my father are in this Tiaret City, I won’t forgive you if you do cowardly things like this again!」Cecil

After saying that to me, Cecil left the guild with anger.

「Haahh…. What a troublesome person…」Hanna

I won the bet but what’s with that treatment.

Although I brought a high-grade magic stone, the adventurer rank I got was D.
It was treated the same as the magic stone from the Deadly Poisonous Scorpion.
It was because it wasn’t normal for a rookie to defeat a Rock Dragon.
Also, the receptionist onee-san seemed to have doubts whether I really defeated the dragon.

It looked like I couldn’t wish more than this.

But anyway, I finally became an adventurer!

Although there was a difference in rank, all of the classmates passed the exam.
After this, they planned to do a party with the guild veterans.

Of course I won’t join the party.
I tried to leave the place quickly so that no one would notice.

Alright. I wonder where I should stay tonight.

When I thought that while walking down the street outside the guild, I heard footsteps from behind.


When I looked back, I saw Rozelia.

She took the trouble to skip the party to stop me?
She must have wanted to warn me not to tell everyone the truth.

Even if she did that, I wouldn’t say anything tho.
Besides there’s no one who will believe me.

Rozelia took a breath and threw something at me.

「Eh? W, What?」Hanna

I tried to catch it but I missed it.

No matter how much my Blunt Skill and my basic ability were improved, my clumsiness didn’t change at all.

As I was picking up ‘that thing’ that was lying on the ground, Rozelia bowed vigorously.

「……Hanna! Please forgive me! And… thank you!」

After one-sidedly speaking, Rozelia ran back to the guild.

The thing that Rozelia threw was a tiny crystal decoration with string on it.
Apparently it was one of the straps she put on her magic staff.

She gave it to me…?


Things like this are not my hobby tho.

Was she trying to apologize for everything she had done so far?

If so, didn’t she take her actions toward me too lightly?

「……..Oh well… I don’t feel bad about this」

Let’s order some extra meals for today’s menu at the inn.





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